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'Islamic State' Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya


'Islamic State' Pretence and the Upcoming Wars in Libya

Ramzy Baroud

Another war is in the making in Libya: the questions are ‘how’ and ‘when’? While the prospect of another military showdown is unlikely to deliver Libya from its current security upheaval and political conflict, it is likely to change the very nature of conflict in that rich, but divided, Arab country.

An important pre-requisite to war is to locate an enemy or, if needed, invent one. The so-called ‘Islamic State’ (IS), although hardly an important component in the country's divisive politics, is likely to be that antagonist.


Prior to 2011, Libya was a peaceful country with the highest standard of living in Africa, under the leadership of socialist Muammar Gaddafi. At one time Libya had a higher per capita income than Italy.
Gaddafi irrigated the desert and Libya even bought real estate in Italy, its colonial oppressor.

The US/NATO humanitarian bombing and invasion, which killed thousands and maimed thousands more, turned Libya into one of the leading African hellholes. The western NATO capitalist nations now compete to divvy up Libya's wealth and resources.

The fact that this US/NATO operation was a case of capitalism successfully defeating socialism seems to be invisible to the mainstream media.


Wonder what ever happened to Gaddafi's reported 70-200 billion net worth? I'm sure everyone didn't just forget about it. Who owns it now?


"Wait what about all that money that was there just then?" I tried this at a murder mystery dinner once, and everyone was like "Who cares? Stop stopping us from having fun! It's fake money anyways!"


Prior to the invasion of Libya that country had stockpiled one of the largest Gold reserves in Africa. Qaddafi planned to issue a gold backed currency to be used for trade throughout Africa.

Around this time Germany made a request for the return of its gold stocked in French and US banks. It was suggested by many third parties that this gold did not exist. Both the US and French Governments indicated there would be a delay in sending back this gold.

France then took the lead in promoting an attack on Libya and the US joined in. After the fall of Libya some 150 tons of gold went missing. NATO suggested Qaddafi loyalists made off with it.

Shortly after the the French attacked Mali claiming it to suppress terrorism and protect French interests. Mali is one of Africa's largest gold producers.

France and the US than indicated they would start shipping gold back to Germany but that the process would take several years.

After the US sponsored coup in the Ukraine that countries gold reserves were loaded on planes on flown out of the country.


That was the money in the Libyan National Bank and the newly-formed Bank of Africa, not Ghaddafi's personal money. And the US and NATO countries simply stole it.

The gold reserves in Ukraine were flown out of that country last year, as well. That money probably ended up in the same mysterious, unknown place; let's call it the Bank of Crystal Blue Persuasion.


Isn't is all so very odd how ISIS can ride around the desert in convoys of trucks, bring in tanker trucks in which to load siphoned gas from the pipelines - such large amounts that they are actually selling it on the black market - and set up training camps, all without being seen by the amazing spy satellites we have operating? Isn't is all so very odd how we can't seem to find them to bomb them? One might think we weren't actually trying to stop them. One might think the whole shebang was a manipulated situation to create chaos and sell armament.


What was Bernie Sanders' position when we bombed the sh!t out of Libya in 2015? How does he feel about the big bad ISIS boogie-man? Does he promote the 'Iran is a boogie-man' meme?

Unless a candidate is willing to call BS on US War Propaganda, we can count on him being another Pentagon Lapdog if elected.