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Israel Is Killing Children Asleep In Their Homes. Humans. Not Numbers.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2019/11/14/israel-killing-children-asleep-their-homes-humans-not-numbers


Disgusting. We must stop all US money flowing into the hands of their oppressor’s.


Jews everywhere should repudiate what is being done in their name, by the self-described Jewish State, and should oppose AIPAC’s illicit interference in U.S. elections to get aid and support In and around this horror, or be considered complicit and de facto justifiers of non-bigoted antisemitism. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

U.S. citizens (and others) in positions of influence in this arena should have the courage make plain the lies and specious arguments that seek to justify this horror, the most blatantly specious being that of self-defense.


So Islamic extremists from Gaza are firing literally hundreds of rockets into Israel, not targeted but just in hopes of killing as many as possible, and they expect Israel to do nothing in return? They claim as a goal the killing or expulsion of almost all the Israeli Jews and they expect Israel to cooperate with that? Not going to happen.
Muslims should be protesting the use of terror by “Islamic” Jihad.
Peace loving people should be demanding BOTH sides stop the transgressions and seek compromise, the only possible way to actually improve the situation.

It’s not ok to kill even one child. That was a choice that Israel made. The choice of the powerful.


Boycott, Divest, Sanctions - it is the ONLY thing that will stop this!!! WE have blood on our hands!!!


I think you need to remember, Israel struck the first blow. Are the Gazans supposed to allow themselves and their people to be bombed just because Israel does not want them to exist? Israel is in the wrong. No twisting of words or history can change that.


What an a__hole you are Barry! Israel murders innocent children / people / human beings and you blame them / others. Unbelievable.


PLEASE read these:

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe (Israeli Jewish historian forced to leave and now teaching in England)

The General’s Son: Journey of an Israeli Through Palestine by Miko Peled, formed IDF soldier and son of decorated IDF General Matti Peled.


Hi Barry:
Here’s some very sad news.
The International Community supported draft resolutions calling for a nuclear free Middle East.This also requires the arms race to stop, and also that the arms race will end for outer space, plus ending the blockade of Cuba. The vote was almost 100% for this move. toward Peace. ONLY TWO nations did not support this : Israel and America. : (
towards peace


as long as this has been going on I will have to lump All Jews together on this one, what is the solution?

I see, so it your contention that if you are robbed by a Black person in New York City , it is ok for you to go kill black children in Chicago?

That would make for one twisted individual.

None of these murdered children launched any of those alleged rockets.

This a link to quotes made by Israeli leaders. Why are the proclamations of a Hamas front and center while these quotes by Political leaders of Israel ignored?


Even if they had, a people who are wrongfully imprisoned, oppressed, occupied, attacked, etc… have a right to fight back in defense of themselves. I hate that anyone has to be harmed or killed, but the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have International Law on their side.

It is ironic (not really… it is deflection) that Israel claims self defense when they are the offenders!

No one steals their land, cages their people, imprisons their children, kills them with impunity. No one destroys their infrastructure, controls their ability to get food and water, puts up road blocks and checkpoints in their land, attacks and kills on almost a daily basis. Not to mention puts settlers on their land and divides the country in to small parcels with huge portions that are blocked for them to even cross, much less use. Destroys their homes, trees, farms, water wells, springs… and the list could go on for hours.

No, it is Israel that does this to the Palestinians. And this is on Palestinian land… Palestine, NOT Israel. This is not Israel claiming their rights over their own sovereign land… it is Palestinian land that Israel is trying to expand into and claim for themselves. This is NOT allowed under International Law.

It is a one sided issue which, because our government is complicit, is spoken of as two equally powerful people fighting and Israel is defending itself against an evil force.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Israel is the evil force. They need to be held accountable, as do we (the USA).


Exactly and the quotes I linked to above make it very clear. The creation of the State of Israel was always about stealing the land of others and was premised around replacing the inhabitants of Palestine with Europeans. The creation of that state was in and of itself a war crime forced upon the peoples of Palestine by nations that were antisemitic .


Yes, the problem was started by racists long before the opportunity came for them to enact it. From the 1800’s then through Balfour and WWII (and it wasn’t just Germany. Even the USA turned them away as refugees).

The biggest problem is where do we begin now? As someone asked earlier, what is the solution?

There are really only two viable solutions… and one state is not on the list. Apartheid is already in action. One state would just validate it.

So if two states… what borders? Original Partition plan (1947-48)? Pre-1967 borders?


Personally, I prefer 1948… it leaves more options for compromise. But even that is maybe too generous. A contiguous (and sovereign) land for both needs to be part of the deal.

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And I waste my days worrying about my stupid country and Donald Trump. His is a madman’s fast-tracking race to hell. The people in these pictures are in hell. I thought I could not cry anymore.

Why is America not seeing these images in the media? If it were so…this shit would stop NOW!


And the invasion and brutality continues.

From Counterpunch:

At least 33 massacres of Palestinian civilians were perpetrated, half of them before a single Arab army had entered the conflict, hundreds of villages were depopulated and razed, and a team of cartographers was sent out to give every town, village, river, and hillock a new, Hebrew name. All vestiges of Palestinian habitation, history, and culture were to be erased from history, an effort that almost succeeded.

Israel, which claims to be the “only democracy in the Middle East,’ decided not to declare official borders or to write a constitution, a situation which continues to this day. In 1967 it took still more Palestinian and Syrian land, which is now illegally occupied territory, since the annexation of land through military conquest is outlawed by modern international law. It has continued this campaign of growth through armed acquisition and illegal confiscation of land ever since.

Individual Israelis, like Palestinians and all people, are legally and morally entitled to an array of human rights.

On the other hand, the state of Israel’s vaunted “right to exist” is based on an alleged “right” derived from might, an outmoded concept that international legal conventions do not recognize, and in fact specifically prohibit.


The rockets from Gaza, more like fireworks rather than weapons of mass destruction, are a necessary response to the unjust imprisonment of millions of innocent Palestinians. The rockets are the least that these people can do to protest the illegal incarceration of the entire population. make all Palestinians equal citizens of Israel or else expect the world to continue its effort to end apartheid in Israel. All Jews should disgusted by the way Israel conducts itself. Free the Palestinians and all violence will disappear.


Well put.