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Is This New Reform a Toxic Waste?


Is This New Reform a Toxic Waste?

Jill Richardson

There should’ve been an overhaul in how we regulate toxic chemicals years ago. Like when the 2010 President’s Cancer Panel report concluded that babies are now born “pre-polluted.” Or when it came to light that a common flame retardant used in household items actually causes cancer.

Finally, our infamously ineffective Congress has passed a landmark toxic chemical reform.


One reason why entities like the Koch Brothers pay think tanks to manufacture hostility towards government agencies is for the express purpose of decimating regulatory agencies.

As the poster Alan McDonald often explains, in this manner profits are retained by the corporate overlords while REAL COSTS are externalized to communities.

How many Toxic Waste Sites are on the government "fix" list?
How many aging nuclear power plants are starting to show signs of deadly wear and tear?

And when TIPP and TPP pass (if they do pass), they will effectively disable any checks against corporate wrong-doing.

Imagine the type of mindset that is callous about poisoning babies' bodies?

It's so disgusting, the healthy conscience can't even conjure such a person and what motivates them.