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Is the Trump Death Cult Growing or Shrinking?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/27/trump-death-cult-growing-or-shrinking

A lot of sick folks out there and a lot of naive ones, too.


Thank you for this timely article.
I believe there is a lull in the cult. However, a “civil war” may bring the harsh us or them to being.

The near future will see a bunch of provocations. Divide and keep conquered.

The overall plan was always to bring serfdom. Possibly add in reductions. We are already divided. The country long ago became polarized financially etal. As is the case in every other behavior modifier, a final event is used to move to the next stage. Well take your pick. Pandemic, destruction and hollowing out, “civil war”, massive division…

Great week

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It is nice that we have the internet and a few other intelligent outlets. Nice to have a voice now. Compared to the Reagan years we have some outlet for sanity.
However, I am afraid the ensuing years are too much to overcome. The evil holds all the cards. To think that people would stop this when it got bad enough. Well we can all see that was not going to happen.

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And sadly, many of those folks… include my relatives!

To describe the modern Republican Party as a “death cult“ is pretty accurate.

Agree Thom, well said! Like I have posted before if we Progressives do not non-violently destroy the Party that should be renamed: THE AMERIKAN FASCIST PARTY, they will eventually violently destroy us because they are a death cult!

And some of mine.

Well WiseOwl, it is nice to know I have company.