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Israel/Palestine: Bad Policy, Bad Politics


Israel/Palestine: Bad Policy, Bad Politics

James Zogby

To understand why the United States fails so miserably in efforts to achieve an Israeli/Palestinian peace, all you need to do is take a look at the mix of bad policy and bad politics found in the Israel/Palestine sections of platforms of both the Republican and Democratic parties.


Thx for those sites......"common sense" planks.....

The rest following is in response to the article.
It is very difficult (but not impossible) to counter the recent historic narrative of the "conflict" between indigenous Palestinians and the Zionis(m) State of Israel.
But, the record shows that the general global opinion is reflected in almost all UN condemnations of the occupying State of Israel of Palestinian lands. There is almost no question today by learned scholars some here in the US, and many in Israel that that "narrative" has to change.
Those who oppose that narrative are almost always labeled "anti-Semites"....for no other excuse that what they are saying does go against the accepted narrative. Anti-Semitism has nothing to do cloaked historical fact.
"No nation, ours or any other is well served by illusions of righteousness". William Sloan Coffin. That is the narrative that has been fed to the (mostly) West by Israel and the US regarding what has happened in Palestine since the late 1800's.
We have forgotten the Balfour Declaration that (Para) stated that the ".....indigenous peoples would not be displaced....."; the Balfour Declaration being one of the fundamental pieces of paper that gave impetus to the Zionist movement after WW1.

"We must surely learn, from both our past and present history, how careful we must be not to provoke the anger of the native people by doing them wrong, how we should be cautious in our dealings with a foreign people among whom we returned to live, to handle these people with love and respect and, needless to say, with justice and good judgment. And what do our brothers do? Exactly the opposite! They were slaves in their Diasporas, and suddenly they find themselves with unlimited freedom, wild freedom that only a country like Turkey [the Ottoman Empire] can offer. This sudden change has planted despotic tendencies in their hearts, as always happens to former slaves – when a slave becomes king – Proverbs 30:22]. They deal with the Arabs with hostility and cruelty, trespass unjustly, beat them shamefully for no sufficient reason, and even boast about their actions. There is no one to stop the flood and put an end to this despicable and dangerous tendency. Our brothers indeed were right when they said that the Arab only respects he who exhibits bravery and courage. But when these people feel that the law is on their rival's side and, even more so, if they are right to think their rival's actions are unjust and oppressive, then, even if they are silent and endlessly reserved, they keep their anger in their hearts. And these people will be revengeful like no other."
Ahad Ha'am writing more than 100 years ago when he visited Palestine.
("Democracy Matters" Cornel West pg 125)
The narrative has suppressed the roles of the Zionist terrorist groups like the Irgun, Palmach and others. This is not history that "fits the narrative" of an heroic Israel and the fugitive Arab.
"Righteous Victims" Benny Morris1999
"The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" Ilan Pappe 2006
Segueing to the modern times of the Israel acting as an apartheid one.

"The crime of Apartheid is defined by the 2002 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as inhumane acts of a character similar to other crimes against humanity "committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime."

The solution: One democratic state with equal rights to all; settlement for Palestinians who have been robbed of their lands; halting all illegal occupation wherever in Palestine for Israel forces.
Tough to accomplish, but remember that the moment oil no longer becomes the peak geopolitical interest of the US there will certainly be terrible civil war in the "State of Israel"


The decades-long subversion of our nation, politics, press, Congress, foreign policy and sovereignty is shown by the craven servitude to a foreign power by both parties and so-many treasonous corrupted politicians. The power AIPAC et al have had on our nation and security is obvious to anyone paying attention - unfortunately the "masses" are deceived by the enormity of the subversion and the near total corruption of our media!

BDS! Free Palestine!


Quite adroit:

"By adopting a Netanyahu-like approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the GOP will only hasten Israel’s dangerous rightward drift, emboldening both Israel’s extremists, who will feel they can’t lose, and Palestinian extremists, who will feel they have nothing to lose."

That really nails the current dynamic in a nut shell.


Somebody just sent me this link. It is about Israel's latest weapon against Palestinian demonstrations. As with most Israeli things it is cruel and tasteless, but it made me think.

* Suppose Palestine got hold of some of that "skunk perfume" and sprayed it at the Wailing Wall and where the Likud meet? Turnabout is fair play, and it is warranted safe and non-toxic by the Israelis.
* How about the Senate and House? The halls where AIPAC meets with its government lackeys?
* The mind boggles! :wink:
* Apparently, Israel says this will be a real profit maker! Other countries are asking if they can buy some to get rid of their own demonstrators. I'm sure the Red Queen would authorize a huge purchase.
* Who knows, it might become a badge of honor here in the Reich, to smell like dead animals and excrement. It would show you care!


The illusion of democracy in Israel is the base of all the false claims. There's no way to have a democratic theocracy, in no small part because there is no way to have a monolithic religion. That this illusion is embedded in the Democratic platform is how they get off on the wrong foot. At least the GOP approach is more honest in understanding that it's Israeli politics that create the impasse, and not anyone's faith.