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Is There a Nazi in the White House?


Is There a Nazi in the White House?

Sonali Kolhatkar

Donald Trump is trying hard to put a pretty face on racism. But the racists, openly embracing the label, won’t let him.

Referring to the violent gathering of self-professed fascists in Charlottesville, Va., during his press conference Tuesday, Trump said, “Not all of those people were neo-Nazis, believe me. Not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch.” But those who showed up for the “Unite the Right” rally Saturday defined themselves so clearly that Trump can’t whitewash their hatred away.


Considering that Our Nation has long devolved into an Inverted Totalitarian State, (displaying the facade of a Democracy, with none of the Functionality), it is an inconvenience to the Beneficiaries of this Situation that the Current President is Blowing Their Cover.


Let’s all not forget, his real name is Drumpf.


"Oh der Fuehrer said dot 'Ve ist der Master Race’
Und zo ve Heil pfft! Heil pfft! Right in der Fuehrer’s face!"
*A little ditty I learned at my mother’s knee about 1942.
I think it may be time to Heil pfft! yet again.


I’d settle for his name being Mud!


check out Caitlin Johnstone’s take on Charlotsville (Some thoughts about Charlotsville). https://medium.com/@caityjohnstone/so


It’s not just the Nazi in the Whitehouse that should be an issue, it’s all the Nazis in Congress and in way too many Statehouses across the nation who pursue racist agendas via gerrymandering, strict voter ID laws, denying felons an opportunity to vote (disproportionally of color) and other policies designed to keep whites in the dominant position of power. It’s why I can’t take the phony outrage by some Republican leaders at Trump’s comments seriously. Trump made the mistake of exposing them, publicly. The Republican party prefers to masquerade it’s racist agenda in a more politically correct guise.


The Republicans have got themselves into a bind. Even the Republicans who are not at all white supremacists know that they need the white supremacist vote to defeat Democrats. Without the Republicans getting the white supremacist vote the Democrats would control everything. So basically we are asking Republicans to sacrifice their political careers to completely distance themselves from Trump. This goes back to the Republicans adopting the southern strategy in the 1970s. For many Republicans the choice is saving their careers or saving the United States from fascism. So far almost all have chosen saving their careers.


In the short spans of time that we call our lives, there is a possibility to do so much.
How do you fit in and project?
What kind of silo are you comfortable in?
There is an entire subterfuge that enables these silos.

Break this silo.
Break every silo, Permeate humanity.

Traditional self definition that help us through life are all in their last vestiges.
Religion and tribalism have been cracking for a while, but cliques will adapt what is ready at hand.
This breakdown of traditional institutions is giving rise to transgenderism and role confusions of all kinds.

We need this.
Let it happen.
Let us establish a greater, less rigid, contextualized existence.

Find the seams that these folks have straight jacketed themselves in.
Some may never come out.

Trump is in a Silo.
He only sees things piecemeal. It enables his hate.

We might break through it.
Or die because of it.

Eclipse Monday, full visible two hours north of here.
Can’t write business proposal for sustenance.
Prefer this.


You’re link doesn’t work.


“Is there a Nazi in the white people’s house?” YES!


I get mail and e-mail telling how we must “rebuild the DNCC and the Democratic Party” to get rid of Trump in four years.
I will work diligently to rid the nation of the orange turd and his Nazi cabinet, but I will not work to put the red sock puppet in the drawer just to have the blue sock puppet put in charge to do what the Oiligarchy tells it to. This has gone on for far too many years and we just come out poorer and sicker each election as one of the two sock puppets is put on to do what the Oilagarchy tells it to.
*The only way we might free this nation is to get a third party, call it what you will, where We the People will be working together to rebuild a Constitutional Republic.
*If We the People can’t get it together to run these bipolar rugrats out of the government and begin again, then we shall truly lost.
*I believe it was Einstein who said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.” What have we been doing every four years, being bit in the ass each time, since 22 November, 1963?
*Time for a change in tactics!


“Is there a Nazi in the White House ?”

Is the Pope Catholic ?


" The current President is blowing their cover."

America has been an inverted, clandestine, totalitarian state for a long, long time. If one can say anything good about Trump, it is that he has exposed that statement.


Yes, long ago devolved.

Yes, Drumpf is another fascist in the White House, but at least since the time of George Bush (your choice which) we have had a fascist government.


Grandpa Prescott Bush plucked Nixon from obscurity to run against Cal Rep Jerry Voorhees, who was slated to Chair a Congressional Inquiry into Prescott’s WWII Nazi Involvement, as per Russ Baker’s Bush Study “Family of Secrets”.


Exactly. As Paul Street wrote yesterday over at Counterpunch: “[Trump’s] toxic bad for the national brand – an emperor with no convincing democratic or humanitarian clothes to cloak the ugly imperial and capitalist nakedness of the American System.”


Here’s the link, it’s the Aug 17 post: