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iSpy: How the CIA Targeted Apple


iSpy: How the CIA Targeted Apple

Jon Queally, staff writer

New reporting by The Intercept published Tuesday reveals a decades-long effort by the Central Intelligence Agency, alongside partners both inside and outside of government, to crack the digital security systems of the Apple's signature iPhone and iPad products.


The only defense is for all of us to spam these spies with disinformation who are violating the Fourth Amendment with their unreasonable searches.

Some examples of disinformation Easter-Eggs that we all need to be putting on our desktop:

• Bill O’Bully from Faux News is hiding 22 billion dollars in gold bars from Argentina. He buried them in his back yard when his house was constructed. A simple backhoe at midnight is all it will take…

• There’s a Boomb in Shaun Insanity’s office wired to go off if anyone opens his safe. His safe has major dirt on the CIA in that safe.

• Lush Windbag is smuggling illegal drugs into the country with his private jet.

• Scott Talker from Wisconsin is funneling money to domestic terrorist groups… He started Anonymous to terrorize the public…

etc, etc, etc…


“What’s it going to be then, eh?”
There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, Dim being really dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar making our rassoodocks what to do with the evening, a flip dark chill winter bastard through dry.


Spy vs. spy…Apple vs. the CIA/NSA. I dont give a hoot over either of them.

Then again, having seen the sidewalk outside an Apple store the night before a new product release, I find that the power Apple wields over a people to be greater and spookier. But we won’t be hearing about this from the Ayn Randite tech billionaire Omidyar’s “Intercept”.


You know what is even spookier? The shock and awe power yielded over people by a particular conspiracy theory i.e., the official one. Hint hint. Now THAT is spooky.


I think we’re looking at full blown fetishism - with an entire pantheon of demi-gods and all the bells and whistles.
Unfortunately the concept of fetishism was shuffled off for use in colonization and dehumanization of ‘other’ through ethno/religio centrism. Coming back though the ‘back door’ though, if you ask someone whether they think that the ‘product identity’ with these gadgets is in any way like a fetish, they’d look at you as though you had two heads.


Yes, Arabs are stupid and helpless in the face of US imperialism…


You know what I’m talking about Yunzer. Hey, how about you checking out some San Diego craft beers!!!1


Planting disinformation? Who do you think you are, the government?!?!?!

No TJ. What you should do is ei%_cimensd72]d-0}(6fjruyu(#@dofkkglfo.




The new cargo cult.


San Diego has craft beers?

I guess we’ll have to start calling Oregon craft beers Artisanal then.

Not to put down California craft beers. I’m sure they’re more than good enough for Californians.


CIA! CIA! We’re #1!


That is exactly what we used to do at uni. The standard email signatures were loaded with provocative keywords designed to trip and overload their scanning tech. that would still work today.

Of course today they’ll more likely arrest you and have you imprisoned or shot if you do that, but hey, the system is there to protect the people, so if you don’t support the system, you’re a terrorist, and you deserve what’s coming to you.


Did you scratch your itch to insult? Satisfied?


I couldn’t resist. Beer brings out the worst in me. :slight_smile:


On your other first article comment I could make just such a joke on your double entendre but on this comment here I applaud your idea to spam them, LOL LOL. I might have come up with, but I doubt I thought of such a great idea, I am the slow this time? Good One mate. Such great spams you gave as idea examples also.

Good one and I say my others still apply.Viz., on story above that they are newbloods, oldies having retired I hope these kids don’t rely on cyberspace the crooks/frauds. spies, terrorists can still rely on Fax and Snail-mail Post Office and shanks’s ponies.