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Is Trump's No Concession Endgame a "Stab-in-the-Back' Gambit Which Helped Bring the Nazis to Power?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/24/trumps-no-concession-endgame-stab-back-gambit-which-helped-bring-nazis-power


Thanks Miles for a good historical analogy for the current mood of the United States.

“If Democrats do not win the two Senate seats being contested in a Georgia Special election on January 5th, it will justify Mitch McConnell and his allies being even more obstructionist to the Biden administration than it was to the Obama administration.”

Oh well, at least we know that Biden and McConnell will occasionally reach across the aisle to show examples of bipartisan support for endless wars or censoring the internet. Somehow Wall Street will still survive four more years of gridlock as any people powered initiatives like prioritizing the climate crisis, eliminating corporate influence from politics, addressing systemic racism and ending poverty will be DOA in Congress.


My big concern is the hand-off of the group to Junior.
D T Sr. is an old unhealthy man.
I will wait and see who survives with how much money before I get too worried about a specific person. The Republican party will use anybody for their plan and the evangelicals know, too well ,that the end times must be initiated by the false-prophet and he has limited time to ascend.
The Abrahamic religions have a well documented list of requirements, all borrowed by Zoroaster. I will stop this tangent before I stray too far.

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There’s enough reason to compare Trump to Hitler or to whomever. Mogulscu may help himself.

The problem is that there are two sides playing a similar game in this. Coups in Honduras, Brazil, Ukraine and Bolivia, along with several attempted coups in Venezuela, were all executed with this very accusation. And at least some of the people involved were aligned with the Democratic Party, though some were aligned with the Republican Party as well.

Count the votes, put the cards on the table, and watch everybody’s hands as well as you can in this crippled system. There is no one trustworthy in the game.

Due process down the line, folks.


I can easily see the Trumpeters becoming a Fifth Column movement, aided and abetted by the GOP. One thing we’re omitting is what effect Covid will have, both on the government and the culture. I heard the governor of South Dakota bragging her people are happy because they’re free, while her state and North Dakota have the highest Covid rates per capita in the world. And they’re dying at the highest rate as well.
The health care workers are at the end of their endurance. They’re now stating publically that this disease should not have been politicized for the use of certain people. And that many of them will be quitting in the near future, burned out and disgusted. Once that thin line is gone, we’re all defenseless against ALL diseases and conditions. Who will be on Trauma One teams, like the one that saved my life almost five years ago. Who will be able to give physical therapy, like I was given to learn how to walk again.
Civilizations and empires collapse quickly once the guardians are gone. Forget about Trump and the GOP bringing us down. We did it to ourselves by not screaming forty years ago over the far right wing taking over our public airwaves and other forms of media. We did it by not hitting the streets banging pots and pans when Reagan gave tax cuts to the rich while allowing industries to move out of the country.
And then there’s climate change, a problem left for those who survive the pandemic…


Trumps actions would be ten times worse with even some of his loyal flock having concerns were it not for the fact the Democrats and Hilary spent the last four years claiming her election sabotaged by the Russian Collusion with the Trump Campaign and by Russians hacking computers.

Every time Common Dreams posted another article by a journalist claiming Russian Collusion and hacking a number of us were warning about what would happen.

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Thank you for the comment.
It would appear too many of “us” have not looked at a macro view of the conspiracy.
A fresh reading of Master Sun’s - “The Art of War” may be needed to refresh our minds. It would be important to remember that “we” are being played by both sides.

A fine example of a free online version.

I have studied with this physical version for the last 20 / 30 years.

The Democrats made this easy when they rigged their primaries in plain sight in 2016 and 2020.


Please read up on the dispute currently in the WTO - brought by India against us, superficially they are disputing work visa fees, but they actually are disputing a number of things, especially who controls work visa numbers, the WTO or countries, and there is a very good chance we may lose, if so we can expect a many fold increase in the number of guest workers in the professional disciplines, high paying jobs will become l;ow paying jobs overnight, and then the precariatization will work its way downward. This will be a huge step forward for the corporate state and a huge step backwards for the middle class all around the world. The middle class may shrink substantially here and elsewhere. This is I suspect what Trump has in mind as his comeback excuse.

Its an open secret that neoliberalism (and the Washington Consensus) views the middle class as it’s existed since WWII in the US, Western Europe, Australia, etc, as a waste of wages. They see those jobs as being done by guest workers from developing countries at much lower wages.

We’ll see what happens when the WTO Appellate Body reconvenes and decides this case. But I have a feeling that it will be a huge change, one most Americans have been unaware was coming. So its effect will be devastating on a great many families, with careers cut short for a great many people.

Many online fora are aggressively suppressing this particular set of facts - which are easy to verify and factual, which says a lot about their true intentions.

Does it act in our best interests to prop up developing country despots with the jobs of our most skilled workers?

I think the consensus in Washington is that it will be very profitable, but those rosy predictions are a classic example of hubris and delusional thinking among our narcissistic political class. Because they will be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

But those jobs were promised away way back during the George Bush Senior and Clinton Administrations, and countries like Indiaare determined to get the jobs they feel they are owed without any quotas or wage restrictions on them, since its the repayment of a debt, and very low wages are their main competitive advantage so they insist they are entitled to use it, under GATS. (Which supersedes domestic regulation, politics, any country’s voters wants or needs, etc.) .

So I think that Trump will inthe future point to this fiasco and insist that he was trying to protect us from this, and most people will probably fall for it, not realizing that as he himself uses these programs, had he won he likely would have continued the process of selling us down the river too.

Basically the world has been wrestled from a bright future to a dark future with no middle class by these trade agreements, which pit all the working people of the world against one another in a race to the bottom with wages falling as jobs get scarcer.

The agreements also lock in all deregulation (both parties have been assiduously hiding this, showing that they are in a state of collusion)

The “ratchet” gradually ends subsidies to services of general economic interest, all around the world, in countries that committed them (the WTO agreements are opt in) or by default unless excluded in advance, even in services that have not been invented yet- inthe US style “negative listing” setup. (NAFTA/USMCA/TTIP-TAFTA, TISA, and so on) except in the most dire of situations where a subsidy is unavoidable, and there governmental funding is gradually being limited in service sector after another into being the most minimal subsidy necessary to ensure the quality of the service.

Also, these subsidized services may be internationally delivered, depending on whose bids are the lowest, that’s likely to be the norm rather than the exception, so many people in secure jobs that involve tax money at one of the three levels of government will gradually become international trade. This is already the case with nursing, IT, etc, this trend will expand exponentially. Do national wage laws apply? Well here in the US until early 2017, it appears that the international firms got away with paying their workers whatever they wanted, but in 2017 there was a USCIS case that required they pay a legal US wage rejecting the visa application of a quality control engineer whose employer, I-Corp proposed paying him or her the equivalent of around $6.47 an hour, paid in Malaysian ringgits. The job was to be located in Portland OR which has a minimum wage of around $8.50 an hour. So the application was rejected.

This so called wage parity dispute goes back decades and its one of the many points of contention between the global South and developed nations.

So it looks as if with this dispute, we may be set back quite a bit, in terms of the world of work. I can see this being taken advantage of by others but frankly the two established parties, who have proven themselves to be completely out of touch will deserve to get tossed out over this.

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Excellent historical analysis, Miles. You’re spot on.

I think “prioritizingthe climate crisis” is a scam in disguise to dump the blame for a multiple chain of disasters (particularly the selling off of our natural gas which will also result in the loss of a huge amount of affordable housing in cities, potentially millions of apartments, in cities that are mostly older postwar multifamily dwellings. Those buildings are in most Eastern cities, the only affordable rent stabilized housing, newer buildings are all exempt. So basically they will disproportionately decimate Democrats, so of course they want to also dump the blame onto Democrats when it actually is shared, also all sorts of insiders are planning to cash in, even if the actual natural gas reserves are mush smaller than they claim.

See the Shale Bubble web site…

  • and arguably the decline in energy usage due to large scale telecommuting and job loss - for example, Coronavirus has drastically reduced the travel and spending of hundreds of millions of Americans, making the CO2 likely a non issue, at least for now.

COVID-19 its likely, has already reduced CO2 quite a bit. I live within earshot of major highways and just a few miles from one of the US’s major cities, and the “din” that I used to hear every weekday morning has quieted considerably. I suspect that’s the case all across the country. What these deals are are rent seeking behaviors that should be dumped for now. Trade deals prevent them from creating jobs for young people, that is just the bait. Those jobs will be tendered out and almost certainly go to foreign firms.

"a good historical analogy "

Probably not and it may be time to find more relevant historical corollaries than Germany 1919-33.

It is true that numerous political groupings in Germany made political capital out of the ‘stabbed in the back’ myth in the wake of the national catastrophe that was Part One of the Great Imperial War of the 20th century. However, the myth associated with the 1918 ‘armistice’ would not have on its own fuelled revanchist tendencies without the conditions of the later ‘Treaty of Versailles’ which while many Germans felt were unjustly onerous had not actually stifled the Imperial imperatives that had led to the creation of an Imperial Germany in 1870 and its participation in the conflagration of 1914-18. (Compare how Germany was dealt with after ‘part two’ in 1945.)

The fledgling democracy in Germany of the 1920s besides having the burden of war reparations also saw an economy severely debilitated by a period of hyperinflation which after a temporary recovery was later devastated by the world-wide depression. In addition, the nation had hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers excluded by the Treaty from serving in the nation’s regular military who were soon employed by political factions to bring politics to the street. (Even the Social Democrats had a private military formation.)

By the time Adolf Hitler was appointed ‘Chancellor’ of a coalition government at the beginning of 1933, Germany had seen the previous two governments made-up of conservatives and nationalists operating largely by ‘presidential decree’ with the ‘Reichstag’ (parliament/legislature) rarely sitting. Many believed that the time was ‘right’ for a ‘strong man’ in a society that had a realization that it liked being told ‘what to do’. *

The current situation in the U.S. which essentially does not share the conditions of Germany 1919-33 is more akin to the ‘we wuz robbed’ denial of sporting losers. However, if the pandemic is not bought under control …

(*) Many Americans for instance appear to prefer serious injury or death to themselves (and their children) than be told/required to wear seat belts, helmets, keep their licensed firearms stored securely or put fences with locked gates around their backyard pools. Might be a hindrance to any would-be ‘All American’ despots.

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You’ve addressed dangers to the general population, and particularly to the most vulnerable, but your comments on CO2 are incorrect.

Phrases such as…”Coronavirus has drastically reduced the travel and spending of hundreds of millions of Americans, [[[making the CO2 likely a non issue, at least for now.”]]] And…”COVID-19 its likely, [[[has already reduced CO2 quite a bit.”]]] Let me state why that’s wrong, and dangerously wrong.

1)_CO2 takes decades, perhaps centuries, to leave the atmosphere. Because of the quantities that have built up throughout the Industrial Age, a tripping point has been reached such that even without a single molecule of additional CO2 added to the atmosphere the planet is locked into centuries of global warming.

2)__The sun’s rays enter the atmosphere and are absorbed by the surface of the planet. Some get reflected back into space, the albedo effect. This is why the loss of ice and snow cover at the polar regions on both land and sea is so important in controlling global temperatures. And that snow and ice cover is disappearing. Among incoming radiation from the sun, any of the infrared portion is blocked by greenhouse gases. But the radiation that does pass through and warms the planet’s surface has that thermal energy re-radiated as infrared radiation. It’s that source of infrared radiation that gets blocked from leaving the planet by the greenhouse gases and creates the global warming.

3)_Among the emissions of industrial pollutants are particles, referred to as ‘aerosols’. These aerosols act as a filter that blocks some of the sun’s incoming radiation. Unlike CO2 these aerosols only last for mere weeks or even just days in the atmosphere. When the COVID-19 pandemic caused a reduction of industrial activity, the drop in amounts of aerosols in the atmosphere was quite apparent, with clearer images, mountains 100 or more miles away being seen for the first time in decades. However, the reduced level of aerosols allowed more sun light to penetrate to the planet’s surface, with more trapped infrared radiation increasing global warming.

That’s the problem. We have to remove the CO2 while keeping in place the effect the aerosols create in reducing total incoming radiation which keeps the level of infrared radiation that radiates from the planet from increasing temperatures even faster to the point of a runaway greenhouse condition. We already have the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere to set the reaction off. And that’s not even addressing the vast volumes of methane that have been held below frozen land and shallow seas of the north polar regions. And those regions are quickly warming.

The sources that formulate monetary policies, create regulations and particularly deregulations, who devise the machinations of the WTO, these human impersonators plan for themselves to always come out on top. But many of these same sources are blinded to reality, even their own reality. When the biological engine, that vast complex web that allows humans to grow food is destroyed, when the only world we know becomes uninhabitable, then the final chapter of human history is over. That global warming is called an existential threat is not an exaggeration in the slightest.

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CO2 has nothing to do with my assessment, which youre trying to link with your pet project.

Using less gas and oil however does.

Youre trying to connect two unrelated things.

Lets reframe it. So, you’re willing to leave your affordable, rent stabilized home, so that the owner can tear it down, putting yourself and thousands of others on the street, and build a much smaller number of two million dollar condos, for their own wealth amassment?

Look again. In no way did I connect CO2 and/or climate change to your ‘assessment’. You did that. (I think “prioritizing the climate crisis” is a scam in disguise to dump the blame for a multiple chain of disasters (particularly the selling off of our natural gas which will also result in the loss of a huge amount of affordable housing in cities, potentially millions of apartments, in cities that are mostly older postwar multifamily dwellings.”). Someone who takes an article which analogizes the post WW I lies in Germany with lies of fraud in the US 2020 presidential elections and uses the comment section for that article to make claims that the climate crisis is not only overblown but hypothesizes it as a tool to facilitate massive gentrification is in no position to call foul.

Gentrification is damn real. Global warming is damn real, not a Trojan Horse. Neither is a ‘pet project’. Address gentrification directly, and not through self-proclaimed conspiracies.

I said nothing of the kind, I just said that consumption of energy was likely to be way down in a way that is likely already reducing CO2 a lot.

Also, the longtime plan of groups like the XXX to use irreversible and incredibly short sighted schemes to lock in natural gas export and its doubling or tripling of energy prices (locking it in with either WTO rules or the now dormant TTIP trade agreement’s energy chapter) as a manufactured crisis.

To do what? Any suggestion hat they do anything other than sell it off to the highest bidder and keep all that one is sacrilege.

Ive also been reading for a long time about how thin ice price controls of any kinds are.

Large hoiusing speculators, like Trump have been fighting a war to tear down older buildings and replace them with new ones, unemcumbered by rent controls, and would like nothing more than to allow a test case to get rid of rent stabilization laws nationally and remake the urban landscape to be a much different one that it has been in the past. It is not a conspiracy, its fact. People can track its progress back 20 years. This change isnt confined to multi-unit buildings or rentals, it also will allow the redevelopment of well maintained residential housing for the simple reason that land would bring in more tax revenue doing something else.

Now they smell blood, because people are so horribly naive. Its not helpful to create a cover story like this one when energy usage has clearly plummeted naturally already.

I am very anti climate change/rape of nature. I just don’t see rushing into something thats guaranteed to both suck up a lot of precious money so it helps corporations, and large special interests and not people, and may do major harm, because government is so captured now that it cannot do any of the things claiming it could do that are good. I would be surprised if it could do literally any of them without violating some trade rule that diverts everything into enriching corporations, instead.

Everything.; Thats how bad it is now. Its an unpleasant thing to say but as far as I can see its true.

Also, lots of people who are online pretending to argue for one thing or another, are actually paid sock puppets. Political blogs are probably more sock puppets than not now.

You say (“I just said that consumption of energy was likely to be way down in a way that is likely already reducing CO2 a lot.”). Meaning what? As horrific as this Pandemic has been it will eventually pass. But as the saying goes, there’s no vaccine for global warming. The pandemic has made American great again…for it’s billionaires. Their ‘gain’ in wealth during the pandemic, which has been crushing for governments at every level, for businesses that aren’t part of the massively bailed out industries and most severely for individual people, those billionaire gains could have covered the financial problems in half of the country’s states. This by about the same number of persons needed to fill a movie theater.

You refer to Trump as among the ‘large housing speculators’. That’s true if you’re meaning his father Fred Trump. The Donald is too consumed with himself to venture out of the glitz portion of real estate. And too incompetent. Bankruptcies and grifting as a business model are not in the Fortune 500 bible of success, although there’s plenty of other methods in that bible.

You also state that (“It is not a conspiracy, its fact. People can track its progress back 20 years.”). This goes back a lot longer than 20 years. And it’s not just speculators and developers. Civil planners, especially those who through loose governance and their own manipulations acquired ridiculous influence and power, such as Robert Moses. Talk about destroying communities. And as he was a world class bigot and racist, you can guess which communities were targeted and by how much. Your sense of urgency for the conditions that you mention is lacking when it comes to what scientists are telling us is a threat to human existence. And not far into the future but is already happening.

Donald Trump has driven this country and the world at express speed down this suicidal path of climate catastrophe. He’s also strengthened the other existential threat by pulling the US out of nuclear treaties that have existed for decades. Understandable that Trump had to go. That we got a DNC, neo-liberal, corporatist in Biden is horrible but we’re still standing and fighting at the edge of the cliff. If Trump had won there wouldn’t soon be anything to stand on. And by ‘standing’ I mean surviving. It’s amazing how many ‘progressives’ can’t understand that, as you can tell by reading comment sections. Albert Einstein was to have said something to the effect that compared to human interactions physics is easy. That could be the epitaph for humanity’s tombstone.

You’re missing my point completely. The Coronavirus has dramatically reduced the INPUT to the problem AT ITS SOURCE with CO2 being added to the atmosphere. The oligarchs want to steal and sell off everything that should be publicly owned thats possible as fast as they can because its a theft of the entire world. They are spending millions a day on so called Sock Puppet firms to confuse and obfuscate issues of all kinds, on sites like this one.

People are at the same time starving and losing apartments and all their stuff. Obviously the system is breaking down and the oligarchy is trying to be as irresponsible as they can in order to suck up all the assets in the country for themselves.

God forbid that some of the taxes which we all would pay could go to the people who paid them to help them now.

Why wont we? Why cant we? Suppose it turns out we’re run by corporations? Does it make sense to keep shoveling money at them, even when the supposed reason for it is clearly substantially diminished? No.

I reject the two party illusion. The two parties are actors, and a fake good cop bad cop routine and the rules that govern WTO member countries are the little known but controlling trade deals like the WTO. Who may be actors too as far as I can see.

This is to hide the real beneficial ownership as they say. I say the people of the Earth, all of us own it and we have been bamboozled by the creeps who have gotten the audacious mistaken impression they can get away with this scam forever.

That’s the problem, we are complaining to the wrong actors. We need to complain to the real people who run this huge con game.

This will be my final reply since my anti-redundancy algorithm is going off. Everything that you referenced or implied about the present oligarchic system of control and exploitation of the population by a wealthy, powerful minority is understood. It’s been going on throughout human history, only the methods and tools have changed. The key question is why it’s not condemned by the vast majority of the population. Deception, lies and propaganda do work. Relying on a tribal ‘them’ vs ‘us’ mentality, on every xenophobic reflex that the exploiters and their enablers can come up with, by controlling the mainstream media since they own it, these are part of their historic bag of tools.

But when questions about fundamental issues, divorced from the lies and deceptions, are presented to people about how they live and work and what they need for a decent life, the overwhelming majority are on the same page in condemning the exploitation and abuse they’ve been subjected to. So there is a national, global sanity. There are numbers of ideas and considerations of what the exploiters have caused to happened, what they are causing to happen now and what the oligarchs are planning for the future, all aimed at the rest of the population. And it’s understandable, know your enemy. What you’re claiming as to oligarchic intents is not what my remarks are addressing. I realize that your references to CO2 and climate change are done only as a peripheral component to you main point ( I think “prioritizing the climate crisis” is a scam in disguise to dump the blame for a multiple chain of disasters…”). However, in the course of doing that you have downplayed the severity, even the legitimacy, of the climate picture. And that’s what my remarks are addressed towards.

The physical reality is that climate is a dynamic system. The incoming radiation of the sun, of which its infrared portion is blocked by greenhouse gases from even reaching the planet’s surface, heats the planet’s surface with the other forms of radiation that can be adsorbed and are not reflected. That heat is then radiated from the surface in the form of infrared radiation. And that infrared radiation is blocked by the greenhouse gases, making the planet warmer. You experience that every time you get into a car during a sunny day and the interior temperature is some 15 or so degrees warmer than the outside temperature, with glass acting as the greenhouse agent. Greenhouses have been around for generations to grow plants in air temperatures too cool for that to happen. So none of this is new. Additionally, the warmer the planet gets, the more water vapor it can hold, which itself is a major greenhouse gas. The totality of these events creates a system that reinforces itself and can set off increasing temperatures.

When industrial waste is emitted into the atmosphere it includes a blanketing layer of particles (aerosols) that reduce the level of total solar radiation that reaches the planet’s surface, ironically attenuating the rate of global warming. Unlike greenhouse gases which take decades or centuries to leave the atmosphere, these aerosols fall from the atmosphere is weeks or days. The amount of greenhouse gases that have built up over decades and decades are already creating a reinforcing greenhouse effect. We have now reached the precarious point where allowing more solar radiation to reach the planet’s surface accelerates the warming of the planet by a faster rate than just stopping any increase in CO2. We are seeing this happening now with the reduction in industrial emissions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the willful irresponsibility of those ‘leaders’ who follow the commands of the oligarchs, the same oligarchs that you are charging, that have allowed this horrific Catch-22 situation to exit.

The physical reality is that preventing even a single molecule of CO2 from being added to the atmosphere can not stop the warming. The climate system has passed that point. By increasing the amount of solar radiation to reach the planet’s surface, WITHOUT ANY CO2 INCREASE, the warming will INCREASE EVEN FASTER . This will allow more WATER VAPOR a strong greenhouse component that is a function of temperature, to increase in the atmosphere. The CO2 must be removed or the incoming radiation of the sun must be reduced, the latter of which would still leave the greenhouse gases present and creates it’s own suicidal problems. Thus the greenhouse gases must be removed, the water vapor will drop with temperature reduction, while incoming radiation levels must not increase until enough greenhouse gases are removed. There is no other plan ‘B’ to fall back on.

Doing nothing or too little will accelerate the rush towards a runaway greenhouse effect that would put an end to everything. The habitat to grow food gets weakened and destroyed. When more and more of the planet starts to look like Yemen then the complex systems of the contemporary world, the production systems, the medical and health systems and all the support systems in general collapse. The economic and financial systems collapsing and being exposed as the tools the ruling oligarchy shaped and implemented for their own purposes. And do remember, these are THE SAME OLIGARCHS that you have implicated. This is all part of the same web.

So yes, we’re fighting for our societal and democratic survival. And our biological and physical survival.


I am just trying to point out to you that in a totally captured country, everything without exception is only allowed to do one thing alone and that is enrich the already rich.

Thats all I am saying, You’re trying to twist what I was pointing out which is that the housing situation for most of the nation is precarious. (because of rising rents when people move out) Right now natural gas is just starting to be exported, so it can be sold for several times what it sells for here, elsewhere. Most people dont realize this is just beginning and is gradually ramping up as export terminals come online, and then the cost will skyrocket, older buildings will come under extreme pressure to be redeveloped, so they can be replaced with much more expensive modern buildings,. Older buildings, no matter how well maintained they are, will be framed as blight.

. For that reason, anybody who touches that situation or anything having to dio with energy will invariably be blamed for the ineitable result of exporting the affoirdable heating solution, the only oine most buildings have thats affordable., Even though older buildings can fairly inexpensively be retrofitted, with economical triple paned windows, etc,. they wont be because the owners wamnt to tear them down and sell the land, putting millions of renters out on the streets. But they have been prevented from doing that by rent stabilization laws that act like a welfare benefit allowing them to have a limited rent increase every year, tied to the total housing CPI for the entire area. Even though the rent of a new apartment might be many times that. I lived under this system for many years, and for people who live in apartments its a lifesaver. Many could not survive outside of walkable cities because they cant drive, cannot afford a car.

lets look at the so called deals,. they promise jobs but ignore procurement obligations we have made that funnel more and more, quite possibly eventually all (see progressive liberalization’s definition, it means one way total privatization, its part of the WTO services agreement we are signatory to. all governments are part of the WTO and its means of helping allegedly poor countries (oligarchs, its helping oligarchs) is by funneling public spending, in other words jobs to the lowest bidding firms, internationally, with preferences being given to low bidding or close to low bidding (See/search on “LDC Services Waiver”) firms owned by oligarchs in LEAST DEVELOPED NATIONS. These are actually the tycoons who in many cases keep these countries so poor, so the argument they help the poor is not only wrong its a huge and egregious lie) When new energy programs are done using tax money, it seems virtually impossible that jobs would be created domestically and funneled to our poor, job desperate young people, because in this new hierarchy, being Americans they are rich and shouldn’t get help. They don’t need it, we being the richest and most successful country (<<this is sarcasm, please dont mistake it as you perhaps unintentionally have ) for anything other than that. I am just trying to make you aware of the scam that is being used to steal our ability to vote for solutions. Politicians wont tell us "We cant do that any more, (New Deal everything has been systematically taken - by FTAs) we traded away the right to do so, trust me, they wont, you have to find that out for yourselfves and due to the early stage of WTO law, most of the issues have not been decided yet. But from the WTO and other FTAs (especially our own) its clear that all of these things we expect will come to our aid are limited to the poorest countries alone, and also time limited, so we’re not the countries that get breaks, we’re the countries that cant., Because “we’re so rich”. If we got a special dispensation to have the government step in, all the other countries could too. This is especially obvious in the case of drugs for serious epidemics like AIDS. I highly recommend you- right now, watch the film “fire in the blood” and you can see how it works. Only the poorest countries, and by that I mean really poor, get to break the rules and then, only in the most dire of circumstances, real emergencies, and only for a limited time. Its been that way with COVID-19, hasnt it. We diodnt see any President announce that we were going to have public health care unless (long list of conditions that excluded all but those for whom there was absolutely nothing else) Thats what the rules require. So, whats happening is lots of corporatins want to spend tax money i ways where they get to keep that money. Creating jbr or indeed, solving any problems is the last thing on their minds, they want as little as possible to go to anything other than them. Thats the way it is and its gotten that way by very high priced sock puppet firms hijacking any kind of honest discussion that lives in the world of fact.

At the same time, lives are being totally destroyed. The powers that be are looking for any and every possible excuse to funnel money TO THEIR DONORS. And that means ignore this ruining of peoples lives. They also are donors, no doubt, pushing us to do anything and everything that results in poor people losing their only apartments, and they will be on their own at finding a replacement, a task which I guarantee you will be 100% impossible for virtually all of them… 99.9% impossible, meaning I will expect virtually none of the low and middle income Americans displaced for redevelopment projects will ever get apartments in those cities again, because they have grown so very much more expensive, and the amounts of housing available to people who have lost their jobs, (having to move out of teh city guarantees that people lose jobs) and apartments in big cities simply are never ever rented to the unemployed, even the very well employed have huge problems finding an apartment and often they are asked for outrageous things like bribes, sex, co signers who are rich and so on, none of which are options for most poor people they would agree with.

Now I know that you are looking for a way to diss me, but you are totally misinterpreting everything I say, it seems likely to me, and doing your best to portray what I am saying as something its not. This is what gets done when people tell the truth these days.

But if you actually were listening you would realize that I have done my research I’ve been following all these issues for decades and likely know as much or more about them than yourself, or if I dont, I certainly am not saying what you seem to want me to be seen as saying. I sincerlky hope that I am wrong, though about your intentions.

Now if anything remains un-understood why dont you look at the big picture of what I am saying, whenever money is spent, its important tob get value and also “first do no harm” we have a huge percentage of our country, basically city dwellers who have been living on borrowed time for more than two decdes as rents went into the stratosphere, and now keeping their apartments and not having to e uprooted so late in life is alife or death situation for millions of people. Also, the jobs people are saying would be created wont and cant, because the politicians are keeping these trade deals from the whole nation they wont ever discuss it. Just like with health care, something similar has paralyzed healthcare. So many have suffered and died, now there is a mas paralysis in Washington where even the good politicians are lying because the truth is so horrible and sordid a situation.

This is just the way things are now, Its not my fault, I am very much against the problem of climate change and I never said it was not created by people, I am just trying to point out that in recent months, people have seen blue skies where they had not been seen previously in decades, many decades.

Under those circumstances, and given the very real, devastaing consequences of millions of poor Americans losing their homes, and being uyprooted from all their families and friends, I think its best to NOT ush into huge expenditures of money. That money may be needed to, for example, buy our rights to reguylate healthcare back, or buy our ability to control our own public sector jobs again, as they were in fact made the subject of a trade agreement and now other countries claim entitlement which they want the WTO to step in and enforce in a new “Trade facilitation Agreement on Services” Thats because they want us to cough up the allegedly unlimited number of jobs we are alleged to have promised them in the Uruguay Round if they can do them cheaper, which they most certainly can, because they pay their workers a fraction of what they are worth here.