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Is This The Return Of U.S. 'Gunboat Diplomacy' Serving Corporations?


Is This The Return Of U.S. 'Gunboat Diplomacy' Serving Corporations?

Dave Johnson

Colombia is allowing local production of a generic form of a cancer drug that is ultraexpensive because of a government-granted monopoly handed to a giant, multinational pharmaceutical corporation. The U.S. government is stepping in on the corporation’s side with a modern form of “gunboat diplomacy” — even though the giant corporation isn’t even “American.”

"Has the 'Swiss' firm Novartis becomes the 21st-century version of United Fruit and ITT?"


Isn't this against all morality and ethics? Isn't this exactly what is wrong with corporate control of democracy? Isn't this kind of thing enough to depress even a saint? A needed and efficacious medicine is to be kept too expensive because why?

Just because!


The TPP and TIPP intend to do away with the sovereign laws of nations, altogether; and that means The People will have no voice or agency in terms of acquiring media, medicine, and money... other than what is laid out for them by the new oligarchs: the global corporate masters.

It's all about control.

Mr. Johnson offers a skeletal historical sketch of how Martial Muscle was used to force deals that were never good for Native peoples.

The morality of withholding Leukemia medicine unless a nation signs on to have its assets strip-mined is the very profile of how Organized Crime operates.

Criminals are running nations like cartels.

As the Page and Gilens Study PROVES, the will of citizens is entirely bypassed, ignored, or overlooked.

Only what's good for the .01% is what counts.

But all over the world people are protesting, blocking pipelines, and challenging authority since it's increasingly clear that leaders have bowed down to the Big Money interests just about everywhere except Iceland.


The TPP, TTIP, and TISA agreements are the framework of a global corporate constitution, authored by multinational corporations (some headquartered in the US) and their government counterparts, all for Wall Street, who will become the biggest beneficiary of the aforementioned constitution.

These agreements, sickeningly promoted by Barack Obama (corporatist in chief) represent nothing less than a global corporate coup playing out in secret slow motion, and are far more deadly than the military coups the US has whipped and supported throughout history.


Thanks Siouxrose 11. Quoting you, "Criminals are running nations like cartels", pretty much sums it up. I would like to add criminal, government officials and their hit men are running nation's like cartels.


Yep, add government - corporate coup, Patriot Act, Defense Authorization Act, legalized gov't eavesdropping (spying) on private citizens and we are practically an enslaved citizenry (not the 1st time for some).


The willingness for power elites to work together to assure their advantage and profits is the dominant characteristic of these trade deals. It is a way for the corporate coup to get around those inconvenient laws and regulations that nations keep enacting that may interfere with profits. When a corporation sacrifices the lands of some indigenous Amazonian tribe or poisons the lands of the locals in Nigeria or elsewhere, the only serpent in that corporate paradise is some pesky law or regulation that will try to stop the profits.

We are fools to sacrifice anyone to the profits of a few. In the end that kind of thing comes back around against everybody in one way or the other. Whether is poisoned wells by fracking or global warming, drought and fires etc or dying seas. Regulations and laws are our only protection from the damage these greedy oligarchs and corporations will dump on us.

Everything gets on everybody when regulations aren't followed and environmental laws are evaded. I mean everything except the profits of course.


Folks in TPP and TTIP signatory nations need to check out drug prices in the US since they will be paying as much as Murkins pay for drugs after TPP and TTIP are pushed through later this year.


I believe that the Medical-Industrial-Complex will begin suing in the name of "free trade" if any one dies with a dime to their name to leave to their heirs. It's this other MIC's version of NSA's former boss Gen. Keith Alexander's orders to "collect it all."


The cost of Gleevec is $15,161 per person a year in Columbia.
They are getting a bargain.
I am taking Gleevec ,which is made by Novartis.
When I was diagnosed with CML, a form of blood cancer, I filled out a number of forms to get financial help. After waiting for an answer, I was told that because of my income they would give it to me at no cost. For that I am thankful, the drug does exactly what it is supposed to do and my life expectancy is now normal instead of the 5 to 7 years I was given without taking the drug.
As I have a blood test every month at the Cancer Treatment Center, I asked one day what the cost of the drug would be out of pocket. The answer.....$ 225.00 a day, which is $82,125 a year in the United States.
From the research I have done, the patent Novartis has on Gleevec was to expire somewhere in 2015-2016 in which case it could be made as a generic. The estimated cost as a generic was predicted to be about $500.00 a year. Novartis is still fighting the right for anyone else to sell a generic version and so far it is only sold by Novartis.
If it were sold as a generic for around $500.00 a year, I would be happy to pay it instead of the monthly and yearly paperwork involved.
I suspect that the reason it is given to me and others at no cost is because they probably take a $82,000 a year tax write off. If it could be sold as a generic for $500.00, then they are making a huge profit on this. They would make a lot more money taking the tax write off than selling it for $500.00 a year.


Feel free.

One quibble:

Nations is a noun. One would therefore say, "and their hit men are running nations like cartels."

If nations (plural) owned the same commodity, then you could say:

"The nations' sheep ran off course."

Do you see the distinction?

I have watched at least 15 screen names mistake the possessive noun for its plural equivalent. And this leads me to wonder if these 15 screen names actually represent 1-3 posters. I find it unbelievable that out of the small percentage that posts on C.D., this many individuals would not know of this grammatical distinction... as taught in 4th grade.




A teacher is never retired. Thanks for bring this to my attention. However, I would like to plead not guilty with reservations. I am guilty of not proof reading on some posts; but, I think my phone makes "corrections" that are not in accordance with grammatical rules. Hopefully, I have not taught it such errors as I am aware of this particular rule. I can assure you that I am not misrepresenting myself as another writer, nor am I a so-called troll. I am merely another frustrated citizen of the US totally beside myself with the actions of many of the elected leaders of my country as they dance on the puppet strings of the cartel which so slanders what our country could be.


How about, "Criminals are running, nations like cartels". The power of the comma! Bain't English fun?

Should not, "possessive noun" be referred to properly as the, "genetive form of the noun"? I am simply just trying to help you with your pedantry.


Return?? It never left.

The US is more meddlesome than ever. Look at the middle east.

Jim Shea


It sounds as though you are the one getting the bargain not the people in Columbia who also need this drug.


Gunboat Diplomacy is an interesting term but this is extortion and bribery. The way the New World Order controls the world is economically. Hitler tried it through all out wars and invasions, and the U.S. does that in some instances, but true control is through the money. If you don't play ball you don't buy or sell anything, nor do you really own anything. In my mind the TPP and other trade deals, are the final laws that will seal the deal. They are treasonous to each country that signs on and hands over power to control the country's laws to the corporations. If we ever gain control again we should have all those involved in this treasonous act, jailed. That includes Obama and Clinton's. The treaties are not signed yet but the laws are already being enforced.
Maduro in Venezuela is sounding the alarm about the U.S. incited coup that is starting there. It's happened in Brazil with the ousted president Rouseff being impeached. Sad Chavez died, he was a strong leader of the people. Wouldn't be surprised to hear later the U.S. had something to do with it. (I think it was cancer though). This could be our last election, like Johnny Depp said. I pray it's Bernie Sanders cause Clinton is a big player in the deals regardless of what she says. Trump says he's against them but who knows. With climate change upon us you can see we will be wiped out but the big players think they can beat it somehow, or at least that's the way they act. No urgency.
Another day in paradise.


In our mechanistic economic cultures, morality and ethics are forbidden.
All participants must check morality and ethics at the door, then pick them up on the way out to show the public they have some.
This is the pandemic.


It may seem like that in a quick gloss but when you look deeper the reality is that most people try to do better, make the best of things and work for the greater good when they can. Strangers will risk their lives to save someone from a burning wreck and others will dive into icy water to save a child etc.

People try to make their world a better place. I think we need fear the corporate version of I was just following orders. In the corporate world inhumanity towards mankind and a lack of human empathy is often explained away by someone saying 'I was just following company policy,' or 'The corporation has to make profits for the shareholders no matter what' etc.

People need to know that their humanity matters and that what they choose to do counts. At this point the quest for profits is becoming blind to the human costs involved. Not all profit is bad, just the kind that poisons wells like fracking or causes damage to the environment by drilling in the Arctic etc. Fossil fuels have replacements now and to continue using so destructive a form of energy is unconscionably irresponsible. If people made the same huge profits by using solar and wind then who cares that they do so since it isn't hurting anyone? Imo

But that is a different issue in this thread. This is the thread discussing when should we leave room in our calendar book for the date WW3 begins. Everybody is so up in arms about Russia and aside from the useless pro anything Putin trolls (who are too obvious and somewhat crude) ...

I find the Chinese the real issue in the future. The manufacturing might of the world is shifting to Asia and along with it goes other types of strength including military. Remember how quickly America once retooled for war materiale in WW2. I sometimes wonder if China remembers and knows were they to ever need to that they could our manufacture us at that time despite our initial advantage at the onset. They would have a stringer industrial base this time and that is very curious. We let our infrastructure decline while patrolling the world in force (unnecessarily btw) while they use their money to build mag lev trains and infrastructure, factories and so forth. They need only to wait and we will begin to suffer from a declining economic vitality.


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