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Is the U.S. Prepared to Resist a Coup?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/27/us-prepared-resist-coup


A coup in the US? Doubt it. There is not a US Embassy here.
As for vote and system manipulation to maintain power? What exactly is new? A bit more crass perhaps, this time around, but the pattern is well sculpted in most of the country’s practices and institutions, including the (s)election process driven and manipulated by powerful financial interests.


Good lord, if I hear this type of failed strategy one more time. I suggest the author use some critical analysis of what he is suggesting and remember Native Americans and a few other examples that have come to believe that this strategy works. Please read Beyond Freedom and Dignity by B.F. Skinner.

It is one of the best lies ever told. And in case you haven’t noticed the time to do this is before the coup. So are the American people ready, obviously not.


There are other important differences that Zunes failed to mention.
To begin with, in this election the rich and powerful interests support both Party’s. This was never the case in Gambia, Serbia, The Ukraine or the Philippines. In each of those countries a “people’s party” existed. I really can’t see Americans laying their lives on the line to defend Joe Biden and his corrupt cabal.
Secondly, our paramilitary police forces overwhelmingly support Trump. I can’t see them willing to fight right wing militias who will claim to stand for guns, God and country.
Finally, in the four examples that Zunes mentions, in each case the citizenry was fighting for basic democratic rights. Americans in general don’t have such illusions being aware that either Trump or Biden do not represent a move towards establishing a functioning democracy.
In my humble opinion, Trump will refuse to step down the day after the election simply because he knows that he can remain in power and that there is little that the public will do to prevent him from remaining in power.
The good news is most Americans will finally come to the realization that they don’t live in a democracy.
The bad news is that many Americans will think that it was Trump that stole ‘our democracy’ and that replacing him with Biden will somehow be a victory for the average person.


Exactly, I don’t know about the Phillipines and Gambia but in Serbia and Ukraine the resistance had the strong support of the U.S. government with its Cold War NGO propaganda apparatus.

The GOP is relying on their stacked federal courts to sanction the coup.


It’s uncertain whether Joe Biden would endorse an extra-legal civil resistance campaign on the streets of U.S. cities and towns.

With all due respect, professor Zunes. it is not uncertain to me! Because the people that selected Biden for POTUS, would not allow it




I needed a good chuckle …

I’m sure you’re right, but there is this:

Thank you for the links, the second link was pretty non-specific but the first one had some practical information.

I tried to link to some additional information about “resistance” but it become way more involved than this discussion warrants. Thanks.

I will do my best to not take this to a personal level, but let me open with I think you are disastrously incorrect about everything you said here. It was delivered as a humble opinion but had the reek of propagandized opinion which is never humble. The rich and powerful support both parties in very unequal amounts. If you truly do not know that the GOP gets an extremely large percentage of all political donations you may enjoy this article. vox-dot-com/2014/7/30/5949581/money-in-politics-charts-explain
You state that our paramilitary forces overwhelmingly support Trump. I disagree. Not everyone is blindly faithful to the commander in chief and between the firing and ultimate re-hiring of a very popular naval vessel captain, to the way that Lt. Commander VIndmin (I think I spelled that correctly but if not I am sure you know who I mean) was treated for doing what he knew was his duty to the American people to the suckers and losers comments uttered ouf of the mouth of a draft dodger support for Trump by the military is not as strong as it normally would be for a POTUS. You have former military leaders showing documented proof of their support for Biden - and if you mean our police forces, they too have been over portrayed as being in Tune with a lawless President.
Biden absolutely is a move towards a functioning democracy - he has pledged to be an American President not a Democrat President and his history in politics gives reason to believe this to be true. Trump on the other hand is a direct vote for fascism. Replacing him with Biden is not only a victory for the average person but for the allies we used to have across the globe.


if you mean our police forces, they too have been over portrayed as being in Tune with a lawless President.

What indications do you have that the police aren’t overwhelmingly, enthusiastically supportive of Trump and all he stands for?

Is the u.s. prepared to resist a coup?

If we are not we are utterly and completely screwed as a species (though I will admit, I suspect we may be past the point of no return for survival as we bring down all spheres of life on earth)

What happens here will impact all areas on earth and no, this is not american exceptionalism talking!
It is shame, grief and massive concern over what our country has done and what we will continue to do that is talking.

The arctic melting, climate chaos ramping up, oceans dying, income inequality rising, pain/suffering of millions increasing by the day cannot be left out of this discussion-----ever.

Things will never be “normal” or ok again on earth---- coup resisted or not. Goldilocks planet zone of relative climate stability on earth is now over.

I found this article to be a tad too optimistic in that I believe the coup is underway and there is a very good chance it will be accomplished by the evil creatures that are lined up to keep trump in power and move more solidly toward authoritarian/fascism in the u.s.

Will the military stand with trump?
I’ve read/heard through various media sources they will not.


Is nearly 250 years as long as a democracy can last? If so, then it gives the rest of the democratic world a chance to pause and seriously contemplate the extreme capitalism that seems to lead to tyranny. I think that democratic socialism is the direction in which to go after this year of living dangerously.

I also am aware that most, if not all, the world is looking at you right now, America. It’s not a look of amusement.

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