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Is the ‘Liberal World Order’ Worth Saving?


Is the ‘Liberal World Order’ Worth Saving?

Richard Eskow

Richard Haass, President of the Council on Foreign Relations, recently wrote a column entitled “Liberal World Order, R.I.P.”

Haass sees the post-World War II order succumbing to centrifugal forces. He foresees a fragmented and chaotic world made up of “regional orders” or “disorders”, along with the return of great-power rivalries that some thought had ended with the Cold War.


Gaddafi was parlaying his country’s successes, exemplified in part by the high literacy rate and (regional) relative standard of living, into a regional plan for lifting Africa out of its colonial past and neocolonial present. By designing a gold-backed currency that would release the continent from the oppression of the petrodollar, he was trying empower the most neglected continent on the planet. We all know his fate for bucking the “liberal world order”, which has become such a farcical and Orwellian term that it no longer has any agreed-to definition–it is political blather at best. The Washington consensus sucks for those living beyond the beltway or without at least parasitic tentacles affixed to it. Populism, while sometimes seeming fair on an emotional level, has proven to be an ineffective answer to the woes of humanity. The answers do, however, need to be rooted in people and not institutions that amplify pathologies in unimaginable ways. As thinking and caring souls, we must do our best locally and power up from there by connecting to like-minded people. First and foremost we must think for ourselves. Abdication of this responsibility has always proven fatal to any semblance of civilization.


LIberalism is just the left hand of the ruling class. Its assignment is to take the people’s concerns and turn them into relatively harmless regulations that may be repealed with the help of the same Liberals that passed it.

Was Liberalism really ever that liberal?


I think the number one cause of this breakdown of the liberal order is immigration. People are going back to tribalism. Many people can’t seem to accept the mixing of races and religions and just want to live with people like themselves. Our biological impulse is tribal. As different type of people arrive there always seem to be many people who do not accept the change and want to return to the past. Western democracies are all influenced by the ideals of the enlightenment and so they are officially inclusive. What we have is demagogues like Trump and Marine Le Pen in France taking advantage of this unrest. The main goals of Trump and his followers are to block immigration of non-whites and deport non-whites. Also, to oppress non-whites who remain in the US. And because neo-Nazis consider Jews not to be white but to be a separate race, Jews are also in jeopardy as the neo-Nazis spread their hate online and by other means. .


I agree that racism is a major factor in some areas and is easy to exploit. But in areas with few immigrants, major problems remain. Banking, ridiculous tax laws for both private and public entities, never ending war.


I fear that it will take a lot longer to rebuild to a reasonable state of world stability than it has taken to tear the world apart.



Calling it the “liberal world order” helps conservatives like Haass maintain the illusion that it is the liberals, not the conservatives like himself and his plutocrat cronies that fucked the world up.

“Free market liberalism” cannot apply to a market held captive to political bribes and manipulations of war mongering capitalist conservatives, politicians and oligarchs.

Electronic Direct Democracy


Good grief- what have you been eating or smoking?


Also, I am afraid that you are expressing your own prejudices and “hiding” behind Trump et al. Sounds like you are antisemitic. Honestly, I have not heard tripe like that since quotes from Hitler. Shame on you, and said during Passover.


Of course the “liberal world order” is not worth saving. The question is what shall be wrought of its self-destruction.

Some parties might wish to imagine that the market system is somehow what supports the recent acknowledgements of the humanity of races, genders, nationalities, and (to some extent) classes. But that is education and communication, including a struggle against the commodification of knowledge.

Some parties might wish to advertise that the market system is what supports us or provides technology. It is not. Technology is again the product of scientific research and development, precious little of it ever financed by corporate market interests. And what supports us, at least for the moment, is ecology, not economy. Economy determines which individuals will be excluded from support–in their needs, but also in their production.

Money does not grow on trees; food does. The materials for housing do, many of them, those that are not mined from the earth.

Money and market are involved in human systems. These have to evolve, certainly; they cannot be changed simply by decree, though decrees are likely to be some small part of that evolution.

The falling “world order” may fall on many of us. I am not among those who look forward to it. It may fall so that even more prejudice, even more violence, even more venal concerns and even less human connection and cooperation exist. These are typical results of crisis and of inequality in income and resources. But you cannot repair a system that poisons itself when it’s working well, as this system does. It exhausts its lifetime, as “the Western World” or “the liberal world order” fairly nearly has, though I won’t pretend to put a date on it.

The question is how and with what we may supplant it. The answers, it seems to me, must include local production to fulfill basic needs (local enough that we know when labor is mistreated) and international sharing of information, for as long as that can last–since this is the education that may combat that provincialism and xenophobia that so often accompany balkanization and a shrinking horizon of trust.


The breakdown was bound to happen because it is unsustainable, not because of immigration.
People were migrating long before national borders and the word “immigrant” came into being. It was natural, in the beginning, for people to move in search of food, shelter, and better climate and later for better economic conditions. Migration (immigration) is a natural condition for humans and is only an issue because of social constructs and borders (imaginary lines). The Neoliberal World Order forces migration and then uses migration as a tool to rile folks up by playing on unfounded fears and keeping us divided, just so the Neoliberal World Order can continue raping the world’s resources, including humanity itself.


But Natureboy, the so-called liberals (Liberal In Name Only) have fucked the world up. Today on CD for example the article on Trump militarizing our border links to articles that explained concisely how HRC ACTIVELY supported the pro-business military coup in Honduras. Evidence: her wiki leaked emails. This matters because these kinds of activities done in our people’s name, and there was NO excuse to vote FOR a woman with her RECORD in good conscience.


Exactly right my friend.


Liberals are sheep to the slaughter house. Socialists, are the only hope.


Liberalism is neo-liberalism. It is the thin mask of corporate oligarchy, of Empire. As poet Robert Edwards writes in the new Blue Collar Review, it must die for democracy much less earth, to live –

A Diagnosis

America, you have become your opposite.
You have become the enemy
you fought on so many far battlegrounds.

You are the smartly dressed
Nazi commandant admiring himself
in a stolen Jewish mirror. You swear,

by all the good, golden haired children killed
in their Christian beds by Communists,
there will be weeping tonight
in the villages of the Sioux,
grief in the councils of Labor.

Your long Aryan locks shine ethereal
with Shock and Awe, with Blitz und Kreig.

America, you refused to see yourself
sneaking up on yourself,
Invasion of the Body Snatchers style,
until all that is left is a normal, suburban shell
over a disease of secrets.

You are the Japanese generals bent over maps,
determined to bring the glory of civilization
to mass graves in a Pan-American
Co-Prosperity Sphere.

You are still chasing Crazy Horse into the grassy forever
of a West dawning behind you.

America, you have finally become the empire
your Confederate fathers prayed for.

America, you are finished. The dream
that was great in you must awaken in others.

America, for you to survive you must enter the fire
and burn the old life away.

America, for the world to live,
you must die.


True. Neoliberals like Hillary are often confused with liberals though neolibs act like conservatives.