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Is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan an Attack on Democracy?


Is Trump’s Infrastructure Plan an Attack on Democracy?

John Buell

President Trump has pledged that his administration will soon propose a really big infrastructure program. Congress will likely debate its size and whether it will be financed through deficits or taxation. There are other issues at least as important. With our highways, sewers, bridges, and tunnels now graded at nearly failing there is widespread agreement that repairs and restoration must be funded on a massive scale. Yet what shape will this spending take? Which projects will be funded? Who will own the new and renovated structures and with what responsibilities?


“Trump family’s…disdain for pubic things.” Well, of course. Just grab 'em by the pussy. Anyway, I’ll take a bit of stupid humor anytime now days.


Everything Trump does is an attack on democracy. He doesn’t like it and just uses it as a buzzword. Every time one of the “checks and balances” goes against him he rails against it. To him it seems unfair that judges, dipdhit little island states in the middle of the ocean, opposition parties and who knows who all else can say No! to him. He evidently actually thought that being elected president made him the CEO boss of the country.

His support us dropping fast but is still about a third of the eligible useful idiots, and it will have to go lower before he will scram.

Now he is off to visit Saudi Arabia which is the last place on earth his monkey business ought to go. It’s another place like North Korea being run by a too young Crown Prince who, articles have it, can give him a run for his money in the unpredictable full of himself crackpot department. Put Trump, the Clown Prince, and Kim Jun un at a table and the three of them could talk out of their asses, scream at each other, make alternating threats and stupid promises, and could quickly drive the world to rack and ruin.

I think there isn’t enough time for impeachment and the only way the so-called “leader of the free world” can be made to leave is for huge crowds to mass in front of the White House and chant “Donald Donald if you’re able leave the country, off the table!” If the citizens can hurt his feelings sufficiently he might bail voluntarily. I think his farewell TV address could be really weirdly memorable.


The term neoliberal seems to have a much broader definition here there the way it is commonly used, at least when attacking Democrats for being neoliberal. The way it is used here goes way beyond deregulation and free trade. What is being discussed here is an extreme conservative view which basically says there is no actual public, only individuals and virtually everything should be private. Neoliberalism is an economic theory but what is described here seems much broader than economics and involves a complete rejection of public facilities. The view of Democrats of course is nothing like the view of Trump expressed here. Democrats embrace the public good and are for the expansion of public facilit9ies.


Commerce between all willing to participate is directly facilitated by a functioning democracy and its infrastructure.
Trump and his cronies exist because of it.

While the article is excellent in itself, I am not sure how it can leave this out while discussing American infrastructure.

While we insist on controlling women’s basic basic health, we are being left behind by a world that has learned how to use the fiat money game that we created.

Good Luck.


The irony in this is that well run public services fulfil one of the tenets most central to capitalism: cost effectiveness. The margin that greed wants to claim in the narcissistic damage caused by and resulting in further abuse cycles is otherwise plowed back into the resilience of the shared infrastructure.

The idea of introduction of ‘redundancy’ to provide dependable back-up has been hijacked - and threat of that is not going to go away, it can only be placed under constant scrutiny - which in a democracy is a procedural task and the responsibility of the public, we the people.

Trump is claiming that he does not need to provide the public or our representatives with the instruments necessary for adequate oversight. He does not want to let people know what he is thinking in order to scratch out advantage. There is no clearer statement of scorn for the integrity of negotiating fairly. This has been stated in regard to foreign relations. Anyone who thinks that it is possible to place foreign and domestic in discreet silos is, in my opinion, ignoring the premises being applied to ‘globalization’.


Here you go:


Making a list of Trump’s and the GOP’s actions that are "an attack on democracy’ would take a lot of effort and fill many volumes that most Murkins would find too boring to read.

Making a list of Trump’s and the GOP’s actions that are NOT “an attack on democracy” could be completed by a third grader in two minutes and be readable within the 20 second timeframe that is the limit of most Trump supporters.


Trump, Trump, Trump! The republican party has been trying for decades to destroy the public domain and Trump is their cannon to get it done or should dummy. It is the republicans attack on democracy that has been going on for decades, they are the party of privatization.

The dem party has allowed this narrative for decades without giving a message of their own? or is it really the same? Clinton further monopolized as did Obama where inequality became larger.

Dems don’t get it and that is why they lost and sent low information votes to Trump.


But we need to stop talking about Trump, Trump Trump and dems need to be outlining their policies and why they are for the people. It can’t be all Trump is bad, republicans are bad. They did not learn a damn thing from the elections.


Spot on, jujudahl.

Talking about Trump will not convert any of his faithful and resistance is not a strategy.


Why should the President have the right so called to live elsewhere? The Whitehouse is part of the deal, elsewhere he can pay for it.


More insidious is the DNC, who, when a true proponent of Democracy might have been their Candidate, ruthlessly undermined, and neutralized him.

Now we must deal with the Sock Puppet President, in whom the hand of the Entities that have controlled our Nation since the 1963 Coup, continue to control, and destroy our Now Constitution Free Nation.


And the way to do that, SUFF, is to deliberately set out to turn his name - Trump - into a continuous, offensive dirty joke - as a starter, for example, as a synonym for any one of the commonly coarse four letter words. Repeat as often as possible, as loudly as needed: tell POTUS to go trump himself… etc.


Could prove an interesting and amusing exercise…Effective??? He glories in hearing his name uttered in whatever context. His filters are too base to be perceive the insult.