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ISIS is Escalating Its Violence Against Iraqi Civilians. Why Doesn’t the World Care?


ISIS is Escalating Its Violence Against Iraqi Civilians. Why Doesn’t the World Care?

Haider Newmani

US and coalition military forces continue to attack Isis territories in Iraq, while Iraqi ground troops prepare to retake the city of Mosul from the grip of the terrorist group. As Isis loses ground in Iraq, it escalates its violent campaign against civilians.


Because we are burned out. We've been opposing war and protesting attacks against Iraq by shrub since 2003. We, the people, don't get to vote on war.


Salaam Mr. Newmani, I care. If only the American media would show pictures like:

more would care. But the media don't.


Between tears and shudders for the almost weekly attacks in the West, and daily in its cradle Iraq, the world does care about what ISIS does. The question is what to do about them.

A broad stroke strike at the geographical ISIS is a no-brainer. It must be deprived of its oil sales, and control of national borders, from whence new recruits arrive. Likewise, civilians under its yolk, as you pointed out, are bilked the most, fared the worst and need relief urgently. Brute force is relatively easy; it is the other measures that challenge our very souls.

Starting from the reign of Charles II, we in the West have prided ourselves on religious freedom. The problem is, Islam is unique in many ways as a major religion. Within its core beliefs lurk the seeds of its current misdirection. We ignore them at our own peril.

It has no center: different sects go their own ways, often than not in anger. Even within the sects, authority figures are not uniformly recognized. There is no equivalent of a Pope, or Dhala Lama, or Archbishop, venerated by all. Anyone who can read Arabic can claim leadership and interpret for those who can't. (Non Arabic holy texts are forbidden.) You can see how an Arabic reading despot can use this to his advantage, especially in the West.

Even if one is ernest about political correctness, one would have to accept the historical truth that violence pervades the early years of Islam, just as it did Christianity. Later, violence was spotty but persistent, as was the case for Christianity. What is striking is how many present day practitioners insist that their religion teaches tolerance, peace and kindness. Perhaps their Westernized leader happens to interpret the teachings as peaceful, while others are not so fortunate to have such leaders. It can be very subjective. Only Arabic savvy adherents can know for sure, and very few in the West are.

Other than the all important question of absence or presence of violence in the historical narrative, other social norms can challenge a believer's self image in a Western society. The dress code, the diminutive role of women, the salute to Saudi Arabia daily and in each lifetime, can all make wholesale integration difficult, if not impossible. Such social norms breed alienation, especially for the orthodox believers and the young in the West.

Until the role of organized religion recedes in importance for all of us, we have no choice but to apply vigorous screening standards, much as one would an applicant for government service that require a certain level of security clearance. It will be slow and expensive, but perhaps not so costly as innocent lives cut short.


Thank you for the intimate portrait you draw of Iraqi people and place. We do care. We hate the violence and the role of our US government in perpetuating it. Our government is ignoring us in this as in all things.

May there be peace for all soon.


No, the "world" takes its cues from the USA. The western world, led by the USA, has been a major perpetrator of violence against Arabs, South Americans, Africans, Vietnamese, Philipinos, etc. Not to mention our genocide of Native People who lived here before the North American continent was colonized by the Europeans.

The "world" cares only if the victims of ISIS are American, French, German...


"Why Doesn’t the World Care?"

Perhaps because ISIS preferred candidate for the US Democratic Party Presidential nomination did just get nominated? That would be my guess as to why.


The fact is that the victims of these attacks are exactly who the American political establishment want them to be.


You are right.


Yours is andespicable and underhanded attack on Islam. You use a neutral tone to insinuate there is something inherent in those backward people that only a 'Westernized' leader could possible find a peaceful path in Islam. You also equate the response to the US and other Western surrogates' atrocities in the region as somehow showing that violence is inherent to Islam the religion of the majority of those so responding and striking out against their oppression.
I notice you don't train the same scrutiny on the state-sponsored and enacted violence committed by the "West" you find so enlightened.

"You see what is evil, you strike what is bad,
You watch a reflection, you beat your own head."
Rumi - The Mathnawi, Book 1


I think your post says more than you maybe realise:
"Our government is ignoring us in this as in all things."
That is what governments do - ignore people in all things. They are evil centres of power like tumours on culture. Everywhere from the US to North Korea... the evil culminates at the head.


I meant to say that, leaders of Islam, wherever they are, can interpret for their followers however they want. But since many of their followers in the Mid East read Arabic, they can see for themselves what the real teachings are. It is in the West where the young who are illiterate in Arabic that the leaders who wish to do them (and us) harm, manipulate them for selfish reasons. Which is how it came about that so many young persons from the West, feeling alienated and angry, join ISIS. Note that this happened only after social media made it possible to 'teach' across oceans.

I am not coddling the West, but I am speaking from the perspective of one whose background is of the West. I cannot do otherwise. And I am not slamming Islam. Since religiosity is a remnant of our genetic heritage, it applies to all organized religion.


Mr. Newmani, my heart goes out to you and your country and I am deeply sorry for what some in this country have done to you and yours.
I know it is not much to offer in the face of so many lives lost but the majority of the people in this country never wanted this to happen. We are fighting to end it and we will keep fighting, as will you, to make peace the world over.
People don't make wars, governments do.
In solidarity


This is where things are going....


Many of us care, but our voices are disregarded. I am ashamed and heartbroken at American policy. I am shocked and disgusted at how the governing treat the governed. I am so so sorry for the suffering and death of thousands for the sake of profit and delusion that only white western lives matter, but still don't matter enough to give up weapons of war in our own homes. We won't even stop the violence here, much less concern ourselves with the Iraqi people. Or the Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians, Palestinians or Nigerians, etc. I can offer you no hope, only my most profound sympathy.


You have no clue.The Bible is full of violence and God telling people to kill men and rape women. The violence in the mid-east, and the terrorism, is largely the result of western interference. In Iraq before Bush's invasion and occupation Sunni and Shia lived peacefully together. The U.S. attacks against Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria created an environment for terrorism to thrive - not their religion.

But you want to blame Islam.

You've as much understanding of the actual situation as your leader Trump.

Your un-American attempt to screen people based on religion isn't welcome here. We believe in freedom of, and from, religion.

Go back to Trumplandia before I quote the Bill of Rights at you.


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