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ISIS Wants to Destroy the 'Grey Zone'. Here's How We Defend It



..."This includes being able to enforce curfews, close public spaces, and even exert control of media. Authorities can now “prohibit passage of vehicles or people,” establish “protection or security zones, where people’s presence is regulated,” exclude from a public space “any person seeking to obstruct, in any way, the actions of the public authorities,” and detain anyone in their homes “whose activity appears dangerous for public security and order.”

"The problem is in the open-ended way such vague precepts can be interpreted and executed. Obstructing “in any way” the actions of the state, or activity that “appears dangerous” for “security and order” could, crucially, be used to shut down public criticisms of the French government’s response to the Paris attacks."

The paradigm sounds awfully familiar. How many citizens in the U.S. understand the NDAA... (National Defense Authorization Act) and what it means in the way of eviscerated Constitutionally-guaranteed rights?

If a President--and the entities who supported his campaign, and thus those whose interests he supports--knows that a state of war allows and invites all kinds of domestic crackdowns at home... why not wage war? And why not if you are about to enact the coup de grace in the form of all-out corporate control over every aspect of citizens' lives ranging from what they eat (and are permitted to know they are eating), to what they take for true (in the form of nonstop media message controls), to what they learn (tying schools to test scores that measure NOTHING of value but do teach impossible obedience to completely authoritarian protocols), to which wars the fruit of your labors support, etc.

War is the #1 "product" preferred by Disaster Capitalists everywhere because nothing produces profits more reliably than bombing every bit of infrastructure to bits; or having desperate people at your mercy.


Add the restrictions that form the basis of the TPP and TIPP to this mixture and it's clear that there will be little tolerance for any organized (or individual) campaigns aimed at compelling corporations to respect human life, ecosystems, and basic safety.

The 1% has declared open war on sentient life and 99% of the world's citizens along with most of its natural resources. Meanwhile, The People ARE restless, many understand the heists that are being used to transfer resources (and take lives), and new coalitions of The Unwilling to Submit to Corporate Hegemonic Controls are forming.

"Leaked government training documents reveal that the British government’s Prevent programme views political activism in general as a potential ‘extremist’ threat to the state’s hegemonic construct of ‘British values’, including environmental, animal rights and anti-nuclear campaigning. These measures are already going some way to fulfil ISIS’s objective of eroding the "grey zone" in the west."

While I dispute the "We" frame, the statistics are incredible for what they show in the way of the War ON Terror mostly igniting it:

"We have spent well over $5 trillion on waging the ‘war on terror’, not just in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, but across the Middle East and central Asia. Over that period, US State Department data shows that terror attacks have skyrocketed by 6,500 percent, while the number of casualties from terror attacks has increased by 4,500 percent."


'... “an act of war” in Hollande’s words, targeted “against France, against the values that we defend everywhere in the world, against what we are: a free country that means something to the whole planet".'

Hollande is simply replaying Dubya's script after 9/11. I suppose we need to hear it again and again 'ad nauseum', just to remind us why we are at war?

If Amerika wanted an end to this war, all they would need to do is stop making war. All the time. Everywhere. Yet every time a terror attack happens on western soil, everything that happened before it is swiftly erased from the official memory. History does not exist, only the present exists. Isn't this exactly what the powerful mean when they say, "We have so much power that we can, and will, create the reality."? So now they create wars in places that were formerly peaceful, thereby "changing the facts on the ground".

We continue to remember the second world war, officially, as a formality. Yet, even after the devastation of that terrible war, it was acknowledged that very few people, even in government, had wanted it. The Western governments and the people knew that mankind had made a terrible mistake, for the second time that century. Governments, working together, had already attempted once to ensure that it would never happen again. They established the League of Nations. It failed, and was swiftly followed by world war two. Then we had the United Nations, which offered some reassurance, until it finally lost any vestige of authority after 9/11.

This is the third world war now, folks. Coming to a town near you.

"In everything but human affairs we are ready to adopt and apply the very simple scientific principle that what we see happen over and over again in given circumstances will, in similar circumstances, be very likely to repeat itself. It is on this principle alone that we are confident that the sun will rise tomorrow, that litmus paper will turn red if we dip it in acid, and that from a hen's egg will be hatched a chicken and not a rabbit. How is it, then, that we are not prepared to apply the same principle to human affairs and to accept as a conclusion from the repeated failure of human purposes the fact, or law, that we do not, and never shall, learn from our mistakes?

The reason is obvious. There is nothing particularly uncomfortable about accepting the laws of physics or chemistry or biology, but it would be very uncomfortable to accept as a law of human nature that we can do nothing, and that we never have learned, and therefore never will learn, from our mistakes. Such a conclusion would involve us in a change not only in our thoughts, but in our lives, which is a very different matter from accepting the laws of physics or chemistry."



I note that nuclear armed France, reviled for testing nuclear bombs in the Pacific as recently as 1975 and which sent its own terrorist to sink a ship in New Zealand , has now co-opted the anti-nuclear logo of the CND as a symbol----for what? The type of police state legislation the French Resistance gave their lives to fight against?

So do we now have to put up with the extreme Right versus the extreme mediaevalist theocrats? That's no choice.


Would that be the Greenpeace ship "Rainbow Warrior"-

Thirty years ago, French secret service blew up Greenpeace’s flagship Rainbow Warrior ship in Auckland, New Zealand, killing a Portuguese photographer, as the ship was preparing to head to sea to protest against French nuclear bomb tests in the South Pacific. Now the French intelligence agent who led the deadly attack has come forward for the first time to apologize for his actions, breaking his silence after 30 years. On July 10, 1985, Jean-Luc Kister led the dive team that planted the bombs on the Rainbow Warrior that sunk the ship and killed Greenpeace photographer Fernando Pereira. TV New Zealand’s program "Sunday" recently tracked down Jean-Luc Kister in northern France and spoke to him about what happened that day.

If this wasn't an admitted act of terrorism, I'm not sure how the French would or could frame the term-


This too will pass. Remember 9/11, 7/7 in London, the Madrid bombing, the Hebdo and more? The last thing we will hear is any reflections on their foreign policies towards the Middle East that fuel the Arab and Jewish wars. The only solution is non-interventions into those disputes. The West shouldn't be fighting religious and ethnic wars in Middle East in 2015. The West have been in war against terror since 1991 Kuwaiti war and hardly anything has changed even after over 4 million people dead. It's time to stop all interventions as well as all weapons sales or free weapons into those countries.
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"...this heritage of mutual acceptance" is the core of secular humanism.


I see the corporate media beating the drums of war-yet the public seems reluctant -and i give him credit, Obama seems unsure how to proceed. Some think ,and I'm sure the media dose,that this is where Bush and Clinton become the nominee's. I think these attacks raise the issue of choosing to invade Iraq. If people had listened to Bernie Sanders back then the world would be a much better place.


I am sorry that the irony of it escapes you.