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Is Trump Attending LSU-Alabama Game Because He's "Desperately Searching for a Sporting Event Where His Ass Won't Get Booed"?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/11/05/trump-attending-lsu-alabama-game-because-hes-desperately-searching-sporting-event

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LOL What a loser Trump is. So sad we have such a superficial narcissist in the White House. I do think he is looking for a sporting event that he will be cheered at. His self promotion efforts never end. His base was so disappointed when he was booed and mocked. They couldn’t believe that so many people dislike Trump. So he is on a desperate mission to show them he is loved by people outside of his rallies. When he and his base find that crowd they will never let it go. Disgusted again.


If this sortie fails, soon we can expect to see the Secret Service administering ideoogical purity tests at the gates, and nobody admitted without a MAGA hat.

(Lock him up! Lock him up!)


So who is controlling the Speaker System. They probably already have USA cheer all queued up. To be played at any sign of treason.


Trump didn’t just get booed at the UFC event.

A fighter who supports Trump was KOed in the first round by a Bernie supporter. His Instagram comment: BERNIE SANDERS YOU BASTARDS…


Higgins sez:
“… critics are speculating … that the White House is trying to find a public sporting event where the president won’t be booed by the crowd.”

What — has NASCAR shut down for the season?


Trump is running the presidency as a reality television show, and we’re paying for it.
Louisiana and Alabama are two of the most braindead, environmentally ruined, racist, inbred, gestation slavery, poorly-educated states in the country.
If those people boo him, it’s a sign that even the stupidest among us realize they’ve been conned by this impeachable bastard.
And how much does it cost us to fund his stupid vanity travels?

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Being from Tuscaloosa, I wouldn’t be surprised if they do boo him. But they may be happy a president went there again for any reason other than a horrible tragedy, like the big tornado that just about wiped the town out. Tuscaloosa’s got allot of diversity and would very much surprise most left leaning folks in it’s attitude and everybody there left and right loves football, it’s truly the local religion (christian things just a front). Not me though, not a fan of any sports. Or the trumpster.

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Hey. Alabama native who left 37 yrs ago… hope you’re right but even very well-educated and otherwise decent human being old friends of mine love trumpoo. I’d be pissed as hell that he-or any other politician- would impose such logistical nightmares at this late date. Besides, how the hell did he get a ticket?


That perpetual scowl. Maybe his ugly face will fall off. That would be a great gift to the American People.

Anybody paying attention to trump’s childish flip flops? For every negative that he touts, supports or is something he is, he turns each and every one of them on the opposition. “No I’m not, you are.”
The latest out of dozens is the trope that it is in his mind the left and journalists that are traitors, after being charged of that himself.
Everything we attribute to him he insists it is the other team that lies, cheats and steals, not him.
Pathetically disgusting behavior by a near adult.

Mang, I didn’t say it wasn’t trump evangelical landia there… I just stated that there are allot more left leaning independents in Alabama than one might think. Perceptions of the population in that area nationally are of mouth breathing racists bible thumpers and nothing else… which is simply untrue. Where I currently live is probably more racist than Tuscaloosa. Don’t get me wrong, it’s much more covert here, most of the time. And fyi, I left in 2002, lol.