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Israel Calls on Citizens to Track and Report Activists in 'Ruthless' War Against BDS


Israel Calls on Citizens to Track and Report Activists in 'Ruthless' War Against BDS

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amplifying the growing crackdown on dissent and specifically the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement for Palestinian rights, the Israeli government this weekend unveiled a new initiative to track and deport activists suspected of supporting the campaign.


BDS works! Israel is screaming like a stuck pig over BDS. AIPAC is ordering its bought government officials to ban or criminalize BDS and criticism of Israel.

  • The Red Queen has stated one of the first things she will do after her coronation will be to have Netanyahu to the White House for dinner. The second thing is to raise our taxpayer’s annual tribute to Israel from $3 billion to $4.5 billion in arms. I imagine we’ll all be able to watch on TV as she gives him a big juicy kiss to seal the deal.
  • BDS works and We the People of the World should be using the same tactic to bring to heel all of the greedy, repressive, war making nations of the world.
  • If one of those billionaires loses a buck, he begins to hemorrhage. If we have nothing to do with their businesses, and quit buying their cheap junk, if we quit using their high interest plastic, we could really have our bloodless revolution. When their bottom line drops, they’ll start to squeal. When that doesn’t work, they’ll come to the table.


Israel gets $3 billion, seriously, that’s the tip of the berg. The actual number is likely ten times that amount. AIPAC controls all politicians and any criticism of Israeli policies is demonized as Ant-semitism or self hating jews in the case of Prof. Finkelstein.


I agree. There are a great many appalling people in the world who should be boycotted for their illegal and inhumane behaviours. Now about that bombing campaign that dropped 2.7 million tonnes of bombs on Vietnam and sprayed Agent Orange over 1/5th of the country; that invasion of neutral Cambodia; the support at the UN for Pol Pot and his vile henchmen who make even the Isrealis and our friends the Saudis look civilised; that illicit bombing of Laos. Yes, I know it was a long time ago, but reparations have yet to be paid. Oh yes, torture is illegal, even in USAian law. Ah, well, one can’t buy anything made in the USA these days anyway; it’s all “Made in China”.


Deck, Try reading Max Blumenthal’s book “Goliath” then tell us about Israel’s ‘democracy’. Apartheid zionist society is more like it.


A mere observation old chap. Pol Pot and his thugs would have long ago murdered all those incarcerated in Israel’s Gaza Ghetto and assorted refugee camps into which their grandparents had been forcibly removed in 1948. The Palestinians should be grateful to the Israelis, don’t you think?

Do you not think that we should also boycott China, whose attitude to human rights is also rather vile?


Wow. I do not see hatred in George’s reply. Please explain how. And if his statements display ignorance, please enlighten us all.


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