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Islamic State Wants Us to Reject Refugees and Increase Airstrikes


Islamic State Wants Us to Reject Refugees and Increase Airstrikes

Sonali Kolhatkar

When the brutal attacks in Paris occurred Friday night, social media was immediately abuzz with Facebook “safety checks” and breaking news reports that screamed ever-increasing death tolls in their headlines.


You're the last one who should talk of a 'primitive offering'.

That comment of yours was utterly vile. I suspect it's because you're one of the ISIS members who is working online to spread their propaganda of hate and fear.


In a society not beholden to sociopathic elites, NO Bush family member would dare to show his face, nor would souls so lacking in moral character be granted any public platforms or microphones.

Grandpa Bush (Prescott) funded the Nazis

George Bush, Sr. was at one time head of the CIA.

The CIA was instrumental in importing Nazis trained in engineering, science, and the science of BREAKING DOWN the human mind

Mind control and propaganda are required tools of any military state

Bush, Jr. was in the driver seat when wars were being FIXED against not just Iraq (See: Project for a New American Century), but also for a variety of nations across the Middle East (oil lands)

And this chump Jeb, part of the machinery of corruption that put his brother into office has the NERVE to designate the Christian Only "solution"?

"On Sunday, another, supposedly moderate Republican contender for the presidential nomination, Jeb Bush, unabashedly suggested that the U.S. ensure that only Christians among Syrian refugees receive asylum."

Who wouldn't love front row seats if Christ were to resurrect and call all those felonious misfits who made war in His name... to account?

This family is a CRIMINAL enterprise and yes, the Clintons have been initiated into the same covert cult of criminal corruption. It's a global disease!


"Us progressives" my ass, you liar.


I'm not an American. Bigot.


i bet you're a released inmate of an institution for the criminally insane!

See how great the internet is? You can say whatever baseless made-up shit you want, and it just sits there.


Keep repeating made-up shit! You really are an escaped inmate!