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Islamic Declaration Blasts Short-Sighted Capitalism, Demands Action on Climate


Islamic Declaration Blasts Short-Sighted Capitalism, Demands Action on Climate

Jon Queally, staff writer

Just as scientists announce July was the hottest month in recorded history and ahead of a major climate summit in Paris later this year, an international group of Islamic leaders on Tuesday released a public declaration calling on the religion's 1.6 billion followers to engage on the issue of global warming and to demand their political leaders to take bold action to stem its worst impacts.


God sure misplaced His oil, now didn’t He…


I knew it!
The Pope is closet Muslim.

And this just in: In light of this Islamic Declaration, the FBI has announced that anyone caught conserving fuel or otherwise not doing their part to actively contribute to global warming will be charged with the material support of ISIS.


Pretty sure this piece will get lots of comments. One strategy that must be pursued is the reduction of the global human population. We know what works to curb explosive population growth and that is the reduction of poverty through the equitable sharing of the benefits of progress and the equal education of women and the equality of rights and autonomy.

Several of the points above hinted in that direction. Will Islam emerge into the modern world and allow the other half of its population equal rights, education, and autonomy? I am not dissing this initiative by Muslim environmentalists but this issue must be addressed in that religious culture. Christian tradition also continues to drag its feet on equal autonomy, rights, and choice.


Made me laugh, but you opened a door best left closed.


The representatives of the prophets have finally all spoken the same message on the environment. Of course they would, they all believe that the Earth is a gift to us from God. They also all have a history of encouraging economic justice, even if they do ignore it when it would cost them.

I wonder if that will have an effect of those who follow the profit. Those who think money will buy them clean air, or water, are not going to be as concerned about an afterlife. Not when this life has allowed them to buy their way out of whatever troubles they get in. Why would that change if there’s another life? Weren’t they shown the best favour in this life?


And another, of course, is to reduce overconsumption.


Mother Nature isn’t interested in all of our declarations, she only recognizes action. As long as the PPM of CO2 continue to rise she will ignore what we have to say.


Well, good luck to them. Ultra capitalists, with only one natural resource other than dates and dried fish…Im sure they will do anything possible to keep that oil in the ground.


haha I could almost hold up a “quiet on the set” card for you…I knew you would show up soon. Look it up lazy, the gulf states were mired in poverty until the british discovered oil under their countries. Newflash, Arab is not a race. I am sure the Arab countries would LOVE this idea of leaving all of their oil underground.


Your comment “ultra Capitalists” becomes insignificant when you realize that Usury (USAry) is against Moslem Law- These people don’t put others in debt with high interest like is par for the course here in the West-
I wish this Country could do half as much for their people as Colonel Muammar Gaddafi did for his- And he had Great plans for the African continent via his Huge aquifer resources and the myriad of canals that would help that continent to flourish- Instead, the West arranged Libya’s downfall and Gaddafi’s brutal death- Hillary Clinton giggled and thought it funny…
I can only pray that this bitch is NOT our next President-


Yes, and the British/BP also overthrew Iran’s democratically elected Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh, who nationalized Iran’s oil industry- Mossadegh was overthrown by a British / CIA Coupe and then installed that bloody Dictator Mohammad Reza Pahlavi- The “Shah” of Iran, with his Stasi secret police-Savak-
Yes, America and Britain have much to be proud of-


Haha…Usury is against Moslem law as is prostitution. So, let’s create hour long “marriages” to get around that little fact. Human nature is human nature my friend, same as profit is profit, and will be worked to the maximum advantage by all humans.I guess the Colonel was just waiting for the right moment, 45 years was just too short of a time to start implementing his master plan. Yep.


Haha…I think the only white man that is trying to tell them how to run their affairs is you. Otherwise we just buy their oil, something I wish we could get away from in the near future.


What they don’t understand is that Capitalist do not care about the Earth other than to make profit and Capitalist own the US Congress.


One essential point that does not appear in your post (with regard to reduction of human population) easy access to birth control.


Have you ever conceived of a thing called “justice”? Once conceived, opinions can be more firmly grounded.


You are full of shit Bligh and your words have nothing to do with what has occurred or Moslem Law- You just make it up as you go along- How pathetic-


Ouch! what a come back! Go tell mom that is time for lunch.


Well, hey Chicken! What exactly is your idea of “justice” regarding this point?