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Israel Makes Arrests Following Arson Attack in West Bank


Israel Makes Arrests Following Arson Attack in West Bank

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Israeli police on Sunday arrested several people in connection with the deadly arson attack on July 31 which killed an 18-month-old baby and his father and severely wounded his mother and brother in the West Bank neighborhood of Duma.


As i’ve roundly condemned Nethanyahu and Israel’s apartheid actions especially those delusional Zionist beliefs in ‘Greater Israel’ and building settlements on other countries land because they can due to the unconditional support of the world’s biggest bully - the US. It’s only fair that i congratulate them for this bit of fairness.


I was surprised to read about the settlers attacks on christian sites and even rock throwing at our diplomats. Seems there is a line past which settlers cannot go.

Israel should prosecute all settler attacks against Palestinians just as they prosecute Palestinians (I hear throwing rocks is now punishable with ten years in jail) and not just when the worst happens like what happened to this poor innocent family and their baby.

Truly ugly and unjust. The illegal settlements are encouraged by the Israeli government (their facts on the ground - we stole it and now it is ours rationale) and the result of that encouragement is these horrors.

Why doesn’t Israel dismantle that particular settlement after this terrible incident? That needs to be asked.


It’s not fairness, it’s a reaction to BDS.

NetanyahuCo know they’re in trouble, and so they’re trying the well-attested method of giving 10% of the fairness they should be giving all the time, but don’t give. That change looks so big compared to business as usual that genuinely fair-minded, well-meaning people tend to overvalue it.


This isn’t directly apropos to this atrocity or LikudCo’s tepid public action, but it does speak to the fact that we can never be sure what the future will bring.

In 1636, in the tiny dorp (village) of Tharaw in East Prussia, now the village Vladimirovo in Kaliningradskaya Oblast’, a local poet, Simon Dach, wrote a love poem to Anna Neander, the 21yo orphaned daughter of the local pastor.

History isn’t clear whether he wrote on his own behalf or as a favor for a local aristo who was trying (without success) to court Anna, but it was such a beautiful love poem that for ~400 years it has charmed most who’ve heard it, including the composer Heinrich Albert, who put music to it, the poet and folklorist Johann Gottfried Herder, who translated it from Low Saxon to German, the composer Friedrich Silcher, who put to it the tune to which it’s sung today, and even Longfellow, who translated it into English.

You can listen to it in the original Low Saxon or in Standard German. For the LS version, look up Ännchen von Tharau - Das Original! ( “Anke van Tharaw”). For the Standard German version, Gotthilf Fischer’s choir does a nice rendition, but there are plenty others to choose from. The poem, as a song, is now firmly embedded in the tradition.

His poem for Anna is probably the only reason Simon Dach is still remembered today, and certainly the only reason anything is known about Anna’s very quiet life. I’m sure no one involved ever imagined that the poem would be deathless. But it is.

There’s just no knowing.


I cannot understand why you’ve posted this comment about a love poem in reaction to the incident of settler attacks and the murder of an infant and maiming of his family? It is a lovely idea and I wish you had added a link or even the poem itself but elsewhere. To write of love and poetry in this context is almost eerie and at best inappropriate and insensitive.

I simply cannot understand what you were thinking. Imagine family members who were perhaps expecting condolences or support reading about how lovely a poem is? Why include that and without including a contextual linkage to this terrible incident?

I am sorry my friend, you should delete this and post it elsewhere at some other time.


Is it? Most people, even in the midst of tragedy, hope that their suffering will never be replicated in anyone else’s life. And after a series of tragedies, it often seems as though nothing will ever be better. We see that kind of fatalistic depression around here almost constantly. Nothing can be done. It will only get worse. We’re doomed. Earth will become a planet devoid of complex life. We’ll all be dead in 30 years. Et repetitive cetera.

My point is that complex dynamics apply to most things, and that no matter how awful things look now, we simply cannot tell what the future will bring. Even if Dach had been a narcissist, he could never have expected that one poem of his to be remembered and sung around the world 400 years on when nobody cares about anything else he wrote. Nor could he have predicted that people would memorialise the poem by putting up a statue not of him, but of Anna!

My post is a message of hope. But if others feel as you do, I’ll certainly delete it.


i understand what you’re saying and why you’re saying it but, IMO, when a person or group turns even slightly away from the path i’ve condemned it’s only right for me to validate that turn in the faint hope that my tiny voice will somehow help to condition a next step towards the ‘light’.

That could easily be seen as naive or worse - as enabling - but that’s not its intention, i still condemn the Zionists, the settlements, the treatment of Arabs within Israel, the hatred spewed and the threats issued.


So reminiscent of the manner in which 16th-19th century Europeans colonized the American continents, Africa, and coastal Asian countries. The vile attacks against native populations and claims of entitlement are SOP in these scenarios. Interestingly enough, though, there is now an international lens focused on these behaviors and less tolerance, which is a refreshing change of course. I hope this outcry does not focus simply on solitary acts, but is heard loud and clear whenever and wherever any one of the continuum of colonizing behaviors manifests, regardless of the status of the nation carrying them out. Israel must stop behaving as though there is a magic shield of entitlement surrounding it.


I think perhaps you needed to put the comment in context with this atrocity. You say to the reader that we don’t know what the future will bring? But you then remain silent. I think you need to explain better or illustrate what you meant.

Look at how many sentences are devoted to explanatory illustration in this paragraph…


In your original comment about the poem you briefly state that we can never know what the future will bring but that’s all. You then wax eloquent about a lovely poem about love. Yet this is a tragedy and a cruel and savage one at that. You may have wanted to convey that we can never know what the future may bring (an example would have been appropriate describing how out of this sadness some good may come whether in the world’s opinion or a change of heart in the Israeli government or something but you remained silent. Yet you took the time to describe love, poetry and the joyous embrace of the world for a poem… but it was a poem of love and about love being set music out of love and joy.

I think it would make me angry if I had lost a child and someone started talking about love poems and how much the world liked one in particular. I see you point about the poem but a simple sentence mentioning the poem being remembered to make the point of ‘Who knows’ and then 8 or 9 lines describing in what ways something positive might possibly result from this tragedy would have been more real.


“…extremist Jewish movement that encouraged attacks on Palestinian property and Christian holy sites…”
As if the Christians who kept these sites and worship there weren’t Palestinian also. Revisionist history that helps perpetrate the mainstream framing. Perhaps not intentional but the author was certainly not attentive enough to the political implications of the language used.


Show arrests, quick trial and when the fuss dies down a quiet release with compensation.


The first truth about the Middle East is that everyone there has PTSD, and so irrationality and extreme acts are rising on all sides.

Only if the Israelis can get rid of Netanyahu and Likud might there be some chance at a return to sanity.


When Palestinians killed 3 Israeli youths (which led, quickly, to the attack on Gaza) there were no arrests or even condemnations from Palestinians.

There needs to be a PEACE AGREEMENT. Yes, I know, most of the violence comes from Israel. Mostly because they are stronger. But peace will only come when we condemn ALL acts of terror.

I await condemnation on this site, but that doesn’t change the truth.


Stop posting to me. You are filled only with hate and have dehumanized the Palestinians until in your eyes you no longer have human empathy. You are sick and have great cause to worry about your soul because your heart is dead.

God sees the heart and what it does to other beings. Evil is evil no matter which side does wrong. There are those who hate jews and out of vile ignorance excuse what the Nazis did. They dehumanize the victims of the Holocaust. Their hate has destroyed their heart - their humanity - this is what God sees.

You do the same in your heart. You excuse evil and though it is only one child’s death, it is just as evil as was some Nazi throwing a firebomb into some jewish family’s house and killing some innocent baby in WW2. The same dehumanizing hatred that refuses to see the humanity of the victims.

That is what God sees when He looks into your heart. That is what He sees when He looks into some terrorist suicide bomber’s heart who targets a bus full of people. That is what He sees when He watched the settlers throw that firebomb into a house with a sleeping family inside.

God sees the heart… I mean He does if you or the other haters and biased who comment here … still even have one any more.

Stop posting to me. You are biased and a hater…

…and I am not.


Because, as both the Zionist and Palestinian cops agreed, the murders were an action by members of the rogue Qawasameh clan. The Palestinian cops were caught on the hop and had no information til it was all over and two suspects in the murders had been killed by the Zionist military.