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Israel Denounced for Plans to Name Train Station After Trump Following Jerusalem Decision


Israel Denounced for Plans to Name Train Station After Trump Following Jerusalem Decision

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics say the move is "yet another indicator of the broad collusion between the U.S. and Israel," and illustrates "the inability of the U.S. to be a broker of any kind of just peace between Israel and Palestinians."

Donald Trump


Jeepers! Does that f**ker have to have his name on everything?


I think it would be more appropriate to name the train station’s toilet after him.


They will no doubt one day regret this decision. Think about it. It is like naming your daughter Barbie.


It is hard to fathom why the Israeli government would name a train station after a leader of a antisemitic movement. The Israeli government must know that the white nationalist movement is antisemitic and full of Jewish conspiracy theories. No matter how right wing the Israeli government is it can’t be antisemitic. So things should be made clear. Trump is leading a movement to separate the races, the movement believes whites are superior to other races, particularly with regard to IQ, and when the movement refers to whites that does not include Jews.


Just another brick in the wall…

Every time I go off-line to do something and come back trumpism just gets a little bit weirder…the photo of him at the wall is so bizarre, does he even have a clue as to what he is touching?


Yeah. It could then be renamed “Donald dump” station.


Yes, but Trump has in his tent the extreme evangelical Christians (think Roy Moore types) who think that Israel and its people are God’s chosen. They were actually trying to breed some kind of calf in the US to send to Israel so that the apocalypse could begin. Since Trump and his people have no integrity they can include a lot of hypocrites and people whose one hand can be doing one thing and the other can be doing the exact opposite. Of course - it is insanity. isn’t that the definition of a Trump presidency - insanity?


Sucking up works most excellently on Trump.


“Donald John Trump” station?
More like the prictator pussy dump-off …


Better idea! Name a new strain of cancer-laden feces after him! And even THAT would be insulting to the feces!!! GRRRRRR!!!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Nope. You’ll never see his name on any legislation that benefits We the People!
(i.e. Single-Payer)


The hideous stench from this regime and especially its fish-head fake-prez could not possibly get any more ripe…then again…


What can you expect from a narcissist.


Fascism stops for nothing. Even Train Stations are affected…


How about calling it “Heil Trump Station”? What could be better than naming an Israeli train station after an American fascist with rabid Nazi followers? The symbolism is mind-numbing. The marriage is repulsive.


A better idea. How about a compromise? Rather than naming a train station after Dumb Donny, build him a permanent home there. Then have Transportation Minister Katz use his transportation expertise to transport Donny there.


Just when I think things can’t get any crazier, they do. Ex-Gov Mike Huckabee says Trump is comparable to Churchill. Israel wants to name a train station after him. I’m waiting for one of the televangelist ministers to declare him the new Messiah. Perhaps he will try to walk on water–very, very deep shark-infested waters. One can only hope.


Nice diversionary tactic.

And everyone made allusions to dump’s relationship with putin…it was bibi under the covers all along…


Maybe they’re not bright enough to figure that out.