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Is UN Planning to Call for Global Decriminalization of All Drugs?


Is UN Planning to Call for Global Decriminalization of All Drugs?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Business titan Richard Branson claimed on Monday that the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has prepared an unreleased document calling on "governments around the world to decriminalise drug use and possession for personal consumption for all drugs."


The war on drugs has fostered an industry of synthetic drugs whose effects are far less predictable than drugs derived from natural sources. Like sex, drugs will always be available. Understanding trumps prohibition for both. Portugal's decriminalization experience has been very positive. It is far past time to expunge the Puritanical knee-jerk reactionary war on drugs--which has far too often been co-opted by nefarious players for grotesque profits. Screw the underworld; it is time for sunshine on the matter of drugs. It is time for peace on drugs, which is not to suggest going all out Timothy Leary style or anything of the sort.


My body.
What I do with it - my business and no one else's.


Substance abuse in the US consists primarily of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs. Addiction has little to do with substance and much to do with societal forces disrupting normal behavior.


Right on.

Nobody interdicts bunjee-jumping, or checks to see whether the cord is short enough to keep the jumper from hitting the ground at terminal velocity (as at least one jumper has done, having failed to account for elasticity when sizing the cord). If people want to risk their lives, there are many ways to do it.

All the War On [Some] Drugz has done is create a hugely-profitable criminal industry whose major players are never brought to trial---or even indicted! And it wrecks the lives of ordinary people.


"But as I'm writing this," Branson added, "I am hearing that at least one government is putting an inordinate amount of pressure on the UNODC."

Let me guess: naw, too obvious. Richard - like everybody else - is afraid to kick the big dog in the balls.


It's also been used to foster violence all around the world which is certainly NOT to the benefit of the ordinary citizen.
Elites have profited -- and we have a shiny new Prison industry which exists as another way to oppress people of color and those who will challenge authority.
And the poor.

PLANTS are our natural medicines, as well --
something we should also keep in mind.
Who are the gatekeepers of those drugs/medications?


My god, surely you live somewhere near a chronic-pain department don't you? Most big hospitals have them now. It's inhuman to make you suffer. Hell, even if you were a voluntary addict it would be inhuman to make you suffer!

The psychopaths running government get enjoyment, often sexualised enjoyment, watching their hand-selected off-plumb employees make people in need suffer. The ones on top need to be boxed up, and the petty ones need to be put to mending roads or sewage or something not involving power over desperate living creatures.


The Empire will not like taking away one excuse to invade countries like Panama, to keep blacks and hispanics in prison or with felony convictions to keep them from voting for liberals,

Religious conservatives won't like our taking the rulers away from the nuns.

Economic conservatives won't like taking away their profitable Big Pharma and their Wall Street traded private prison industry profits.

Military conservatives won't like a non-drinking pot smoker to supersede their authority any more than they liked gays in the military.

Conservative politicians won't like our taking away another issue to produce fear from.

Big Tobacco, Big Pharma and Big Booze won't like the competition from natural drugs.

Judges, cops and lawyers won't like to lose their bread and butter cases.

And the fearful won't like having one major cause of their fears taken away.


Hmmmm. Ultimate pacification of the population by the 1%. Takes care of population control. No one cares about inequality. Everyone is stoned all the time.


I attended a pain management program at a major teaching hospital. Nothing worked that didn't turn me into a zombie. Not that it mattered because even if it had worked the current drug laws would have blocked access regardless.


The War On Drugs was begun as a racist lie and attack on Hemp production, and continued and expanded as an excuse for law enforcement to harrass and use people, guilty of nothing else, to further police power and jobs. The entire "justice" system has used the suffering and abuse of countless citizens to justify their own criminal behaviors.

There must be decriminalization/legalization especially of cannabis! Goddess-given, as countless other natural, safe, effective medications, cannabis must be legalized and people allowed to grow enough for their own use without restriction. If people are not allowed to grow there is no legalization! For-profit cannabis alone is NOT de-criminalization!

Same goes for Industrial Hemp (IH) that could provide countless jobs and small-business opportunities - we just gotta keep corporate thieves/parasites and opportunists out of the equation!

Re-Legalize It! Save the Planet!




Until you apply for a job in the US. I have friends who call themselves "liberals" who go along with the drug testing in order to obtain or keep employment. What if everyone refused to comply? And what happens when someone takes a vacation or enjoys a weekend in a state with legalized cannabis; can they be fired for a positive drug test after?


If anyone still doubts that we have a system run by psychopaths, all they need do is think about the kind of minds that would do what the system is doing to you and others in your situation. It's almost literally inhuman.

The unit cost of the pills really isn't that high - I discovered that this spring after I broke my shoulder. It's almost all retail profit. I was prescribed some hydromorphone to take home because my shoulder was very unhappy after the stick-it-back-together surgery, but I'd only brought a few dollars with me, not expecting to have to buy anything. So the nurses got the pharmacy to sell the 75 tabs at cost and it came out to $15, which I was able to cover with what I had in my coat pockets.

We need to get not only decrim but a complete change in the system. Only luxuries should participate in the profit system. Necessities should be available at cost.