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Is This How the World Sees America Now?


Is This How the World Sees America Now?

Jill Richardson

Donald Trump recently returned from meeting with the other powerful countries of the G20 group—one of his first big performances on the world stage. So how did it go?

Not swell, according to a no-holds-barred account delivered by Chris Uhlmann, an Australian journalist. Uhlmann made four main points about how the rest of the world sees the U.S. president.


The U.S. does not deserve a leadership role in the world.


As a U.S. citizen I agree. Unfortunately like many failing empires though the U.S. will try to stay a “leader” through fear and military might than actual respect. And while it is a little cathartic seeing the U.S. get isolated from the world stage we should be careful, nothing is more dangerous than a cornered animal.


Well said!


The US is not a cornered animal. The rest of the world is not maneuvering to corner the US. Rather, the US is more like the abusive husband that the rest of the family refuses to have anything to do with. The US is not a victim here. These damages were self-inflicted by the US.


I believe it was H.L.Mencken that quipped “someday Americans will wake up and find that they elected a complete idiot to the presidency”, or words to that effect. There’s just no rhyme or reason to what spews forth from his mouth or tweets from moment to moment. I don’t go along with the ‘leadership’ model by having others fear us but Trump goes to a whole different place entirely and leaves the other leaders wondering; WTF? We certainly need to get the ball rolling to address global poisoning/warming as Earth is being murdered by capitalist exploitation and plunder. Every day is a new adventure seeing what the orange one will say to outrage his ‘audience’ and hog the spotlight of the daily news. We need a semblance if stability of which Trump falls flat on his face.


Fine, maybe a better saying would be a control freak that is about to have his system of control taken away from him. The U.S. could lash out in an unpredictable way. Dying empires like doing that. But this is necessary, better to risk a lashing out then be under the thumb of the bullies forever.


Hopefully that day too will include Americans realizing just how rigged against them the election system is and stand up against it. And not by refusing to vote but for demanding candidates that represent them.