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Is Your Representative Setting Us Up for Another Dieselgate?


Is Your Representative Setting Us Up for Another Dieselgate?

Jonna Hamilton

There are currently bills in Congress that would make it difficult for the EPA to regulate manufacturers from selling high-pollutant car devices.

The EPA estimates that current pollution control systems will prevent up to 2,000 premature deaths, avoid 2,200 hospital admissions, and eliminate 19,000 asthma attacks annually because some of these pollutants cause lung cancer, heart disease, and respiratory harm.


Here are some of the senators:

Claire McCaskill
Tammy Baldwin
Amy Klobuchar

Yes. The Center Left feminist heroes of the Democratic Party are cosponsoring a bill to increase air pollution.


Will Rachel Maddow report this about her friends of the show?


I have watched Rachel Maddow once in awhile over the years, I have no doubt that she is a very well educated person.
I quit watching for good when they had two solid weeks of hurricane coverage and she could never bring herself to say the words “Climate Change”.


I liked her during the GWB years, when she was “second fiddle” to Olbermann. After MSNBC booted him out, she began a gradual change in tone, and, it seemed to me that she moved more and more “Center-Right”, with the exception of some social issues. I finally gave up on her.


I don’t recall when I realized she was nothing but a shill for the Democrats. But I do know when I finally wrote about it: January 9th, 2012.

I wrote the following article now archived on Shadowproof:

The Strange Case of Dr. Maddow and Mr. Lew