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Is Trump Bringing “White Zionism” to the White House?


Is Trump Bringing “White Zionism” to the White House?

Ali Abunimah

Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate, has weighed in on the controversy over President-elect Donald Trump’s appointment of the racist former executive chairman of Breitbart News as his chief strategist.


An apt analogy - the Zionist/Israeli extremists/terrorists have worked tirelessly for decades to subvert our nation to further their racism, aggression, illegal colonization of the Occupied Territories and have the US wage wars all over the ME. Stay-tuned for the coming war on Iran...............potentially nuclear. When delusional psychopaths and warmongers are in charge and Israel is behind the curtain, anything is possible......


You would need to understand that this is a grotesquely corrupted version of Zionism, solely serving the purpose of exploiting Israel. This issue us little understood by Americans today in general. I can assure you that it is 100% anti-Jewish, and has worked hard against the socialist agenda that Israel was founded on. On this issue, US liberals have been powerfully counter-productive, failing to grasp the difference between legitimate Zionism and the right wing corruption of it, arguably giving support to common US racism against Jews.


I guess I just don't get it.

WHERE is the proof of Bannon's Anti-Semitism? I've seen nothing beyond his ex-wife's divorce statement, which was a off-the-cuff remark. Breitbart news and Bannon are fierce defenders of Israel.

Perhaps it is fake antisemitism, allowing provocative articles and un-moderated comments, in order to whip up sympathy for the poor 200-nuclear-tipped-Israel being "pushed into the sea?"

I can't make heads or tails of it. Obviously, Bannon hates women. He's been divorced about four times.

I still don't get it. Any ideas, you guys? This is just not adding up.


A "grotesquely corrupted version of Zionism"? There is a form of Zionism that doesn't want to commit genocide on the Palestinians? There are non-racist, Zionists that don't want to steal the Palestinians' land and treat them like dirt? The actions of the Israelis towards the native Palestinians are no different from those of the Boers to the Zulus and is the human rights struggle of our time. I have much less tendency to blame some sideshow, alt right character than the duly elected Israeli Government and their bribed American counterpart. Face the facts - Israel is a racist monster, and the American Establishment approves.




Well, when Dersowitz gave his stamp of approval towards Breitbart, means the whole antisemitic accusation is nothing but a smoke screen/deflection. On the contrary, Breitbart has a history of unconditional support of the state of Isreal and Trump son in law will make sure they receives the backing of the U.S gov.
So. I would say you pretty much nail it right in the head.


Absolute rot.
Zionism is a loathsome political ideology that was always predicated on the dispossession of the Palestinians. Do you forget that from 47 to 48 - and beyond - 80% were expelled from their homes and country? Some 750,000? That this dispossession and expulsion continues today?
It is almost certainly this aspect that the white nationalist/"white zionists" wish to adopt for their new white american future. A few massacres along the way can be swept under the white rug, just as the zionist ones were.


There was also large scale massacres and expulsions during and in the immediate aftermath of the '67 war of aggression against Egypt and other neighbors. That was when everything was set in train in earnest for total domination of the region. The human rights abuses and war crimes went on at a ferocious pace for a couple of years during which time the western media painted a picture of deceit and lies about poor little defenseless Israel having a miraculous escape on its own from being attacked by Egypt and other Arab States. That was all a lie but the saturation through the media transformed what had actually transpired into a romantic tale of heroism and self defense.

Every piece of history must be re=examined and the truth must be the aim of all research relating to the genisis and the evolution of Zionism and its attendant ideologies. That it has mirrored a sort of entitled colonialism is a matter of course but that it cannot be researched objectively under the imposition of some sort of anti-semitic legal restrictions is insulting and demeaning to both academia and to freedom of expression. It's a fact that the truth must always remain unmentionable and hidden so that fiction and indoctrination through propaganda must rule human minds. That's what western power structures have imposed upon populations in western democracies at the behest of Zionist influences. And with the MSM owned and controlled by these same corporate giants and their attendant banking classes busily engaged tax payers are ignorant and misinformed about the global world they inhabit. They are hood winked to do their masters bidding whether they know it or not? That's the law don't you know.