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Israel Arrests Ahed's Relatives, Including A Child Missing A Third Of His Skull After They Shot Him


Israel Arrests Ahed's Relatives, Including A Child Missing A Third Of His Skull After They Shot Him

Ever-vengeful Israeli forces undertook a night raid on occupied Nabi Saleh to arrest 10 relatives of Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, including her 15-year-old cousin Mohammed whose shooting prompted the slap that put Aheb in prison on "assault" charges. After the boy, who faces more surgery, was interrogated, an Israel official said he "confessed" he was injured when he fell off his bike; remarkably, he also dismissed the medical records of bullet removal as "fake news." The Tamimi family, he charged, embody “a culture of lies and incitement.” Savage pot/steadfast kettle.


I guess I can still be shocked at how obscene the police state has become. Sure to come to your little town soon as well.


I hope Ahed survives this. I have much doubt. She is too articulate, too attractive and to intelligent for the Israeli butchers to let her live much longer.
But…Some day the illegal entity known as ‘Israel’ will lose and the Palestinians will get their nation back. That will be a great day. A great day. Let us hope any good and decent ‘israelis’ who have fought for Palestinians survive and escape back to their homelands or are welcomed to stay safely in Palestine.


You would think the Jews, of all people, would recognize that any country which adopts a national policy of genocide and ruthlessly and relentlessly enforces that policy, decade after decade, generation after generation, had long ago forfeited the right to exist.


Fascist fucking scum. The Jews who were incinerated and gassed during the Holocaust must be spinning in their graves, to see their descendents behaving like their former tormenters.

History will not be kind to you, Zionist slime. This does not end well for you, or for Israel.


Here is a question: Why do we the people of the U.S. allow our government to use our taxpayer dollars to fund, arm, support, and defend the Zionist government of Israel?


she’s also too visible and well known to off easily. That would backfire spectacularly on Israel. They’ll find another way. Probably just let her rot in prison until it blows over. But that will take awhile.

The Palestinians are an exceptionally strong people. Even if the Israeli’s take her out of the fight, there will be another lion to rise. And another. And another.


One more chapter in one of the saddest conflicts on earth. Also one of the most misreported and under-reported in the US.


The depravity and exceptionalist racism of the Israeli zionist state knows no bounds. Racism and terrorism cloaked in “religious” garb…


Drummed into us until we are virtual Orwellian robots is that anti-Semitism is a grave wrong. So we should not criticize or hold responsible the perpetrators of these monstrous acts, and that’s because they are organized Jews acting as Jews and on behalf of Jews against Palestinians, and criticizing them would be anti-Semitic

So, hold the opprobrium and send them your tax dollars.


Unfortunately, Israel is the best armed and most strategically located U.S. military base. Not really a nation on it’s own, but a satellite of U.S.


What is it about that revolutionary passion for justice one sees in Ahed’s defiant eyes? And before her, the eyes of Rachael Corrie, and before her, the eyes of Che Guevara, and before him, another Palestinian revolutionary fighting a different empire occupying Ahed’s neighborhood, and was about her age 2005 years ago?


Probably so Drone…


we can only hope. Can’t blame anyone for expecting the worst outta the Israelis at the moment.