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Is Wall Street Killing Grandma?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/03/28/wall-street-killing-grandma

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Recall Sarah Palin ranting against “death panels” ?

Now with Dan Patrick, Rush LImpbaugh, Lloyd Blankfein and other fascists proclaiming themselves defacto death panel members you are missing in action Sarah !


grandpa, the kids, the grandkids, and pretty much everything else. so i’ll go with “yes” for 500 smackers, Les.


$2.6 Trillion Corporate Bailout only worth 495 point bump for Dow…nothing like the 1000+ spike as news leaked of Whack-Granny-by-Easter Economic plan from Trump, Kudlow and Blankfein.

– Jeffrey St. Clair


“Is Wall Street Killing Grandma?”

Does Wall Street care? No, it is not on the spreadsheet.


The Hahnemann example given here is only one aspect of hospital mismanagement.
Several years ago here in northern Ca., the local hospital, one of a ‘chain’ of Good Christian-run healthcare facilities, paid the state of Ca. 22 1/2 million dollars as reimbursement for false charges made to the state’s Medicare program (MediCal). This was done without admitting guilt: sort of an out-of-court settlement.

Billing the state for granny and grampy’s procedures or visits which never occurred. They were caught, but kept news publication of their misdeeds to a minimum.

Damned! I remember when practicing medicine was truly for the benefit of the patients who needed it.


Oh! I meant to mention that I have a question. Because this hospital chain is a “Christian” facility/operation, does that mean that it is tax-exempt? Anyone out there know?

Amazon and Wal-Mart have horrid coronavirus prevention policies. Grandma will live in any particular state where virus transmission can be short-circuited enough so that the pandemic dies out. Washington state is definitely going to be a good state going forward. Grandma has a surprisingly high chance of gasping out within 60 days from right now in any particular state where the virus transmission goes laissez-faire through half the state’s population. I make big long lists of all the suicide cult states, but they all still have time to turn aside if the political heat gets too high.

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I believe he’d be having a field day with the current administration. He was superb at exposing the corrupted undercurrent of politics. I believe most of that was due to his exposure to politics in his younger years. I STILL enjoy going back to many of his articles and recently viewed the little “skirmish” in 1968 when he got William F. Buckley to lose his cool on live television during the Dem convention. It’s available on YouTube.


Our city had three hospitals. A corporation came in bought two and closed one down. The remaining hospitals have been run like a business since the 80s and have cut staffing and funding. They are not prepared for this pandemic or any other crisis. Their posh administrative buildings are bigger than the hospitals and better staffed.They almost have more administrative staff than the hospitals have RNs. Instead of doing things to provide better healthcare they are always looking to find ways to save a buck even if it hurts people. We must do better.


The answer to the question posed in the title is an unqualified YES! The Elite finally outed themselves the other day, stating they have computed the worth of every human life. Once you’ve repaid their investment, you need to check out or else continue to enrich them by living in for-profit nursing homes.
I’ve always known I had value only if I pleased Mommy and Daddy, either(since I was a girl) marrying well or getting a job and out of the house. When I didn’t please them as a child, I was told I’d be taken back to the adoption place. Sick mo-fos.
Now all of our Elders, disabled, and poor are about to be taken back to the adoption place, though it’s preferred we check out.
The money we’ve wasted killing other people around the world could have provided good public health care, decent housing for everybody, good food for everybody. And decent paying jobs for everybody. Instead, we have socialism in the form of our military and their families while the same benefits are decried if provided to civilians.


Agreed and would rephrase (in particular removing “extract”): “The real and ever present goal is to extract as much wealth as possible from the hospital system to enrich big investors and CEOs.”
The goal is to steal everything by various combinations now-standard steps to :

  1. buying it,
  2. stripping it,
  3. off shore their operations
  4. become it’s creditor (Sears == “Lamprey”),
  5. take stock buybacks,
  6. selling it off piece by piece, firing everyone eventually by waves of firings at each stage,
  7. bankrupt and sell off what is left
  8. buying old name to use for new companies selling crap from off shore.
  9. and others I am no doubt forgetting in the moment.

This was the same with TWA (Carl Icahn), Sears (Eddie Lampert [a.k.a. Lamprey]), broadcasting stations, newspapers, factories, and anything with riches to plunder.

As long as you are named as the “owner” you can’t steal from yourself and certainly not from any of the millions of employees who, after all, are not owners. They go Scott free. But the people who used to work in those places don’t get out Scott free, nor their communities.

They never build, nor can they.
They never repair, nor can they.
They never make anything work, nor can they.
They only destroy.
They change (and are changing) the very nature of ownership to only the rich and large while the rest of us are left renting, leasing, share-cropping even our own lives by owning control over our most personal data and documents.
They sold us “The Cloud” which really means we put all our worldly digital goods in a location belonging to them, which they constantly mine and surveil for sale and control, and they allow us access only by constantly paying them month after month, even our own digital text notes.
They are the cream of the criminal classes.
And they get honors.


Yes, check out or check’s in and so is an ownership takeover.
Shills like (very right wing) Tom Selleck and the “reverse mortgage.”
Despite his clearly lying “sincere acting,” people do get tossed, especially if they are not in control of their lives for a period (a friend had an attack and had to be hospitalized then the “good, caring” embrace of the state shifted her to a nursing home in a far corner of the state. It took a group of friends to locate her and finally get her back in her own house before the “reverse mortgage” did a final reverse on her occupancy of her own [formerly] house.)
I liked Selleck as a slightly loopy, easy-going PI in Hawaii. But he’s long become a fake serious right wing (“I earned mine”) type. I can’t stand to see him in anything now, especially when he goes for “responsible, gravitas” roles. Just another sociopath and “member of the club.”


She’s on sabbatical after her losing performance on The Masked Singer. She’ll stop at nothing to be in the spotlight.

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Me too. The greedy vultures of finance capitalism continue to ruin everything that was
good for people. Many of their shareholders also sit in the Senate.


Excellent post.


Capitalism is a disease, and capitalists a pestilence infecting humanity, causing poverty, homelessness, and death. :face_vomiting: :rage:


I’d say it looks relatively promising at this moment. Washington State looks to me like California, only a week or so ahead of us. We’re giving containment a good scout’s effort on the left coast. How we do with that will make all the difference. Hopefully paying some attention to public-health priorities will start paying off for the states which do so – the sooner the better.

Of course Wall St. is killing Grandma and millions of others over the decades with its various tools of authoritarian class rule. But thanks for reminding people since many continue to vote to repeat same. “How many times do I have to tell you before…?” “If everyone else jumps in front of a train, are you going to jump as well?” lol
Wall St. will continue to kill people while denying it does so, just as the captured politicians who ensure their coercion will pretend they are socially responsible and patriotic representatives in a democracy.
This horrific nightmare loop of a dystopian society will continue unabated for some time since so many are still unable to see that the imposed economic order is not a necessity, and solving the problems it inevitably creates will require structural change to this political economic order.

The cultural manufacture of deception, mostly subliminal socialization, pervasively installed as a largely unchallenged social belief, even faith, marks this dark superstition as being more brutal even than traditional, violent religious history.

The mythology of modern humans, ‘educated’ and freed from the primitivism of the past, does not bear up under scrutiny. Wakey wakey y’all.


Better lock your state door’s down. I bet the air b&b is gonna do a boomin business!

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