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Is US Trade Rep a Wall Street Crony? Groups Demand Transparency


This man is a total creepy scoundrel, wicked degenerate who speaks nothing but lies.


Sorry - don’t buy the honesty bit - please provide a source that the excuse for Glass-Steagall was conflict with GATS - Clinton was indeed pushing both, but Citi, the Rubin connection, had just merged with Travelers, technically illegal until the CFTA (I think that was the law that, in effect, repealed Glass-Steagall) made it “legal”. As for not wanting O to think nobody realized … Hmmm - rather round about way to do that, doncha think? Wouldn’t it be better to make sure that the public realized? O has been more aggressive about this than about anything since the ACA - both payoffs to his corp mentors …

Warren is a Dem, when all is said and done - she has tied her cart to its donkey - and openly pointing out the Dems complicity in this farce, would, i suspect, not help her future prospects …


Basically, there were a bunch of areas where the GATS’s promotion of a deregulated world conflicted with the Glass-Steagall Act.

“In sectors where market-access commitments are undertaken, the measures which a Member shall not maintain or adopt … are defined as…limitations on the total value of service transactions or assets…”
–from World Trade Organization services agreement, 1994

“We’re not going to have just a set of immutable, quantitative criteria [for banks] that say if you’re above this amount of assets, you’re too big to fail.” – Obama administration official, January 2011

GATS doesnt like regulations that say that something should not be a certain way, for example, to make it not just easier, to make it possible to regulate…

MEMO: GATS Conflicts With Bank Size Limits

Financial Re-Regulation Fact Sheet

WTO, GATS and Financisl Services Deregulation

Obviously, - and NOBODY responsible is saying, otherwise, those limits are NECESSARY - otherwise its like saying, go ahead, steal all you want


“Fast Track, it would delegate Congress’s constitutional authority to a U.S. Trade Representative who, by background and mindset, responds to Wall Street rather than ordinary people.”

Congress already responds to Wall Street rather than ordinary people. What’s the difference?


Thank you very much for that, i stand corrected - as Yogi would say, it’s deja vu all over again - those documents are as fresh as when they were written …

But I will stand by my assessment of Warren’s approach …


Someday, the truth will out.


if you search on the WTO site itself you will find this discussed. Use site:wto.org


Which “man”, the lying douche-bag Obama or this vile schmuck Froman of the raptor Bank Club? Oh, I get it, both of them. Smite the two bastards in one fell swoop.


The Banks and Wall Street have everything and they control everything. The people only have one thing that they don’t have. We have 99% of the vote. So they control the media, and they control the elections. We still have our numbers. You say they control the police, and the military. Wrong. The police and military are made up of ordinary people. If it ever comes to the point that they have to decide which side they are on, who do you think it will be. Do you think that they will choose their mothers, fathers, children and friends, or a bunch of rich people that don’t have any concerns for them. “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” - John F. Kennedy


This country desperately needs transparency. And strong limits on potential means of looting. TTIP, TISA and TPP seem intended to set the country up for more bailouts like in 2008.

Please read this:

The Connection between the World Trade Organization’s Extreme Financial Service Deregulation Requirements and the Global Economic Crisis


In the late 1990s the seeds were sown for the past economic crisis by the deregulatory actions of the Clinton Administration, which included many of Obama’s top financial regulators.

Things like the dismantling of the Glass-Steagall Act due to WTO GATS’s prohibition of limits on bank size or structure, led us into the disaster in 2008.

Now they want to use the pending trade deals to repeat the same mistakes again!

Bookmark or download these to read later! Lots of info here.:


I only know about the revolving door between Monsanto and the US government/representatives.
You can have a look here: