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"Isn't Just Good Policy—It's Good Politics": 145 Groups Demand Biden Ban Fossil Fuel Execs and Lobbyists From Campaign and Cabinet

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/01/isnt-just-good-policy-its-good-politics-145-groups-demand-biden-ban-fossil-fuel


Biden’s response: Frack You. I’ll veto any no fracking bill and MC4ALL.

The most existential policies and Biden is a no vote , as usual. Like Biden doesn’t have a record as a political used car salesman. A campaign of status quo and obstruction of progressive policies is on track to re-elect Trump.

In 2016, it was hold your nose and vote for Clinton. In 2020 it
will require you puke then vote for Biden.


As an avowed Progressive, I certainly appreciate the underpinnings of this voice, however, my experience has been that energy matters are more complex than meets the eye. Further exploration and exploitation should be off of the table, but we do need to maintain critical infrastructure during the transition to better energy. Such infrastructure includes pipelines, refineries, and tankers, to name a few elements. To wholly exclude fossil fuel interests is to invite hazards and I think it naive. Well intentioned, but naive. It feels good, but it would not be good policy, in my opinion in this complex world in which the food we eat gets to market via fossil fuels at this time and will likely do so for quite some time. Again, I am against further exploration and exploitation of energy resources but think we need to think things through the transition and who will need seats at the table.

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Try to remember:

Nothing will fundamentally Change.

He and his puppet-masters meant that


From the first Standard Oil (Rockefeller) hole drilled, the oil monopoly has sabotaged any effort to ‘transition’ to any other energy form. Including carbon energy efficiencies.

As a result the effort to replace a sufficient amount of carbon is
six decades behind. There is no six decades remaining.


just to be clear–he is also willing to increase the money to racist cops-is a war monger of the first order-wants to deny M4A in time of pandemic-to deny UBI when so many are hurting through no fault of their own-truly a pathetic excise for a candidate and one who is so bad that for the second time the other racist will probably win re-election(don’t think Biden is a racist–look at his record-filled the jails with his crime bill(incidentally disenfranchising many black and brown voices)-wants to keep pot illegal-helped get rid of both the safety net for the poor and the protections against the depravities of the banking parasites with the elimination of Glass-Steagall-pushed hard for an illegal invasion and war(s)in the Middle East–this is NOT a “good” man–simply one who is just barely less evil than his opponent(mostly he can talk better and is less cruel and vicious–same basic policies however)


won’t do it–voting for evil is voting for evil and absolutely nothing is his record or his policies show me he is anything else but one of the purveyors of the dystopia that we are in –


Status quo Joe .


Yeah, just look at how well Barry’s similar promise held up in regard to all lobbyists. It lasted half way to his inauguration. How about “My entire career of bringing us to this point doesn’t count, I call do overs.”


I’ll remember this article when Biden is announcing his choices for treasury sec and chief economic adviser are Jaime Dimon and Tim Geitner.


Hey, look in the positive side! Maybe when Joe realizes he’s in the last year or two of his life he’ll just throw caution to the wind and go completely nuts and institute the most progressive agenda since the New Deal.
Almost choked on my coffee writing that one!


What WAS Joe talking about in Pixboig, an’at? Are them 33 microbreweries still closed? Where was he speaking from, Fred Rodgers set? Was the ENTIRE API Board there WITH him… maintaining 6’ social distancing? Any more of them skyscrapers get sold off to UPMC’s mysterious Columbian investors (since Equitable went under?) Any more week old fracked gaslines blow right-the-fuck-up like Columbia Gas’ Leach Xpress or that (ethane!) line, up past one of the two fracked airports, two ancient fission reactors or Beaver Run Reservoir? Is ExxonMobil still building yet ANOTHER giant ethane cracker, and has Shell’s slapped together 97 mile ethane collection system been installed right beside all them empty schools, hospitals & nursing homes? I’d been back, before the plague, buying pipe in McKeesport for one of Obama’s 19 Marcellus pipelines. But the main issue was crazy, drunked-up, inbred MAGA nuts MURDERING folks?





That’s OK. I feel like puking every day anyway. The current timeline is nauseating, and at this point, not voting for Biden because he’s got baggage is the equivalent of some MAGAfool karen refusing to wear a mask at Walmart by throwing a hissy fit and having to be carried outside by her poor husband who really wants to be washing his truck right now.


The differences between rational thought and corrupt mental illness (insanity) are displayed for all to see by this trump regime of exploitation, sale of our heritage and The Wild - the Natural World - to the highest bidder; pollution of public lands, and death for numerous species and critical habitat - humans included.

The climate crises means nothing to the exploitation profits-above-all-else jackals of the fossil-fuel conglomerate and they must be opposed and defeated in all ways and in all guises - and THAT is good Politics!

The trump regime and all who use it, control it, fund it are treasonous and care nothing about any sustainable future - apparently even for their own children - they must be rooted-out and every destructive criminal greed-driven act and “roll-back” of environmental sanity for insane exploitation reversed!

" The Trump administration is proposing to make it easier for oil and gas companies to drill on US forest service lands.

A [proposed rule would eliminate key environmental reviews and public notice requirements, according to environmental advocates.

Currently, 2.7 % of the acreage of the national forest system has been leased by energy industries. An analysis by The Wilderness Society finds that the changes would make drilling more likely on more than 9m acres of land with high, medium or moderate development potential in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Many of the forests are near tribal lands or include the traditional territories of indigenous peoples, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)."


Anyone claiming trump is in any way a rationale choice is delusional in the extreme, IMO.


It was very telling yesterday how Bidens people basically hid where this “speech” was going to take place for as long as possible. Only after a local news helicopter saw a stage being set up and a media transmission truck parked nearby did anyone even have an inkling of the location. And even then, it was a sparsely attended, very quick presentation, followed by a couple of even quicker one on one Q and As with a couple local reporters (I saw the one done by the Republican toady John Delano on channel two) who I’m sure had to get prior approval before a question could be asked.
And then Joe all but says fracking is cool and backhandedly admonished BLM protests, all but accusing them of being the violent ones. He then sung the praises of policemen, never once critiquing police brutality, and then was whisked away to the airport.
Who would have ever thunk it? We have a campaign for POTUS that features a Republican candidate telling us how evil the establishment and deep state are, and a democrat who sing theirs praises.
It’s like Opposite Day.


if we want to ban fracking, we will have to do it ourselves.


Joe’s Dilemma… 'Gee, I can do the right thing to save the country and yet it’s soooooo hard to ignore all that beautiful money that fossil fuels offers me. What to do? What to do???


People have got this BS fixed in their heads, thanks to Sanders, that they can elect a neoliberal oligarch, and pressure them into being a progressive. Sanders and the voting public are very wrong. If you want progressive politics, (and I’m saying “if”), then you must elect progressive politicians. Eight billion people are going to die for the crime of not learning this simple lesson early enough to stop the ongoing, human caused, climate change induced, extinction event.


Yes, maintain the petro infrastructure…but get busy building neighborhood-size safe nukes AND reducing demand via hyperinsulation of buildings, weight reduction of vehicles, and pervasive terabit ethernet.

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Best of luck! NYC was installing gas infrastructure, during the deaths of 27K citizens. Atlantic Coast & Constitution PL were stopped, until Warren Buffett buys them? But the two dozen slavering jakals at DNC’s “debates,” mostly there to ensure 1.9 million fracked wells (along with stomping down M4A, Tax reform, BLM, $25/hr & FIRE Sector regulations). Shit, if Hillary’d won, we’d have 25K new wells, 5 big ethane crackers, 7-8 LNG terminals, 5 DilBit pipelines and TLPs off Alaska, Venezuela, Gaza, Cuba! We’ve no SAY, either way? Bloomberg, Bezos, Koch, Gates… it’s THEIR party & we’ll fry, if they want to? They’ll coup who they WANT too…