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Is the TPP the Bull Connor Moment for Access to Medicines?


Is the TPP the Bull Connor Moment for Access to Medicines?

Fran Quigley

Earlier this month, the representatives of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) parties announced they had concluded five years of negotiations by agreeing to final terms.


TPP: Globalizing the risks while privatizing the profits...


Not long ago, more than a million US citizens submitted comments on Net Neutrality when the FCC was considering rule changes. The outpouring in support of Internet freedom was overwhelming, and the effect produced more reasonable rules.

Internet freedom is once again being challenged by the TPP. In addition, millions of Americans support Medicare for All. There are also millions fighting catastrophic climate change, which is directly linked to industrialization. While I have very little faith that Congress is even capable of doing the right thing anymore, I do know that the one trait all congress critters possess is to get re-elected. With the 2016 electoral cycle underway, the time is ripe and the numbers are there to defeat the TPP. It's time for every workaday person to take 5 minutes to call their Rep and Senators to voice opposition to the TPP, and make clear you'll vote for the other candidate should that official vote yes on the TPP. It's time the electorate scared the bejeezus out of Congress instead of the other way around.


FCC revised those rules to be more reasonable only because they knew the TPP, TTIP and TISA would be the hammer that would kill net neutrality. The time is indeed optimal for calling their bluff.

Americans' case for Medicare for all will be bolstered if Canadians vote Harper out on the 19th to demonstrate their disdain for his carte blanche support of TPP that will be very destructive to Canada's single payer medical insurance, including drug price increases to the point that Canadians will be paying as much as Americans do for drugs.


"The TPP covers 800 million people comprising 40% of the world’s population, but its potential impact is even broader. Supporters and opponents alike agree that the TPP is designed to be a standard-setter for future trade agreements."

800 million people is not 40% of the world's population. Perhaps the writer meant 40% of international trade?

One can tackle a problem mid-stream AFTER the dam breaks or otherwise work to maintain the dam. This analogy is being offered to suggest that Cancer cures are the expensive (and therefore, so prized by Shock Doctrine Disaster Capitalists, everywhere) intercession after the dam breaks. Tragically, these heinous treaties enshrine corporate rights TO pollute and thus sicken millions of persons through those insidious clauses that indemnify the corporation and charge NATIONS for inhibiting its would-be profits.

If corporations can be free to poison nature's life-giving ecosystems, Cancers will continue to spread. Apparently, that's part of projected business profiles... on future profits!


Re the Bull Connor analogy

That "reform" was carefully circumscribed.

Will we settle for the same?