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Is the Supreme Court Killing Secularism?


Is the Supreme Court Killing Secularism?

Sonali Kolhatkar

The Supreme Court this week made a series of decisions that challenge the central tenet of secularism in the nation: the separation of church and state.

First and most shockingly, the nine justices unanimously handed Donald Trump a victory on his controversial Muslim ban. Justices decided to let parts of the ban take effect until the court takes the case up in the fall.


You have to ask? This has been going on for decades in the Supreme Court for decades. Though many of the "Founding Fathers" were strict about the separation of church and state (largely because they supported slavery and the slave trade). U.S. culture has always been profoundly religious in a formal sense (primarily patriarchal Christian). Because of that we remain backwards in terms of the rights of girls and women and human sexuality.


All hail the SCOTUS (TM... of course)
The irony is the basket both the cases of religion and law get toted around in. Hence 'basket case'.
Love, respect and support go a long way toward content and method.
Without them the dogma leads to stench like sh*# demons. Maybe its time to revisit the comedic fantasy of View Askew, the movie dogma


Thank you. I needed some comedic movie relief tonight and that's just the ticket.


The opiate has reached the highest court.


..... yeah, but .... just how do foreigners have USA rights?
Might we be more concerned about USA rights?


If Trump gets two or three more SCOTUS picks, we may have to put Progressives on suicide watch, if you're not on one already.