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Is Trump Moderating on Foreign Policy? Not in the Least


Is Trump Moderating on Foreign Policy? Not in the Least.

Conn Hallinan

“Chaos,” “dismay,” “radically inept” — those are just a few of the recent headlines analyzing Donald Trump’s foreign policy.


Trump's political career is predicated on having daily rations of fresh raw meat to feed his fear based supporters to keep them engaged and supporting him. Adding new enemies, mostly contrived, to his ever growing list of the enemies of his base (that only Trump can save the base from) is the easiest raw meat for Trump to create.

Although Trump is proving expert at turning just about anything imaginable into an enemy du jour (the media, facts and logic have even been added to his list), its not easy to keep finding more enemies. "Moderating on foreign policy" will however, at the very least stall the creation of new enemies, and might even result in some existing enemies falling off the list, both outcomes certain to cost Trump some of his supporters.

Trump will need to double down on, not moderate on foreign policy if he is to find the number of new enemies he needs to keep his supporters engaged through the next four years.


Getting ready to boogie with the boogeymen?


“Apparently the Trump administration is considering sending American soldiers into Yemen”

“Putting U.S. ground forces into Yemen is a “dangerous idea,” according to Jon Finer, chief of staff for former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry”

The disastrously failed Seal team operation that killed 30 people in Yemen, half of whom were women and children, (not to mention a US servicerman) pretty much ended any speculation about whether the U.S. is “considering” boots on the ground in Yemen.


True enough. Maybe after he gets them all riled up, we can demonstrate to the violent mob that their s#^t-spewing fuhrer is a far greater danger to the country and the constitution and democracy itself than the Taliban, Al-qaeda and ISIS combined.


I haven't forgotten the rationales of many who commented here in the run-up to the general election of how Clinton was going to continue the status quo, especially about making war. At least, these poor deluded souls maintained, Trump would not be attacking dark-skinned people in other parts of the world and was against the TPP.

How's that working out? Trump is not only making war, he is destroying every aspect of protection ordinary citizens "enjoy" in the US. So, along with ground troops in Syria, an expanded drone campaign that no longer considers civilians to be off-limits, and expanded war across the globe without any apparent limits, the 99% will no longer have health care, clean air or water, food, shelter, decent wages and will see a meteoric rise in carbon emissions that will eventually drive humans to extinction (a very short and under-inclusive list to be sure, but enough to make the point).

Yup, Clinton was BAD. She is not president, and neither are Jill Stein or Gary Johnson. We are instead saddled with a rapacious madman, and the republicans are finally unleashed in all their Randian fury. But, I must congratulate you all on your clear consciences.