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Islamic State: Why So Resilient?


Islamic State: Why So Resilient?

Paul Rogers

Ten years after the attacks in London on 7 July 2005 (7/7) and nearly fourteen years after those in New York on 11 September 2001 (9/11) which provoked the "war on terror", there is no end in sight to this long conflict. Today, the proto-caliphate of Islamic State - the latest manifestation of the al-Qaida idea - has done more than just survive its first year.


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Saddam and Muammar were the devils we knew. Now we have, as Rumsfeld would say, “unknown unknowns.”


ISIS is so resilient for several reasons. 1. Non response of the arab nations or the west to their formation and expansion. (except maybe Jordan and the Kurds) the Iraqi army is basically their supply depot of weapons also. . 2. Plenty of secret funding from Saudi, Kuwait, ect. 3. They, like Mussolinni, make the trains run on time, in a matter of speaking. 4. They promise that Muslims will get their “Place in the Sun” and rule everyone else. 5. They are basically a death cult, so welcome death on the battlefield. 6. They kill anyone that does not fit into their scheme of things, or agree with their 7th century ideas.


A better analysis of the resiliency of the Islamic State is found in another article re-published today by CD. Sen. Graham, a mental giant, has explained how the Islamic State draws its sustenance from people like Medea Benjamin who are working hard to make the world a more dangerous place.


Medea Benjamin…



See the article above entited Hawkish Senator…as referred to in my post.


Correction: The Graham article was a CD original, not a re-publication.


Islamic State-why so resilient?

Monotheistic religions thrive on persecution. Bombing them won’t kill them. Beer, sex and TVs will do it far more effectively, though it takes longer…