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Is Trump Planning Permanent Occupation of Afghanistan?


Is Trump Planning Permanent Occupation of Afghanistan?

Reese Erlich

On my first reporting trip to Afghanistan, I was surprised to find that so many people supported the US invasion. They loved President George Bush because he got rid of the hated Taliban regime. But when I asked what should the US do now, most answered “go home.” That was in January 2002, just three months after the US invasion.


It’s about the mineral wealth and an oil pipeline as well!


Trump probably discovered after being sworn in (if he didn’t know previously) that in matters of importance, like where will the next war be fought, his job is just to be the spokesman for the people who really make the decisions.

Considering the number of ex-military in Trump’s inner circle, is it possible that there has been a successful silent coup by the military?


A military too big to fail so we stay and stay for no other reason than we must not be seen as losing. People keep responding to what Trump says as if he does anything other than talk! The author asks what can another 4,000 men accomplish? They accomplish their mission which is to stay in country so as to keep the USA from looking like it didn’t accomplish anything. They are there to make it look like we haven’t lost.

No timetable says Trump. Why? It is because a timetable draws a line where you are asked did you accomplish anything by the deadline? No deadlines, no timetables, no marker to show failure! We have the largest military in the world and yet we are unable to win this Forever War scenario.

We stay because we cannot look like we are leaving having failed to accomplish anything.

We stay to make it look good. We stay because our military is too big to fail!


Opposition to imperialism shouldn’t be based on its inefficacy

But on its iniquity


Hello. Anybody there?
We are in and will be in because 90% of the worlds supply of heroin comes from poppies that US solders on your dime guard in Afghanistan. $250 billion in profits with addicts across all sexes,races and cultures across the globe. This does not come in through overhead luggage on airplanes the volumes say so. It comes in by air where there are no customs inspection, US military planes. This is a cash business and there are no records. Have the state police and local DEA meet these returning aircraft for inspection.

A CEO in the Midwest said she has good jobs but 80% of those that apply can not pass the drug test. What is the percentage of people you meet on the street every day that are under the influence?

Most of this operation is run by the CIA. Cash flow for black oops. Bribes. The usual.

In 2000 the Taliban ended the growing of heroin. The addicts started to scream across the globe. 2001 The US and other countries with addicted populations invaded after naming the Taliban AL-Qaeda and needing to fight terrorism with heroin. The worlds addicts sighed in relief as the junk hit their veins.

The USA is the pusher man.


I’ve written about the US-Afghan-Pakistan heroin connection for many years.
Here’s an article from 2002.


Absolutely nothing will be done in the “development” sphere by the US (of with it’s “allies”) that will benefit the Afghan people. Nothing. All this is purely strategic; keep Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran and ultimately China from “dominating” Afghanistan. There is no “solution”.


A good seminal work: “The Politics of Heroin” Alfred McCoy.
The flow of heroin and the $$$$ that follows is what helps fund our “black” budget when all is “off budget”…in the catacombs of the Pentagon.