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Is Whole Foods Telling Us the Truth About Its Stance on Animal Rights?


Is Whole Foods Telling Us the Truth About Its Stance on Animal Rights?

Michael Goldberg

In February of this year, I was one of around 100 members of the grassroots animal rights network Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) who walked into a Whole Foods store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley, California. Several of the activists rolled a small wooden calf hutch with a young woman inside into the store. The hutch was four feet wide, six feet long and four feet high, the size used by dairy farms DxE visited; dozens of milk cartons were placed in front of the hutch.


Seems as though it’s all up to the People to call out Business, Industry, and Government on being Inhumane and Inhuman.

Let’s make them pay for it anyway we see fit.


Yes! Whole Foods prides itself on being a supporter of vegetarianism ( yes I am a decades long vegan) but they actually sell meats and seafoods.


What ! I did not steal anything!. No! you can not check my pockets. This is whole foods in a nut shell. But then again we could say this about most of the corporations in murica. Frist if your really paying attention. The TV lies to you all day long. They try to sale you things you do not need or that are not good for you. And we the people fall for their collective BS at every turn. HELLO AMERICA IS ANYONE HOME?!.


And they will continue to do so. The overwhelming majority of people who go to grocery stores want to buy meats and seafood. It would be a bad business decision on their part not to sell them


Well, I know of an all vegan market that also sells some supplements and herbs ( small business) that does very well, and has done so for decades.


Because it’s a small, specialized market. Niche marketing can do very well, in it’s niche. However, it is not something that would successfully function on the scale of a Whole Foods, or other large chain.


Yes, and owner Jeff Bezos, the world’'s richest man, is not interested in anything that doesn’t make him even more rich. I refuse to buy from Amazon and Whole Foods as well.


When you write “Whole Foods”, you are saying Amazon (and “whole paycheck”). They now run on a corporate profits-above-all-else model and all the rot that "investors and management bring to the table.

Whatever Whole Foods was, or might have been, before Amazon bought them out, they now run on that corporate model that likely doesn’t give a rats tail about animal rights, the wider environment or pesticide use by the millions of tons, local produce, smaller suppliers, non-GMO foods, strictly organic and/or family farm producers…it all shifts to pin-heads pushing centralized corporate suppliers and a manipulated predatory food-chain, and I say BS and screw them to that in its entirety!


Co-ops, Co-ops, Co-ops, Co-ops



No issue whatsoever. Voting with your dollars is usually more effective than casting votes in terms of changing other people’s behavior.


“to dramatize the violence and cruelty inherent in raising cows and taking their milk for human consumption.” As a micro, grass-fed milk producer, husbanding a herd for our neighborhood co-operative, with calves that live with their mothers in the pasture from birth, I find that such generalizations as the above do very little to build coalition among those aiming to treat animals with dignity.


Again, while you have skills and knowledge, you are still feeding humans food meant for baby cows.


Michael, I wonder if you’re group has thought about the root of the problem in you’re situation ? Truth in advertising. I remember a time when these laws were on the books, and protected consumers from companies lying about every product sold to the public, not just meat products. It wasn’t long ago Eggland’s Best company was fined a substantial amount for advertising that their eggs were more healthy than their competitors. Now those laws are gone, and the company is back, lying about their products again. There’s also the chance that a large majority of the people would back you’re group if this was the direction you went in. The public needs these laws more than ever now, just a thought.


As a 97% vegan who go stuck with a dog because the rest of the family wanted it (I’m completely against domesticated animals save for service or police dogs), is the author saying I can’t have our dog put down when she reaches a certain age and is either suffering no matter what or going to cost me an inordinate amount of money for the vet to eek out another few months? If so, he just lost me.

And as far as shopping goes, I’d prefer that stores section off the area so meat products are at one end and then I don’t have to bother sorting through them while I’m looking for something to buy (mostly at Trader Joes, sometimes Whole Foods, sometimes typical grocery stores - no vegan specialty markets anywhere near me), but I wouldn’t make the demand that they have to be vegan until there are a lot more of us in the consumer pool.