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Is the Nation Opening Its Soul?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/02/nation-opening-its-soul


If any good comes out of Trumpism it may just be that it turns over oh so many rocks and reveals the unpleasant truths that were denied under the din of “USA! USA! USA!”. Perhaps more Americans, particularly those of privilege will gain a sense of humility and better yet learn about the real history of the nation, warts and all, and use their augmented perspective to heal it.


The patient is experiencing mild seizures as the malign hypnosis regime is interrupted by historical and concurrent truths. We’ve had at least three generations of intensely propagandized self-hatred memes of projection that have usurped even the concept of technology for communication. Trump et al provide a clear cut case study in delusional necessities of malignant narcissism.

Stunning to think that the celebrated primacy of human ingenuity as technology has placed its imprint of the WORST aspects of human frailty and called it supremacy. That wraps up our situation in a nutshell.

Time to exit the grand hall of distortion mirrors to the fresh air and sunlight of reality.


The better America is trying to rise. In that regard, as I posted on the Times:

Some of us celebrate July 5th as Interdependence Day by reaching out to others, building community and standing together against that which harms any of us. Nothing underscores the reality of our interdependence like a global pandemic.

It is time to move beyond deadly delusions of exceptionalism and invulnerable hyper-individualism recognizing our interdependence and celebrating a more necessary social consciousness.


No, sorry Bob, the nation can’t open what it sold
to the CIA and military-industrial complex since
November, 1963.


From the article: "The white male ‘founders’ version of ‘liberty and justice’ values were inauthentic, as they actually had in mind freedom for (propertied) white men.”

And those rich, white, propertied, and slave owning males got what they wanted at the founding of this country when they wrote the Constitution (SANS the Bill of Rights) behind locked and guarded doors. That document has protected the wealth, property, and political power of the elite to this day. Nothing is going to change in this country until the Constitution is rewritten and adopted by the PEOPLE in all of the States. I suspect that will require a revolution just like the first one and will require a new Declaration of Independence. The first one was pretty good…


I’d figured they’d meant: some of the wealthiest, landed, plantation-owning, Native land & slave-trade speculating, merchantile & FIRE Sector oligarchs were INDEPENDENT and FREE of Great Britain’s equivalents harshing their slave-owning and Native exterminating buzz? So, now apparently, what’s really changed is; we’ve a bunch of bored, indentured young precariate white folk, who’ve discovered they’re being screwed by Massa, too. Their Creative Class™ aspirations were crushed by the “Liberal” political party and… How did Bill Clinton put it? Where ELSE you gonna go… PUNK! Here’s hoping the marches won’t infect too many of their most vulnerable loved ones? Or that the white protesters don’t simply join in the looting “essential” workers, join mom’s firm, gentrify ‘vacant’ homes of urban COVID victims, then proceed to ratchet DNC even further right, like the yuppies?






Hi WiseOw!, and we need more movies about what has happened to the Japanese America citizens in WW 2. "Welcome To Manzinar ,“was a good fit for that. And how Mexican citizens were sent back to Mexico but the US study caed them back for WW 2. Then too, ce!ebrate the NAVAJO Code Ta!kers of WW 2, and the back athletes who he!d up their arms on the winners and during the O!ympics of the 1960s. Even more movies !ike when the soldiers from WW 1 needed their bonus money, and McArtheur or one of those guys came out and shot at them. America has a!! kinds of rotten body parts that history books don’t cover—!ike Do!e and others stea!ing Hawaii from the Queen…and seeing too what happened to the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki—because A!! people need to see these pictures and writings. And too Read what Genera Smedey But!er had to say about :War is A Racket!.” Of course, these are true history , but movies and books aren’t rea! !ife…however, George F!oyd was rea! !ife------and we a!! saw a man murdered for NO REASON by a police person------I think George F!oyd opened just about everyone’s sou! to the sad reality of this nation : (.
Although it does seem that many police people do not appear to have sou!s-----and that is one big rotten part of America;s sou that needs to be her!ed!

Normally a fan of Kohler’s writing, I’m afraid I not only disagree with him on this, I’m mystified by how anyone can see it this way. He does come around at the end but in a watered-down, halfway-there form.

“rebranding Aunt Jemima”? The oligarchs are always willing to make superficial changes when pressed. No other kind, even when terrified about loss of their privilege and dominance. Even faced with a strong left in unions, communists, socialists, and a populace furious over the establishment’s response to the Depression and flu epidemic, they barely went along with FDR’s work offering some slightly less superficial changes than normal to save capitalism.

No changes in the oligarch-dominated structure of the US government and society; no essential change in the racist, misogynist, anti-nature nature of the US—IOW, the use of projection and objectification as 2 of its main defense mechanisms. They continued pushing back bipartisanly, forced FDR to remove the progressive Wallace from the ticket for his last campaign, and over the years canceled most of the New Deal. What’s left, they—including Biden—are even more enthusiastically pushing to get rid of now.

I’m pretty sure Woodrow Wilson was hated by the right for his progressive impulses–League of Nations, etc.—and not much loved by the left because he was ruled by the stick up his ass that caused his rigid, judgmental moralizing. There wasn’t much of a downfall, and what there was was hardly because of his racism. There was in fact no detectable reduction of race or other isms I know of at any time after WWI except what was inspired by FD&ER and the experience the small steps toward integration of workplaces and military provided.

Most of the racist statues went up not before, during or right after the civil war, but in the early 20th century. The people pulling them down now are having their day, but unless a lot! more come out and insist on much—much!—deeper changes in governing, business, childhood, and structures and decision-making of all kinds, the oligarchs will simply hunker down in their trenches til it passes and then reverse everything. And then climate change will destroy civilization.