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Israel Navy Hijacks 'Freedom Flotilla' Attempting to Break Gaza Blockade


Israel Navy Hijacks 'Freedom Flotilla' Attempting to Break Gaza Blockade

Common Dreams staff

Israeli warships on Sunday intercepted a Norwegian-flagged activist boat trying to break its more than decade-long blockade of the Gaza Strip, the Israeli military and activists said.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition ship is named Al Awda (The Return) to underline the importance of this long-standing demand of Palestinians for the right to return to the lands they have been expelled from.


Israel under the terrorist reign of Benjamin NuttyYahoo continues shit upon the victims of The Holocaust.



It appears to me that the Freedom Flotilla must be escorted by Ships from the United Nations, if Israel dares to attack, the racist fascists should be challenged


Zionism at stage 4 metastasis.


Hi Willieco----------That is a great idea---------a UN escort!!! : )


I imagine that this will be reported in the MSM as Israel stopping a ship full of munitions or some other lie.


The isralei government is the 21st century reichstag.


The USA would veto that.


I just posted this on Facebook:

White Europeans in the name of religion began going to live in Palestine. They took to arms and defeated the Arabs there and established their own nation. For years they prospered and the Holy Land was once again a land of their religion. But the Muslim Arabs there never gave up. They resisted and resisted. The Colonist were indignant and they received constant aid from the West.

But not a hundred years after they founded this colonial nation, the Arabs drove them out in 1187 and the Kingdom of Jerusalem fell. The Crusaders had to return to Europe.


This what white supremacist apartheid Zionism looks like.



Yes, no doubt, after the USA was told to by the Israeli government…


Of those countries listed, there are no Arab countries as part of the flotilla, why is that? Read the list and see who is not listed. Why is this? Gaza is a dead-zone.


Good thing it wasn’t an American ship or they would have just murdered a bunch of the sailors while trying to sink it, and then the US President would have to call off the defense of the American vessel to please his Zionist masters.


Given the current political climate, this would probably be a bunch of rabid anti zionists brainwashed by Russian propaganda. Followed by up by more calls to heavily censor the internet.

Most likely tho, corporate media wont report on this at all, unless it gets too much attention to avoid.


They’ve been bought or bullied. Another fine example how trillions in ‘defense’ spending and foreign aid (to buy our weapons) manifests itself in empire. More’s the shame on Arab nations for abandoning the Palestinians because of fear or bribes.


One of the biggest dangers that the American people don’t know they face is secret entanglements entered into by “our” government with other governments. Two examples are the monarchy of Great Britain and the Terroristic Butcherdom of Israel. We need to start up the guillotine whenever we discover our politicians making secret deals and alliances that tie our country’s hands.


Love to see how the Israeli gov’t would handle a “Russians are Coming” flotilla with a D-Day style invasion of the coast. On second thought, it would be horrible as the N-yahu gang would probably gleefully smash the flotilla.


LOL!! Their past will come back to bite them in the ass.


Why would they do this? I can’t understand it at all …


Could be by design, so Israel couldn’t claim “Arabs” onboard were trying to sneak in weapons. Don’t know, just a guess.