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Is Trump Setting the US Up for Further al-Qaeda Attacks by Putting Troops in Saudi Arabia?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/21/trump-setting-us-further-al-qaeda-attacks-putting-troops-saudi-arabia

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Prof Cole, Why shouldn’t he? When 9/11 (the New Pearl Harbor) worked so well, for so long,
for the corporate military elite.


Conceivably. But it seems likelier that he needs another organization to carry it out. After all, the countries that he intends to invade are different.

Perhaps of greater relevance, the US has troops in a lot of places other than Saudi Arabia. Blowback could come from a lot of directions. And without changes in policies, it likely will.

The United States allows the murder and dismemberment of a resident of the U.S. by the groomed future leader of Saudi Arabia, then, provides them with our troops for what nefarious reasons?

Two terrorist nations plotting together sounds to me like grounds for impeachment, example # 12.

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Saudi-led coalition has made great efforts in fighting Alqaeda in Yemen. It killed more than 800 AlQaeda elements and it helped liberate territories from Houthis.

The decision to allow foreign troops to operate in any country is clearly a sensitive one. This effort boosts regional security and stability.

I believe such a move is a strong-worded message to the Iranian regime that any random attempts to exploit the regional tensions will be faced by force

We already had thousands of troops in the region. What are “several hundred” more going to do in a country where many people don’t want them?


Why position our men and women in a country which is known to the world as consistently abusive human rights offender which decapitates dissidents and a brutal murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi?

Out onto the streets military families and friends of humanity !!!


Better question…Is Trump working secretly with Saudi Arabia like the Bush crime family did, to set up yet another false flag event?

I know, I’m crazy. Ignore the chicken. Never mind.

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maybe saudi is more brit empire than bushie/cheney.
maybe el trumpo is more ruskie than americanna.
certain = the ‘events’ will occur for 30 more years.
by uneducated, raised in poverty and hate fellas

TSA is very expensive in customer time and labor costs.

on second thought, you are correct about working secretly.
trump son-in-law received 500 million dollar loan from middle east.
trump has the ’ pay to play ’ working well as Hilary did for EZ income.

as of 9 am in the midwest, trump is headed for winning 2020.
the anti abortion words won him 2016. Fear is his card now.
hilary has 26 reasons for losing. FBI management is #1.

Axis of Evil, 2019: u.s.a.; Saudi Arabia; Israel.