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Is Your Drinking Water Safe?


Is Your Drinking Water Safe?

Megan Boyle

How many times a day do you drink water? Cook with it? Brush your teeth with it? Offer some to your children?

Safe drinking water is essential to your family’s health and well being, so it’s troubling that a recent study has revealed a new potential risk to U.S. water supplies.

Here’s some key information – and steps you can take to protect your family:


“If you go there - Don’t drink the water!”

Um… If you stay here, don’t drink it either!

Ah our modern world… where the scorpion of deregulation and lax regulation and no regulation comes back to sting us with its poisons.

Are you also getting the idea that capitalism is hazardous to your health? Is anything safe anymore?

My suggestion is to avoid eating anything, drinking anything, breathing (which is a bad habit if you ask me), wearing things, sleeping on things and passing near anything that lights up, chimes, buzzes, beeps or does nothing at all but just sits there (insidious that)!

Life is unlivable… I want a do over!!!

Our modern world is freaking dangerous and I’m just sitting in the house! That’s probaly not all that healthy either! And what the hell are people drinking water from the Ohio for anyway. The damn river catches fire on occasion! That’s probably not a good sign I’m thinking. Maybe that’s just me though.

Remember our modern world has been brought to you by the same people who thought duck and cover would help in a nuclear war! The miracle of modern chemistry? Remember those ads?

BTW. the human skin is permeable and everytime you shower (and breathe in a shower… see that breathing thing again… its a big problem) your skin absorbs (not adsorbs) all those nasty things that you don’t want.

However despite all the apparent risks, I have always been and remain a strong advocate of other people bathing regularly. :no_mouth: