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"Is There No End to Big Oil's Evil?" Campaigners Condemn Industry Plan to Pour US Plastics Into Africa

You are mistaken. For whatever it’s worth, the notion of starting the People’s Party now is to begin to act in FUTURE elections, not this one.

At very best, people and movements coming together now MIGHT have some influence on values and programs of this election, but it is not very likely.

If this effort becomes truly visible very soon, who knows, it might be able to make some policy demands to curry its support.

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time for people to realize that the fossil fuel industries and their owners, supporters, and sycophants are simply put–KILLERS–their policies will collapse our ecosystems and that they do this for the money–these companies ceased to be an asset to civilization and have become it’s destroyers–at this point in time they are criminals working to profit on the end of our civilization–nothing more

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Many bad things happen with plastics in poor countries. For starters, people re-use the bottles. The plasticizers in the bottles, the gunk that makes them soft, are called phthalates. Heat leaches the phthalates into the water and then people drink the chemicals.

Then TriCare has to pay for all the damaged vets that the government doesn’t immorally kick out of TriCare.

Reusing bottles for water also has covid-19 consequences.

I suppose I should get to the climate change and burning plastic issues but others have gotten there first…

Only not extracting the oil keeps it sort of out of the ecosphere…temporarily. Once it’s extracted, it’s in the ecosphere no matter what you do with it, and burning doesn’t make it go away, it just spreads it around the atmosphere and into bodies rather than putting it in the water and bodies, or into the soil and bodies.

If you are interested there is plenty info on how Sweden recycles and burns. They have a system that works. The point I am making is burning coal is worse than burning trash. Trash is according to the Swedes like burning natural gas which was once touted as clean. Plus you save tons of energy not hauling the garbage around to land fills.

Plastics contain endocrine disrupting chemicals which cause huge and persistant health problems that are so serious they threaten human survival, particularly reproduction but they also cause a lot of cancers.

Actually, this problem is arguably one of the top threats to humanity as it threatens human reproduction. Its one of several threats to human life thats arguably as serious as global warming, and equally as imminent. Its cost to healthcare systems (in Europe) is astronomical.


here in the US because families bear much of the cost, and basic healthcare is less available, its much less known but must be substantially more serious because these EDCs are less regulated here than in EU countries.

The non-renewable alternatives like birning coal and wood, and nuclear fission all come with worse issues.

Coal is putting mercury into the environment which is toxic and causes serious birth defects because its pro-oxidant and uses up glutathione. Nuclear fission puts nuclear waste and a high risk of nuclear meltdowns should we have a Coronal Mass Ejection hit us, something that almost happened in 2012. Had that flare hit the Earth, its entirely possible we would have had (in addition to having very large and long lived losses of power, we might also have had to deal with multiple nuclear meltdowns as nuclear power plants, deprived of power to cool their cores, experiences something called “loss of the ultimate heatsink” in unison.

There is a very serious, substanial risk, we don’t have a large enough sample of data to estimate it because records of subspots and solar flares only date back a very short amount of time, and its only been just the last few decades that we have been vulnerable to this problem, and most of that time we’ve been unaware of this specific vunerability. But we do know its very high. Especially in partsof the US like the Northeast where geology makes the DC pulses that occur more severe.

We now know that a solar storm like the one in 1859, if it occurred today, might be a world and civilization changing event, with permanent repercussions and large amounts of human suffering.

We need to deal with it and pull back on things like nucleaar fision power which seems particularly problematic if it is as it is today. Apart from the nuclear waste and the necessity of cooling it, we need other forms of power that dont require a grid, and long distance transmission, which is where the DC pulses cause problems. Otherwise we could wake up one day without electricity and it might take a very long time to get power back - we just dont know. But there is no reason to think otherwise.

If many nuclear power plants lost cooling capability during that extended power outage, some or maybe even many of them might meltdown with long term repercussions. Large areas could become unsafe and uninhabitable for extended periods of time.

Corporations are consistently irresponsible when faced with challenges of this kind, it would be a situation thats not conducive to rational thinking or good government.

Sorry, my reply was lost in the mail - “How many days until the election? What, exactly, will The People’s Party do in that timeframe?”
It should be crystal-clear there is neither the time, intention, nor fantasy of accomplishing much or anything in this very-near election charade - except maybe the notice tacked on the church doors!
The intent is to build the structure and members/supporters, funding-stream, and more to effect some influence on the corrupt DP/DNC right-wing maybe - (they are way too-far gone) and certainly (hopefully) in the mid-terms - assuming we still have them if trump is re-elected emperor as some constantly claim is “all for the best”! A fraud I vehemently reject!

A third major party is no easy task and fraught with enormous complications - that said what are the alternatives? Republicans? zero to none! DP/DNC mob? Near zero to none! So what is a nation to do? form a third major party and hope the time is right this time for that to work, going against history as it does - but this is a new time! Peace