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Is the U.S. Against Children's Rights?


Is the U.S. Against Children's Rights?

César Chelala

On the 26th year of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Somalia recently became the 195th state party to ratify the
convention. As South Sudan is expected to ratify the Convention later this year, the U.S. would be the only country in the world that hasn’t yet ratified the CRC.


The US is against everyone’s rights.



“Regarding the claim that the Convention can override the U.S. Constitution, the Supremacy Law of the U.S. Constitution establishes that no treaty can override the Constitution. In addition, the Convention does not grant any international body enforcement authority over the U.S. or its citizens but only obligates the parties to the Convention to submit periodic reports regarding how the provisions of the treaty are progressing.”

With all due respect, Mr. Chelala, TPP certainly does override the U.S. Constitution… but then, so does the NDAA and other “laws” put in place to supposedly counter Terrorist threats. What they don’t protect against are the threats lodged from within… The Inside Job equivalent aimed at eviscerating Civil Liberties.

In response to this laudable set of goals:

“The Convention calls for all children, including those with disabilities, to be free from violence and abuse, and compels governments to provide them with adequate nutrition and health care. At the same time, the Convention demands that children have equal treatment regardless of gender, race or cultural background and have the right to express their opinions and have freedom of thought in matters affecting them.”

If these rights were in place to institute equal treatment regardless of gender, how could 195 states sign on? Much of the Arab world hardly consigns to women or girls the rights reserved for males? And how could nations like India guarantee food and health care to their impoverished millions?

Is this convention more like a North Star serving to guide the ships of state? How many honestly come close to meeting these ideal goals?


Again–the STANDARD chorus line: After relating that “the US” supports the rights of corporations to plunder, giving no mention to corporate control of Congress, media, much of academe, and most lawmakers–you then posit the FALSE conclusion that therefore “Americans don’t care.” As if the matter is a lack of caring as opposed to the FACT that Big Money controls this nation’s policies and increasingly, those of other lands.

This FALSE conflation which is a virtual constant in this forum’s message threads presents so consistent a conformity of message as to evidence what I have long stated–that people are stationed here to constantly repeat this Talking Point.

In lieu of the logical conclusion to corporate control (also known as fascism), you pretend that Democracy IS in place and the problem is that people don’t care.

Sure, brat.


TPP certainly does override the U.S. Constitution

You may want to do a little more research before making this claim.

Please look up Reid vs Covert (1957), a decision in which the Supreme Court held that treaties do NOT override the US Constitution.

However, the Supremacy Clause (Article VI, Section 2) does allow treaties ratified by the US Senate to override state laws.



I am always amazed at individual perception and interpretations being clamored as “truth” and differing points of view labeled “false.” While everyone is entitled to their own constructs, to assume they are the only correct ones out there is astonishing.


The U.S. may be Against Children’s Rights?
But a paradigm shift just happened in Utah.
Although some will take the Mammon Corporate Empire’s money which will be more than enough to buy silence. Those of us that have gambled in Las Vegas or the reservation (thinking gambling on the res. is a Native run enterprise: not!) can see our gambling money used as an act of mercy for abused children. Think about that the next time you see that plane load of money flying from Las Vegas to Salt Lake City.
Some will not take money or be silenced and will advocate for removing that statute of limitations in all of the U.S. Thank you Governor Gary Herbert of Utah for your signature on HB277.

Bill removing statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases passes Legislature
The Utah Legislature passed a bill Wednesday that eliminates the statute of limitations for lawsuits against perpetrators of child sexual abuse.
Deondra Brown, co-founder of the nonprofit Foundation for Survivors of Abuse, watched from the Senate gallery as lawmakers engaged in a final debate before voting to pass HB277 and sending it to Gov. Gary Herbert for his signature.