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Israel Lobbies Slam Ilhan Omar Even as They Try to Bankrupt Small Leftist Arkansas Paper Over Israel Boycott


Israel Lobbies Slam Ilhan Omar Even as They Try to Bankrupt Small Leftist Arkansas Paper Over Israel Boycott

Juan Cole

First-term Congresswoman Ilhan Omar refuses to back down on her criticism of the Washington Establishment for demanding that representatives “pledge allegiance” to Israel or risk being smeared as un-American.

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Any public servant who pledges allegiance to a foreign power is a traitor by definition.
Where are all those wannabe heroes who swore an oath to protect the country and its constitution against foreign and domestic enemies?
Oh, that rights, they are blowing up school buses and wedding parties half a world away.



The Zionists are the root of all Evil, in the Middle East and beyond.

The Duopoly and the Zionists are in bed together, and getting their “Hate” on.

Stop the madness, leave behind your support for Hate.

Reregister as anything other than a stooge of the Duopoly.

Stop being used.



Always worth a reminder: Omar was charged with anti-semitism by dems and repubs alike – the automatic attack for any criticism of the apartheid regime in Israel. She should retract her apology, she had nothing to apologize for, especially in the face of Israel’s violence and settlement policies.




I’m so sick of Israel. They should be disbanded and shipped to the far corners of the world. Period. Which would actually be the real first time in history because the supposed expulsion nearly 2,000 years ago didn’t happen (there is no contemporary support in documents from the Romans who documented the heck out of their actions).
I grew up believing Jews were courageous fighters for human rights and civil liberties. I grew up believing the story of Israel as scrappy heroes taking back their land after two millenia. I grew up educated (in Catholic school) that the Arabs were unholy and that the Crusades were good. I remember cheering on the Israeli’s with my college Jewish and other buddies in 1967.
Eventually the extent and depth of the lies began getting through my “mis”-education. Or the idea of the holocaust being the justification for Israel. But the worst holocaust deniers use the existence of the holocaust to deny the lessons of the holocaust (starting with never again).
I’ve long noted that many Jews do not always line up with Israel or any Zionists. But they seem so few. When charges of anti-Semitism get thrown around I see few Jews stand up to say, “Stop it.” I’ve finally begun calling the larger bulk of Jews who sit by the sidelines, the “good Jews” with much the same flavor as the “good Germans” in WWII.
If Israel is not called to account, especially by Jews in general, they will have constructed a new round of anti-Semitism for all Jews. This cannot be right.



Thank you, Juan Cole, for the breath of sanity you bring to the conversation. And thank you for that video. in which Congresswoman Omar is impressively eloquent.



Crawl back under your Hasbara lies and propaganda rock! Maybe you don’t realize how Israel is a supremacist racist entity dedicated to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by force and terror and premeditated 'wars" to steal territory to be for Jews only…how the pro-Israel lobby subverts American sovereignty and those who support their cloaked first-loyalty to that foreign power are treasonous in their actions and support for israeli racism and ethnic cleansing…but then again it seems clear you do…

BDS! Zionism IS racism!



This is why we need public financing of all elections which directly have influence/voting on matters of nat’l security and foreign policy. It’s Animal Farm on growth hormones with these hyper-Israeli sychophants and Democratic donors or " whales ". $$$ is the problem.
The first victim of war is the truth, purportedly. The victims are going to piling up in Congress and in our university systems, et al if this isn’t ended.



What Ilhan Omar has done is commendable. She has caused the first crack in the unconditional support of vile Israel policies against the Palestinians. This far, it would have been political suicide for any politician to criticize Israel. And of course the cowards on both sides of the aisle fell into line thus far. But now that Omar has created the first crack in the Israeli armor, and (hopefully) will survive the massive blowback, it will encourage more future politicians to speak out and may be one day lead to a more humane Middle East US Foreign Policy. I think with Omar’s statement, the genii is out of the bottle. And that’s what probably scares the daylights out of groups like AIPAC and right wing idealogues, not to mention the far right in Israel.



Apparently, a democrat-sponsored resolution essentially condemning Omar is going to be up for a vote. This will be where the left can stand up to political pressure and commit to values of its own.

It’s time to turn a crack in Israel’s armor into a growing fissure. Can anyone say ‘litmus test?’



What better proof is needed to prove that our government is bought and sold?

Direct Democracy

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The separation of church and state doctrine evidently says nothing about political bribes. from religions and foreign powers.



I must clarify my previous comment - I’m not sure what happened with that comment - it was supposed to answer another commenter I deemed a Hasbara propagandist, but cannot find that poster and they are not ID’d as who I thought I was responding to,…I did NOT in any way mean to reflect negatively on Professor Cole, who I admire, as it might seem now. I am at a loss to explain what happened…mea maxima culpa!

My sincere apologies to all and especially Juan Cole for my apparent error and stupidity!