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Israel Is Killing Children Asleep In Their Homes. Humans. Not Numbers.

The solution is to free all Palestinians and give them equal citizenship as their oppressors enjoy. It’s called a ‘multi-cultural society’ as is quite common in developed countries. The “One State Solution” is what Palestinians seek.

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I am just worried that it will open the door for Israel to take all of the land and still hold complete control over the Palestinians. Maybe I am being cynical, but Israel does not have a very good track record of keeping promises made.

Still, it is not my decision… it is for the Palestinians to decide.


It’s been nine years since senior Hamas leadership declared their belief in Israel’s right to exist within the 1967 borders. That you declare otherwise is lying. Hamas – not Islamic extremists – is firing its rockets in response to another targeted assassination by Israel, this time so targeted that it killed 34 people.

Yes, peace loving people want both sides to stop the violence. But one side – Israel – holds all the power in there. Don’t you think the peace process depends on them, a country whose leadership has publicly stated they have no reason to negotiate because they are “winning” and grabbing Palestinian land pretty much at will?


In many parts of the world it is illegal to speak out against the Israeli government. Even in the USA, laws are being passed to silence critics. To the point where people were being asked to sign a form of loyalty oath to receive hurricane assistance aid in Texas.

That and “donations” given to politicians… advertising dollars… CNN fired Marc Lamont Hill for telling the truth. It is being hidden every possible way to shield Israel and the USA from being accountable for their crimes against humanity.


“When Israel’s military begins to attack, so does its army of online trolls”

“War Profiteer Story”


Sanders is the only candidate that takes a real stand on the occupation.


There is a certain irony to the 2016 election… the other candidate that spoke up against aid to Israel was Rand Paul. Hell, I would have voted for him over Hillary if I had the chance.

Edit to add before I am flamed: This was the 2016 Rand… not the 2019 Rand.

Agree, and leaders of Jewish descent/faith need to take the lead on this issue (as some are). Makes it harder for Israel to use their “trick” of calling anyone who disagrees with their policies anti-semitic.


No, they call them “Self Hating Jews”.

But an example of those you mention is:

And they even respect us Goys!


Not that one could not easily repudiate the fact free drivel you are promoting, but when you are defending the slaughtering of children you are honestly not even worth the effort. Fuck you. Seriously.


And for those that think this is just an issue thousands of miles away… it has been imported and indoctrinated into our “police” force. Wonder why our police are more violent and more a military occupation force than the “To Protect and to Serve” BS that they claim…

Quote from the page to download this report:

Deadly Exchange: The Dangerous Consequences of American Law Enforcement Trainings in Israel demonstrates that the U.S. law enforcement agencies’ endorsement of Israel’s use of invasive surveillance, blatant racial profiling, and brutal force as a model for policing puts us all in danger.

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we saved the jews in the 1940s’ who will save the Palestinians before they are all GONE?


We will. Not the US government… they have been bought and paid for. It is up to us the people to break through the wall of disinformation and well orchestrated cover-ups and lies.

And we have to do it NOW. Time is running out.


But think about it…

His/her hasbara (propaganda) has initiated a HUGE response of fact to counter the lies.

As much as they might think they are helping the cause of Israeli oppression… they are really serving our cause to expose the lies.

I know… pretty screwed up way of looking at it. But the more they complain and fight us (and BDS) the more we gain exposure and a place to speak out against the lies.

It used to be that a comment like barry’s would shut us up. Now it just makes our voices louder.

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It is not a Jewish issue… it is an Israeli government policy issue. The conflation of ethnic/religious/government is intentional to make critics of murder and genocide by a government be dismissed as anti-Semitic. The irony is, the Palestinians are Semitic too. Even more so than the Israeli’s of Euro origin that for the most part control the government. The Euro Israeli’s are descendent from converts by chioce. The Palestinians are genetically linked by birth.

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I can’t edit… I wanted to add this to my last post.

Edit to add: The whole Semitic thing is based on the three sons of Noah. Shem, Ham, and Japheth and the story to explain how they repopulated a world destroyed by their god. So it is all based on myths written down from a multitude of oral histories 1,000 years after the fact, if there was any actual fact at all which is doubtful if you believe in science, math, and your own eyes.

But the attitude of god being the destroyer plays well into the hands of those who claim to be god’s chosen people that want to destroy and claim god said it was okay.

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Israel will always have a term to use on people who call them on their atrocities, deflection at it’s finest. The link you posted and leaders like Sanders, are exactly who I was referring to in my post above.


Taglit-Birthright Israel (Hebrew : תגלית ‎), also known as Birthright Israel or simply Birthright, is a not-for-profit educational organization that sponsors free ten-day “heritage trips” to Israel for young adults of Jewish heritage, aged 18–32. Taglit is the Hebrew word for discovery.

Discover why death to others is your birthritual.
Circumcision causes psychosis. Circumcision makes the equilibrium of terror and the fortune of gun merchants. The collective and transgenerational syndrome of Munchhaüsen by proxy gives a startling description of the circumcising psychosis . The repercussions of that collective and contagious madness are extremely serious.

From experience I can state with some confidence that barry is not troll.

A moderate. A Zionist. An Israel apologist. Sure. But that doesn’t make him a troll.


Jews everywhere and all people that believe in humanity should boycott Israel today tomorrow until the killing stops.