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Is US Planning to Spike Military Aid to Israel to Cool Iran Tensions?


Is US Planning to Spike Military Aid to Israel to Cool Iran Tensions?

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

The United States is "likely" to significantly boost military aid to Israel, potentially in a bid to assuage tensions between the two allies over nuclear negotiations with Iran, Reuters reported Thursday.


I’m sure this will end well.


Do you like the way politicians are spending your taxes? No? We might not complain about paying taxes if each of us could decide what our taxes would fund.


BDS! BDS! BDS! Both Israel and the United States! Bring them to their knees.

  • Neither nation abides by diplomacy, negotiation, or mutual agreements, except those that lead to war and profit.
  • Perhaps they can be reached through smaller profits and thinner bank accounts.
  • The United States and Israel have both become rogue states and international pariahs, let’s treat them that way until they decide to reform and rejoin the community of nations.
  • Another four billion to Israel’s war machine while the US cannot provide food or healthcare for its own people?
  • Faugh!


Our government keeps shooting itself in the foot. If we don’t have money for our infrastructure, public education, and to repay the money in the Social Security Trust Fund, and the programs our own people in need, we shouldn’t have the money for this bullshit. Let Israel exist on its own. Our moral obligation to them should have been paid off a long time ago. The Israeli government has done nothing but been in a thorn in our side for decades.


From VT, as reported on the BBC. Google it and you can find other sources:

The BBC announcer reported on an Israeli cabinet meeting: Shimon
"Peres had been pressuring Ariel Sharon to respect American calls for a
ceasefire, lest the Americans turn against Israel.
According to the BBC, a furious Sharon turned toward Peres, saying:
“Every time we do something you tell me Americans
will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear,
don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people,
control America, and the Americans know it.”


Any of these cretins who tar themselves with a “D” or an “R” will not get my vote. Never again!


Right! Straight from the horses, uh, mouth?


Now that would make voting worthwhile–voting with our taxes. I would like to know where are all those rightwing bourgeoise politicians who drone on incessantly about tax payer dollars? Imagine what 4 billion bucks can do at home not to mention forcing Israel to make peace with its neighbors.


Good for you.

Got news for you, though: no one with any power really cares, because your vote doesn’t count much. Not nearly as much as those who are generally older, and white. Because they vote. In unison. So the those in power will continue to direct their policies and their rhetoric towards them, because by doing so they get to stay in power.

That’s just the facts. So if we want a more truly democratic society, the questions are: what can be done to convince older white folks to vote against what they honestly believe are their own best interests? And how can those who are essentially disenfranchised be brought into the process and be convinced to take part in a system that they believe in their hearts will only continue to screw them regardless of who they vote for?

If you want to make a difference, answer those questions, in deed (and not merely theoretically).

And, respectfully, please stop whining, at least in this forum. Doing so never changed anything, and it just tends to annoy people.


Well, we’re currently paying Israel an annual bounty of around a million apiece for each Palestinian it kills (3 Billion divided by 3000 killed).

If we give them 4 billion a year they’re going to have to kill more Palestinians to keep the value of Palestinian lives from going up.

Hell, if we just used the money to buy up land we could give the Palestinians a contiguous state in a decade or so.

But that wouldn’t profit the U.S. Military/Industrial complex or the Israelis.

So we’ll keep paying lip service to a two-state solution while giving the Israelis weaponry to insure that will never happen.


minitrue has been a respected member of Common Dreams for ages.

You, I never noticed you posting before.

So I’m pretty sure you don’t have the gravitas to be telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t post here.

Quit yer whining, junior.

On edit: Rizzler joined CD 2 days ago and is already telling people off - which earns Rizzler my “Rude Newby” Award.


Well, zee, you know what they say about ass-umptions, right?

I’ve actually been posting since, let’s see…the year…ummm…2000. (Remember a little thing called Gore vs. Bush vs. Nader, and how so many people, on this forum and others, blamed Ralph for the state of the world…?) I changed my handle because I wasn’t able to access my stored passwords due to a system glitch, and so decided to go with this one when I re-upped. But that is beside the point, my comrade. How long a person has been posting has absolutely no bearing on the quality of the post. None. Take issue if you will with my content; in fact, I welcome your comments on that. Personal attacks do not further the discussion, though.

For the record, I know minitue’s reputation, and generally, I agree with her/his arguments. However, in this case, I do not feel that s/he did anything but blow off some steam-- which, I’ll grant you, is necessary sometimes for one’s mental health, Particularly in these increasingly insane times. The thing is, for too many years I have been reading brilliant analyses of where we are without anywhere close to an equally strong, honest, and self-aware account of what needs to be done. The reason for this, I reckon, is that almost no one is willing to move far enough out of their own comfort zone (let alone advocate that others do the same) to affect the necessary changes-- which are, I will grant you, not only not easy, but getting more odious with each passing year.

It is a lot easier to whine and complain, though-- at least for a while-- because doing so would invite a sort of self-delusion along the lines of, “It’s their fault, not mine, because I…[fill-in-the-blank with a convenient rationalization; in this case, it would be “didn’t vote for a R or a D.”].”


You say you’re not a rude newby?


What was your old id?


That’s immaterial.

In fact, I’ve used several (some of which I even remember), as have many people here, which I would give you if I felt that doing so would further this discussion-- which it does not. My point here is that content matters, and longevity, or lack thereof, has no bearing at all on who should and who should not have the right to respond as she or he sees fit, as long as the implicit impulse is one of respect.

So, along those lines, do you have an issue with my stated premise, and if so, would you please kindly tell me what it might be?


You assume that I assume that we have a democracy. Wrong assumption, Jonny. Of course we don’t. We are in total agreement there.

I would premise that we both would prefer that we had one, correct? If so, then let’s look at where we both want to be-- eventually-- and figure out a way to get there.

Or, if there is-- in your (generically speaking) mind-- no way that it is possible (which is a completely valid, if not-particularly-creative conclusion), at least stop whining about it and focus your mind on something-- anything– that brings you joy, and blessed relief.


Actually, character matters. It’s really hard to come to any kind of a decision about who or what an actual poster is - as we saw with the HambaconEggs fiasco.

Starting off by accusing another poster of whining isn’t the best way of introducing your ‘new’ persona to the group.

And I wonder why someone who has been posting since 2000 wouldn’t want others to know who they are.


I never realized how subjected to Israel we were…


How can this end well? We give them more guns and bombs and they kill more Palestinians and steal more land. Meanwhile our nation goes bankrupt and has to cut all of our domestic programs even more than they have done already. Makes me ticked that all that money in the pockets of our corrupt officials from AIPAC is our tax funds. They vote to give Israel money and then some of this money is sent back to the USA in bribes to destroy our democracy. Walk down any street in the United States and ask if the people want to cut the food stamps to our hungry children and instead give those funds to Israel. You will have to question over a couple of hundred people before you get one to say, “Give the money to Israel!! The hell with our hungry children.” And that person is an evil psychopath like all those people in Congress that must be put out of office. Scum!


ctrl_z: You put a new and refreshing face on this dilemma. It’s
enough to make a dog sick.