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Is Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Actually A Closet Full of Fascists?


Is Trump’s Billionaire Cabinet Actually A Closet Full of Fascists?

Laura Bonham, Garrett Jennings

Yes, Donald Trump’s cabinet will end up being the richest in modern history—worth around $4.5 billion at conservative estimates but many multi-billions more if you include the family wealth of his appointments and of course Trump himself.


" It is hard to accept that Fascists have been in seats of power in the U.S. for a very long time."

From my perspective, the Fascists coup D' etat was on November, 1963. Trump has just become the result of that Fascist, coup in 1963. It is now not covert anymore and one good thing, is Trump has exposed that truth for millions to see.


America has finally succeeded in getting the government it deserves--half of it anyway!


Naomi Klein calls the Trump Administration: A CORPORATE COUP D' 'ETAT. TERRIFYING!

This is not the government we deserve because most Americans are good people and according to recent polls, this has been proved. But the fact that so many well meaning, albeit sophomoric people, elected this fascist, buffoon...is indeed terrifying!


"But NOW it would appear that our government is unabashedly there (fascist)" ?

Based on my observations, and as I have asserted in hundreds of CD posts during the past fourteen years, "our government was unabashedly there" when bipartisan 1986 tax reform, the most regressive tax changes in US history were enacted shortly after Murkins re-elected Saint Ron in 1984, and the 1985 Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation. Bill Clinton's first term confirmed that both parties had become subsidiaries of the same corporate owners.

"A closet full of fascists" has thrived in DC for at least the past three decades. The Trump Regime has simply moved them OUT of the closet and put them in our faces 24/7, just to remind us that Democracy in Murka lost its pulse a long time ago.


Yet Democrats still want to blame Russia for hacking our elections; who has done more to subvert our elections--the Russians or the Koch Bros., ALEC, and the Heritage Foundation, and what have the Democrats done about it? Jack shit. They've joined 'em!


Hello Shantiananda,
Perhaps "most" Americans are good people...but speaking as one who talks my head off about the dangers of our slide toward fascism, and who writes endlessly about it, I have become disillusioned in people...and myself!

I have stopped being politically active with my body--due to health issues--and I'm turning 70 this year, and realize that perhaps my effectiveness is diminishing along with my youth. I see the same thing all around me. People are tired, confused, not aware of danger, and just want to survive and live as well as they can.

No one wants a civil war! I for one don't want to kill my fellow citizens. I don't want to have to defend my home against marauders who think they can bully peaceful people and take what they want. But look at other countries! It's happening all around the world. If you don't agree with the fascists, you will be punished in some way.

The forces of darkness are moving over this planet and the people of light are afraid of it!...including me! Things are coming to a head. This trumped up government is forcing the issue! We either roll over or fight! And from where I'm standing, not many want to fight.

The major frightening thing is--those on the trump side think they are in the right! Right-wing christians believe that what is happening now is a GOOD thing! They believe that because there are multiple evangelical christians in trumps cabinet, that they are on the side of "God!" These right-wing radicals are just as dangerous as any Muslim jihadist. They have confounded religion in this country! They are the Pharisees of our time. In fact, if Jesus stood before them right now, they would crucify him again! Mercy? Love of ones neighbor as oneself? Turn the other cheek? Feed the widows and orphans? Be a good Samaritan? Oh no--that's not in their repertoire of behaviors.

What will be the straw that breaks the camels back? We'll see. But it will not be pretty, and it won't be easy. And it is indeed terrifying! Am I willing to die to fight for democracy? Are you? For in the end, that is the extent to which we must be willing to resist.


What a useful rhetorical question.


Now that we millions see it, I for one have no idea how to combat it. Having Republican politicians turn a blind eye to Russian meddling sure doesn't help.
My guess is that Don admires Putin because Don would like to ru(i)n the U.S. as Putin does Russia.


Is Trump's Billionaire cabinet actually a closet full of Fascists?
The whole story could have been written in one word....."YES".


" These right wing radicals are just as dangerous as any Muslim jihadists."

I agree. Terrorism has come to America wrapped in the flag and hiding behind the Bible.


Frankly, our middle class sometimes look shockingly clueless. The US actually HAS been implementing fascism for years, slowly, and from the bottom up. Fascism isn't necessarily imposed by an abrupt military coup. We've been putting it into place one piece, one step, at a time.

Because the US itself is primarily an economic entity, it makes sense that ours would be a class-based form of fascism. We've already stripped our poor of a list of fundamental civil and human rights. And that's fascism. During this time, the public was effectively re-educated so that we don't think of it this way, but that doesn't change the facts.


Can you tell me just how Russia "meddled," much less (as some lib media claimed) "stole the election?" It's no secret that the Clinton right wing has been deeply opposed by much of the Dem voting base for the past 20 years. Nevertheless, Trump is such an alarming figure that the majority of votes went to Clinton (Google 2016 election results). Trump won the majority of Electoral College votes, in a manner consistent with current laws, so that's what we're stuck with.

None of which has anything to do with Russia. As for the claims about Trump and Putin, use your brains. These are two megalomaniacs, now in competition to be the Top Dog. This makes them opponents, each determined to dominate the other.


Hello Paularae. I agree with virtually everything you wrote with the proviso that in my opinion... the camel's back has nothing to worry about. You wrote that from where you stand it doesn't look like many people would want to fight.

Damn straight about that! People do not want to be inconvenienced much less have to sacrifice or fight. I hope I am wrong about that after seeing the millions marching here and around the world. I hope if nothing else that the young will fight to regain or retain their rights. The climate they face will motivate them that's for sure.

But at present ... in the age of Trump... people want to try the easiest road and that mentality reflects the inherent power of an American fascism. Life is good here and everybody is usually busy.

Fascism in America will not be storm troopers for the majority of people (the jury is still out on that one for illegal aliens) nor will it be Big Brother openly intruding into everyone's private life (your personal information acquired by covert surveillance will be kept private - we are assured)!

Our fascism will be kept tolerable! Ours will be the hidden lack of freedom rather than the open loss of rights. All so that people can more easily deny that such a lack of freedom even exists.

We are of a similar age and it sure looks to me that people no longer retain that confrontational revolutionary spirit that existed in the 60's.

There lies the rub.


Yes, that revolutionary spirit of the 60's has been denigrated so much--at least in our age bracket--that it is barely viable! But who knows...the camel may come in to play yet! :o)


Has anyone considered the possibility of Goldman Sachs influence? The financial strategies seem more in line with them than fascists... maybe it's one and the same?


I believe that part of the reason that people are no longer as confrontational as they were in the 60's is the heightened fear of Big Brother (both government and corporate). A record of getting arrested for civil disobedience, for example, will be accessible to almost anyone willing to type a few key strokes and pay for an online background check. When you feel that your every move is being monitored as a protestor you are faced with the choice of either giving up the fantasy of a carefree life or living the life of an activist. In other words, people have largely been cowered by the police state or have had to live with ruined lives.

In addition, the mindset of many young activists today is different than it was among many of the hippie generation of the 60's. I believe that young people in general feel the urgency of global environmental and social chaos and destruction more intensely today and are not interested in dropping out or dropping acid. They want to have successful, healthy lives on a healthy, peaceful planet. Civil disobedience 1960's style is a more difficult thing for many of these young people to do today.


I wrote about us and our failure to be the way we were when back in the sixties we still cared about what was right because it was right. I wasn't writing about the younger generation of activists. I have great hope for their activism because the deteriorating climate will continually evoke greater commitment from all of them and there will be no escaping that fight. The fight between survival and greed!

I wrote about us who failed to remember who we were. What did we think was happening as the forces of money and empire were marshaled against the first undeniable people's candidate to have a real chance at winning and changing our country. We stood by and said "Aw gee!" as they blocked him out of the air waves. We said the same thing as the media created Trump's candidacy seemingly from out of thin air and bullying incidents and hogwash (we see just how much he has been for the common man by whom he is appointing). We stood around and talked our comfy and cozy rationale when Hillary started to mouth people's candidate sayings with an almost painful obviousness and insincerity. We said Hillary will be a dem and that is enough for us and she is a woman too. See that will work. We let opportunists in the black community explain how they want to side with Hillary because they know her and she them. They were established and wanted to keep their places.

Somewhere despite the urgency and historical uniqueness of a true people's candidate (as Bernie's long record showed) ...the 60's generation (all of whom would have voted for someone like Bernie back then and in a heartbeat) stood by - the civil rights generation stood by too ( free college went bye bye) and so instead of a people's candidate we ended up with a billionaire autocrat who just might become a fascist.

Our generation's fault. We failed the young and this planet's future! We chose to be complacent and comfy-cozy. We said that a true people's candidate wasn't necessary anymore.

The problem is that we are getting what we deserved. We just never thought that we would.


Democrats are no longer the party of the people. The reason they harp on the mantra that Russia hacked our 2016 election is that their own war-monger and Wall Street puppet, Hillary Clinton, was not elected in spite of their own crude, obvious, anti-democratic, improper “meddling” in the election process by engineering the abrupt demise of Sanders (who would have beat Trump by double digits). They want to deflect attention away from this horrendous and obvious fact by claiming that Russia meddled in our election and engineered the Trump victory. This claim serves another principal goal of their Wall Street handlers--the demonization of Vladimir Putin so that the MIC and its financiers (Wall Street) have an essential bogeyman.
Compare the US and Russian military budgets and explain why Russia is a credible military threat. Also, please explain why, for the first time in history, an empire has been interested in annexing neighboring destitute, small countries who have no valuable resources and riches to plunder.


"Compare the US and Russian military budgets and explain why Russia is a credible military threat."

It has nuclear weapons and a large military that its leader is not afraid to use.

"Also, please explain why, for the first time in history, an empire has been interested in annexing neighboring destitute, small countries who have no valuable resources and riches to plunder."

Because it wants to project power and can. Stalin kept multiple countries on Russia's periphery for the same reason after WW2. Germany invaded Belgium and the Netherlands during WW2 for the same reason.