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Is the Media Recalculating How It Covers Trump?


Is the Media Recalculating How It Covers Trump?

Todd Gitlin

Do my eyes deceive me, or are cable TV reporters — like drivers who’ve taken a wrong turn and suddenly pull off the road to take a good hard look at the GPS — recalculating their approach to Donald Trump?


Trump seems to be losing his Teflon. The release of the Trump University playbook hurt him. And then the pounding he took in Clinton's speech on foreign policy showed that he is vulnerable to attacks by opponents.


The good professor has noticed near to the end of the nomination race that Trump has been allowed to rise without media opposition. This is a legitimate observation but the Prof is as blind as before - and blind as will be - because he fails to notice that that same media has virtually shut out Bernie in favor of Clinton. The Prof claims that Hillary has been peppered with questions about her emails but only now that the report has been made public. Only recently but not for all these months. She has had a free ride and plenty of publicity.

How a fair judge of the coverage could fail to notice the imbalance of coverage that Bernie has had to endure is outrageous. Sure Trump has been given a free ride and free publicity but then so has Hillary in her battle with Bernie. It makes this piece shamefully biased in fact. The Prof condemns the media for what he is doing himself but for Hillary not Bernie.

Let's all take a guess that maybe the good professor is a Hillary supporter?

What would be the odds based on this article that never even mentioned Bernie having been given virtually no coverage for so long?

What would be the odds that another status quo elite is a Hillary supporter and is willing to participate in dumbing us down even though he is a teacher?


Trump benefited from many easy months of piling up attention while emitting pungent sound bites and swatting away demurrers like flies.

By one assessment, he accrued $2 billion in free media through February alone.

Wait! I thought this was supposed to be a presidential campaign. But this is sheer prostitution, a public obscenity, featuring daily acts of mutual broadcasturbation.

O heavens! When will the MSM get wise to itself, repent, and become journalistically pure . . . like during that 15 seconds when America was great . . . on the Trumpster´s lonely, other planet?


. . . his most vicious opponent being none other than . . . himself! This is a guy the depth of whose self-loathing is of the magnitude of the Mariana Trench, and all his emissions are compensatory.

Bet the guys who run the MSM are a bit like that, yeah! No ideas, and a bullhorn for expressing them.


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