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Israel-Linked Assassinations: How Much Is the US Really Involved?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/01/05/israel-linked-assassinations-how-much-us-really-involved

After 8 June 1967 when Israeli fighters tried to sink the USS Liberty that was clearly flying the Stars and Stripes, and came back for more attacks when it did not immediately go down, I tend to not trust the state of Israel a whole hell of a lot. We were a neutral party in the Six-Day War, but shot to hell by a supposed ally. Fuck the state of Israel. Shalom.


The two single most venal and murderous “rogue states” on the planet. They are joined at the hip and there no way the USA is not involved in all of these hits performed by the Mossad.

As far as the USA goes it the same thing with all of those right wing coups in Latin America. The US pretends they are taken by surprise but it turns out that prior to virtually everyone the peoples behind the coup are visiting the US Embassy shortly before. It like going to a Mafia don to get his blessing on the next hit.


Not brought up by the author in this good piece, but lets not forget John Bolton is in MEK’s pocket also.



Captain Boycott was a land agent for an exploitative landlord in county Mayo. To protest evictions the Land League persuaded Boycott’s workers to down tools and local shops not to serve him.
Consciousness of a better way or a greater good is a prerequisite for change. We are also part of a web of consumerism, so back to Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions.

Israeli products to steer clear off include:
Pampers, Victoria’s Secret,
Israeli dates, Sabra hummus, Pastures of Eden feta,
Soda Stream and Eden Springs bottled water,
Ahava and Moroccanoil beauty products
Corporations complicit in the occupation and oppression of Palestinian people include:
Volvo, Intel, HP, Motorola and McDonalds


Mafia is an apt term.