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Israel Just Dropped the Pretense of Equality for Palestinian Citizens

Israel Just Dropped the Pretense of Equality for Palestinian Citizens

Yousef Jabareen
The Israeli Knesset on Thursday passed into law a bill designed to make a permanent underclass of Palestinian citizens. It threatens to set the country on a course to full-blown Jewish theocracy.
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Israel sure does its best to try and make me hate Jews. Sorry you pig-state, I just hate the Zionists’ delusions of entitlement. And yet again, I must post:


My god thats brilliant.

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Israel keeps lurching right. I believe even Jews who are not orthodox have sort of a secondary status in Israel. Zionism began as secular movement but has been taken over by religious Zionists and the most extreme religious Zionists at that. The Israeli political system is a mess and has allowed tiny religious extremist parties to have tremendous influence and and for some recent the system has recently produced corrupt individuals to lead Israel. The country keep going more to the right and there is more suppression of the press and left wing activist groups. And fundamentally Israel has never resolved the conflict between being a democratic state and being a Jewish state. Rather than moving to try to resolve this fundamental conflict the result has been more and more to move toward being a Jewish state and disregarding the democratic part.


From the article:

“Imagine if Trump and the Republican Party passed a constitutional amendment declaring the U.S. to be officially a Christian state, formally subordinating the country’s democracy to right-wing, fundamentalist Christian principles, and encouraging American cities and towns to exclude Jews, Muslims and indigenous Americans.”

That’s exactly what Mike Pence—and entirely too many others like him—have in mind for us. Push for impeaching Twitler if it makes you feel good, but the downside risk is YUUUUUGE!

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A sham with no shame

Benjamin NuttyYahoo, the intelligent Trump Dump.

Israel, like America, can no longer lay claim to the moral high ground.

I don’t think either country ever had a claim to the moral high ground. Both were countries created by the theft of land and by blood.

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There used to be plenty of Palestinian (as in actually semetic) jews, turns out that did not make them any less disposable.

See: Ban, Muslim.

This is factually incorrect. All citizens of Israel, regardless of race, religion, or national origin have the same legal rights under the law. It is home to the richest, freest and most educated Muslim population in the Middle East. It is home to the only Muslim population that has equal access under the independent judicial system.

The history of the anti-Zionist Jewish Labour Bund is very revealing.

Well said. You are correct!

Having the same legal rights and being able to use those same equal rights are two quite separate things. Blacks in the US have the same rights, but practicing them is not equal at all. The same can be said about gays in the US.
All men are created equal is the ideal of the US, yet some are more equal than others is the practice. Which is why palestinians under Israelis rule complain about the lack of rights in Israel.