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Is Trump The Worst President In American History?


Is Trump The Worst President In American History?

Robert Reich

America has had its share of crooks (Warren G. Harding, Richard Nixon), bigots (Andrew Jackson, James Buchanan), and incompetents (Andrew Johnson, George W. Bush). But never before Donald Trump have we had a president who combined all these nefarious qualities.


“Is Trump the worst president in American history?”

Yes, and perhaps so much so as to awaken the better nature of the American experiment while shaming the lesser of same. Interesting times, indeed.


Too bad voting for Democrats in the midterms appears to be the only viable solution to harnessing Trump’s erratic behavior, but it is at best a stop-gap measure. An opposition Congress is badly needed, and the Democrats have proven repeatedly they are no opposition party; they are a party of compromise as as well as a compromised party.

Whether or not Democrats increase their numbers or take over Congress in the midterms, to fix what ails this country will require a democracy movement that ensures We the People rule, not corporations and their wealthy owners (the same folks who control both major political parties).

Our salvation is in our own hands. It won’t come from the Democratic Party–until a movement forces them there–or better yet, a viable alternative party grows out of the movement, represented by candidates for which we’re happy to vote.


The short answer is: Fucking A.


Trump is engaged in making sweeping changes because he and his supporters believe their country has been basically hijacked by liberals. The US is not a country completely dominated by white Christians which is what Trump and his supporters envision the US is supposed to be. So to “take back the country” he has to undermine its institutions. The view of America that Trump espouses needs to be driven back into the margins and out of the mainstream so the US can continue as a democracy for all types of people and not become a fascist country only for white Christians. Voting for Democrats in the 2018 election is the most effective way to combat this attempt to replace democracy with fascism. The Republican Party may stand for nothing but it does want to win elections. An overwhelming defeat in the 2018 election will be a clear message to the Republicans that they have finally gone too far to the right.


Mr. Trump is a wealthy businessman but this success does not make him fit for the office he now occupies. Further, I think the Russians got him in via electronic intervention in the vote counts in a single state, Maryland. That’s all it took…one state. There was enough fear of electing a woman to the office of president, however better qualified than Mr, Trump, to create a very close election. I believe that Russia did what it could to get the worst candidate to barely make it over the top. In a sense, Russia won the election.


Hard to say not having lived in the past but I would conjecture that you couldn’t get a much worse president and survive as a country. Worst or not though I can’t believe we have had someone dumber.


Corporate power is the driving force that determines the fate of the 99%., not the current occupant of the oval office. Although corporate power was huge during the gilded age, corporations did not have the global reach they have today, so a bad US POTUS was less of a threat at home and abroad.

The greatest danger Trump presents is the 24/7 smokescreen he and his media tag team provide that enables the best Congress money can buy to accelerate their looting of the US Treasury and turn the US into the 1%T’s neofeudal paradise.


There was “no” fear of electing a woman on my part, or many others as we voted for the best possible candidates, Dr. Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

Those who voted for the corrupt Duopoly politicians again, have to live with their choices.


Ralph Nader when he ran was shut out of the system. He was the best candidate and has done more for this country than most people. 3rd parties are not allowed in the debates by the 2 major parties. I actually saw Ralph talk in front of wall street when he ran for President in 2000 and he spoke the truth that the 2 major parties would not talk.


Russia did not fix the election that is all propaganda. Trump stole the election.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4YEHLJFiRQ Watch this movie


I think it is polarization which made the election close. There are no more landslide victories. There are usually only about a dozen swing states up for grabs. Unless one candidate can win every swing state the outcome is always going to be fairly close. What we have is basically about 12 separate elections. Trump flipped three states that the Democrats have been wining by a few percentage points.


Hillary actually won the election watch the movie above— elections are rigged


I would argue that the worst POTUS was Obama. In 2008, there were masses of liberals & Dems filled with anger & disgust over the war crimes, torture, bankster coddling, and general oppression of the Bush regime. They were beginning to awaken to the disturbing reality that USA is in reality a fascist military dictatorship, & I think change might have been possible.

But Obama, smoothing talking, intelligent, and non-white, normalized & expanded all the worst parts of the Bush Regime, rebranding it all so that liberals cheered when he launched new wars ordered summary executions of brown people. Obama taught liberals to love war, to embrace oppression.

Since Republicans already loved all those things, there’s no going back. in 2024, a Democrat will be elected, who will govern exactly as Trump, but s/he will rebrand it all with fake diversity & some other lovey-dovey window-dressing, and liberals will eat it all up.


2 party system has not work my whole life since the 60’s . It is 2 parties that are owned by big corporations and do not let any 3rd parties into the debates. It is alot more now in your face than ever before. We have so many things to be concerned about these days.


Agreed. I’m afraid that Mr. Reich is still putting way too much trust in the electoral system and the ability of a “Blue Wave” to change this appalling mess that we have gotten ourselves into. There are no words for me to use that adequately describe my seething hatred for Trumpo the Klown and his gang of treasonous, incompetent scum. However, I have also given up hope that the Demos are anything like the true opposition party that we need to try and reverse the profound damage being done to our democracy and our very republic by this right-wing, corporate trash. I’m tempted to say that with the false “election” of the Mango Mussolini and the appalling regime that he has surrounded himself with, that the U.S. has finally “jumped the shark” and will never be able to recover.


Is the Donald the worst president in US history or are we the worst electorate in US history? Its beyond comprehension how stupid the electorate is if they believe one iota of chatter how 13 Russians influenced an election of the entire USA…so yes, the Donald lies, breaches contracts, files for bankruptcy and engages in many other petty crimes and misdemeanors but we elected him!


When Dubya won the election I knew this country was no longer a democracy. The look of total “deer in the headlights” paralysis that was evident on the face of Bush when he heard about the towers going down on 9/11was proof in my mind that our government was not in the control of the POTUS. When Obama came along, I had the tiniest bit of hope reignited in my heart. Then, when he appointed his cabinet, I was in shock. Obama betrayed us. He killed hope in so many. I know he did a few good things while in office, but I wonder how deeply he was owned, or was it threatened (?) by the real powers of this country. No matter. The big games and power plays at the top; the 1% bidding for the soul of this country, has completely defiled any semblance of democracy. We are owned, but not by the people.


Trump is not nearly as rich as he purports to be. It’s all part if the bullshit fed to the public by Don the Con. I have seen estimates of his wealth as much less than a billion although he said it is more like $10 billion. What crap. This is the same POS who bragged about the size of his johnson during a nationwide “debate” with other Rethugs. Trump is a pathological liar who is also a deeply insecure individual. That makes him dangerous.
It stuns me that, after the recent scandals and the general incompetency, his overall approval rating has apparently risen from 35% to 42%. The mind boggles at the idiocy of the American people. Tens of millions of them are not so much a constituency as a cult.


Ever stop to think that the problem isn’t the President, but leaders in general?