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Is This How the First Meeting Between Schumer and Pelosi With Newly-Elected Progressives Like Ocasio-Cortez Will Go?


Is This How the First Meeting Between Schumer and Pelosi With Newly-Elected Progressives Like Ocasio-Cortez Will Go?

Common Dreams staff

With a slate of new progressive Democrats headed to Congress after wins on Tuesday, what will it look when the veteran leaders of the Democratic Party in the Senate and House—namely Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York and California's Nancy Pelosi—finally confront the younger and more radical new members?


Schemer & P’Loser are worried?   Oh dear.  How sad . . .


"Corporate Money-The Gift That Keeps On Taking."


This is precious, but All power to Ocasio-Cortez but she will fall in line like Warren, Sanders, et al.


A whole bunch of candidates received the bulk of their money from small donors. Why can’t we celebrate that here? Isn’t that what we want?

The 90s-era grievance loop is strong here, but this election on the Democratic side was all about small-donor funding. Outside groups played their role—they always do—but a win is a win, right?


Didn’t Bernie get his money from small donors?

Did you stop celebrating that before celebrating this Democratic victory?

There’s no win as long as Liberals and Conservatives own politics.


Right. A win is a win.

I’ll hold off celebrating till I see some Republicans indicted for crimes committed this past two years.

I’ll get shit-faced when they’re sentenced.

And, not to 30 Days in the Hole…


We both will.


If you do not know the answer to the above question, you probably do not belong on this thread.


If only we could sunder the collective self-hypnosis that has us (and those of us who would run for office) in effect helpless before, and reliant upon, corporate deep pockets.
It does not have to be this way.


Chuck, get a pair of glasses that don’t require residence on the bridge of your nose.
What is wrong with you?


oh please


There are 20 or so feisty young women coming in. Have a little faith.


There is no way for there to be “unity” (which means that people like AOC bend, not those to her right and it doesn’t apply to people like Pelosi and Schumer, witness over a third of the Democrats supporting Hogan in Maryland over Jealous) in the Democratic Party as it is constructed unless AOC gives in. She cannot share the party with people like Pelosi, work within the confines Pelsoi wants to work in and within a policy framework that Pelosi finds acceptable, if AOC wants to hold onto to her policy stances and priorities. Pelosi is in many ways more opposed to her on policy than the Republicans. Pelosi is just as much of an obstacle to progressive change as anyone on the right. As I have said before, she eulogized Pete Peterson on the freaking House floor, which isn’t tons different than voluntarily eulogizing the Koch Brothers or Robert Spencer. Peterson was instrumental in spreading lies about deficits, debt and the solvency of programs like Social Security. Pelosi attended his functions, believes his absolute bullshit, and has committed her own party to austerity. She goes on TV and brags about being good at taking in bribes, used the DCCC to undermine the left in primaries, has strongly argued against changing policy and leadership in that party, and has absolutely no integrity at all. AOC is going to have to try to work with the Republicans too. Why should we assume that the right, being defenders of the system as is and their top donors, should be treated any differently than Pelosi? You work with them when you can, but you come prepared to fight them, and expect to.

Look at polls, she is deeply unpopular, and she has been a disaster as a leader. She refuses to step down because of how it would impact her. There is no reasoning with people like her any more than there is Trump. She just needs to be defeated and thrown the hell out, and the same is true of everyone like her in her crappy party.


Horse puckey:


Did you read that?


Yep. read this too: “The 90s-era grievance loop…”

Is disgust with corporate money now a 90s-era grievance?


That’s just my phrase for the continuous grievance listing that goes on around here. It’s what we do, right?

Campaigns need money to operate and not all candidates have the charisma of Bernie Sanders. A lot of candidates received a ton of funding from small-donors this election. That’s just reality. But if you want to update your grievance list with what outside PACs did, or be mad at some sitting Senators, go ahead. I appreciate the small donor funding that came far-and-wide for Dem candidates.


Joan, I hate it when you sugarcoat it like that! The D leadership is Repub Lite, not Center Left, certainly should be but FoxSnews keeps people well misinformed!

And since money is speech, those who can afford the largest megaphone, get their message out very well.

We may not be totally screwed, but it’s not looking good for humans to avoid the worse that Nature has to offer.

We seem to forget that money is the root of all evil! That makes Repubs evil!


The Ben jealous story: