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Is the Pope Just Verbiage?



It is increasingly apparent that many professional progressives equate holding everyone to the highest degree of perfectionist criticism (except themselves no doubt) is legitimate as long as their article sees publication somewhere. A 'trigger' headline like "Is the Pope just verbiage?' is required and then a long list of 'ought to be's', of should be's', of even if no one else is and a progressive if really a progressive would be's and so on.

Is it enough that this Pope has already accomplished a great deal for progressive ideals? Not to these perfectionists who write that other people should do certain things and you just know they are things these writers haven't done and won't do themselves. That is obvious. It as if they feel special and are excused the very need for progressive perfection that they would deny giving credit for in others.

Do they DO like they demand others should do? Are they comparing their own personal accomplishments, sacrifices and devotion to others with those people they criticize? Nope they are not.

Opportuists vie for publication and that moment on the stage in front of the cameras. They think about a job ... a pay check... a career in progressive circles... but not of the harm or the divisiveness they foster nor of the doubt and cynicism they spread.

To criticize a great human being for no reason is an act of petty spite and a sign of defeat. A loser trying to look more important than they really are. That often happened to MLK over the years. He was criticized by many people even other civil rights leaders.

These people should be ashamed at their bald faced opportunism.

The ability to give credit where credit is due especially when someone aids progressives and humanity itself would show intelligence and help out rather than diminish. Leave it to the the rightwing to criticize like this. Progressives should support those who support the same things they do.

No the Pope does not hold the same views as would a marxist atheist lets say but where he and that marxist agree on helping the poor... say so and give credit to both people for where they share the same common ground. Progressives should show support for other progressives or allies instead of tearing them down just to get published.

The IPA is a small fringe group despite their impressive name. They talk about adding other voices to the mix... but adding fringe voices would be more accurate. It is easy to criticize but much harder to actually do things themselves rather than just writing that other people should.


A bully pulpit

Heavy on the bullshit


To which pulpit are you referring?


Surely the pope's pulpit.